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And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


The funeral was held today for Claire Nagle -


the Derbyshire mother of five at the centre of a murder


Her parents, speaking to our reporter Navtej Johal,


say they're unable to come to terms with her death.


I didn't know they were there and there was her and her daughter.


And I just couldn't believe that they were there, you know!


A surprise birthday party for her mum.


The mother of five was studying to become the mental health nurse.


Last month, she was found at her home in Borrowash by police


with serious injuries and later died in hospital.


Police have linked Claire's death to that of her husband Vincent,


who died after colliding with a lorry on the M1


All the way up, all we could see were signs saying that the M1


was shut, and we knew why, and it was like torture all the way.


Things like this only happened on the news.


You would never in a million years, you know, think it


An inquest into Claire's death will resume later this year.


Her parents, who have come from their home in Wales


for Claire's funeral today, hope she will be remembered


for the woman she was, rather than the circumstances


The hardest thing I will miss is when she was in her car,


she would put her phone on the loudspeaker and the kids


Claire's 22-year-old son who was reportedly attacked


with a nail gun on the day she died is now out of hospital.


Her parents also told Claire's two youngest


children about what happened to their mum and dad.


It was the hardest thing to prepare for and when it came down


to it, I don't think they really understood anyway.


NHS England has confirmed two of our hospital trusts


were on the highest state of alert last week as the winter strain


Both United Lincolnshire Hospitals and the Leicester Hospitals


It's the highest level of alert, meaning there's increased potential


for patient CARE and SAFETY to be compromised.


The strain has continued this week, with Nottingham's hospitals saying


a shortage of community beds is a problem.


A teenager's been jailed for murdering another


Richard Bernard was stabbed on the doorstep of his


flat at Trocadero Court in Normanton in May.


Mohammed Ibrahim - who's 19 and of no fixed address -


will serve at least 18 years behind bars, after being sentenced


As Donald Trump was sworn in today as president of the United States,


there were small demonstrations across parts of the East Midlands.


Protest banners were unfurled earlier in Derbyshire,


while this evening there were small rallies in Leicester


and Nottingham's Old Market Square - organised by the group "Stand


They told our Political Editor Tony Rowe their aim is to show solidarity


with those Americans who don't want him as their president.


If you want to show bigotry, you have to put up with opposition. He


says he wanted to heal divisions. Are you heartened by that? He also


said we need to take back our jobs and protect our borders in America,


it is all about foreigners as aliens.


East Midlands Today understands Nottingham is seriously


considering a bid to be European Capital of Culture.


The last UK city to hold the title was Liverpool nine years ago -


and it'll be Britain's turn again in 2023.


I think we've got the capacity and the video as the city


It won't be easy and there are many people to convince it is the right


way forward but what I would say is if we were to go forward


with a date, we have the ingredients to make something great happen.


A few weeks ago, huge celebrations in Hull which picked Lester


The European accolade is an altogether good deal.


Last held in Britain by Liverpool in 2008.


It is really known as the point in time when Liverpool


We have carried on the legacy. We have huge international tourism.


Hotels are being built every day. New confidence.


Nottingham has a lot going for it, not least the contemporary art


gallery, it will face fierce competition from Leeds,


And other major cities are expect to follow them.


Key to winning will be getting the whole city to back that good.


I can't see what difference it will make.


I haven't lived in another UK city which for this size has had so many


Everyone can learn a bit more and get together,


The weekend's upon and Alex is here - how's the weather looking


for the next few days, Alex.


It is looking chilly as we go through the course of the weekend.


If we look at the charts, we can see we have high pressure broadly in


charge and that sticks with us for the next few days. Expect a variable


amounts of cloud and also wrap up warm. Looking at night, we do have a


widespread frost expected tonight, loads of minus two Celsius and some


mist and fog patches. Those patches of mist and fog may take a while to


clear, a bright but chilly start to the day and from mid-morning through


the afternoon, cloud works in from the east. Highs of four or five


Celsius. A similar picture on Sunday, lots of cloud around but


brighter spells. Still bother chilly. -- still quite chilly.


feel cooler. Can we keep it going until the start of the new week? I


suspect we can. Unconfirmed about -- concerned about the fog around. Here


is Helen with the national picture. Good evening. The weather is upon


us. The cloud


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