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And now the news for the East Midlands.


The family of a 14-year-old rape victim have been describing how


the teenager's life has been shattered by the attack.


Today, Kyle Parish who's now 19, was jailed for eight years.


The judge said he had an unhealthy fascination


The court heard that the rape took place in the early hours of


The girl, who was 14 years old at the time, was with a


group of friends who were camping out and drinking in a


Amongst that group was 17-year-old Kyle Parish.


The court heard that, during a moment when the


pair were together, Kyle Parish grabbed the girl against her will


Despite repeated screams and resistance from


Parish did plead guilty in September, and today, at Nottingham


Crown Court, Judge Rafferty sentenced him to five years in jail


and three years thereafter under supervision as part of an


The young girl who is now 15 years old was in court


this afternoon to hear the sentencing.


I spoke to her mother afterwards, who described how


devastating this has been for the family and that her daughter


In this interview, the mother's identity has been disguised.


It has totally destroyed it, totally.


You can be having a good day, and then the


littlest thing will take you back to that day.


When you hear those words come out of your child's mouth, you


What was your daughter like before this happened?


How have things changed in terms of her personality?


She just has a really low days, panic attacks.


Just not to the confident child she was before this attack happened.


You just know, for the rest of her life, when other


girls are talking about boys and things like that, how is she going


What did you make of the sentencing today?


They are not going to get away with it.


They prey on quiet girls who they think will


Just like you can get justice, and it is a long journey.


In sentencing, Judge Rafferty QC said to Parish, "The devastation is


not just for five minutes, five hours, five days,


And he said, "You have taken away from her the one thing


that matters to us all - the right to say yes or no."


Next, there's mounting anger over a decision to move stroke


rehabilitation services out of Nottingham City Hospital


MPs and campaigners believe it's risky for patients.


Rob Sissons, our health correspondent, has more.


A lot of stroke rehabilitation in Nottinghamshire is done in hospital


The plan now is to get more people where possible


But campaigners suspect it is about cost-cutting.


Ossie Newell from Nottingham is one of them.


Here he is doing exercises in the kitchen


He says care at home won't be as good as the current


This is a cost-driven exercise, and it has got nothing to


I also feel that there is a possibility that


people's lives would be put at risk because of where we are going


I think this has been handled very, very badly.


Nottingham North MP, Labour's Graham Allen, is demanding answers.


He has been collecting comments from NHS


The Stroke Association is also concerned, as


This will necessitate 30 stroke beds closing in Nottingham, and if you


need to stay in hospital a little bit longer than normal, over seven


days let's say, then you'll be put on a general ward, you will not get


the exclusive and expert attention that everybody now gets on


A ?1.5 million deal has been awarded to


Nottinghamshire Health Care to provide rehabilitation services


It says it will offer high-quality therapy that will


The Nottingham Clinical Commissioning Group says


the changes are about bringing county services in line with the


city and making them consistently excellent.


Both organisations told us no-one was available for


Police have charged a man in connection with the death


of a Nottinghamshire teenager last summer.


14-year-old Jack Archer died after his bike collided with a car


Steven Mills from Cotgrave has been charged with numerous offences,


including death by careless driving, and failing to stop


The 28-year-old is due in court next month.


The daughter of a couple from Leicester, who were shot


in a terrorist attack in Tunisia, has told an inquest they were


preparing to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.


Ray and Angela Fisher were killed by an Islamist gunman in 2015.


A peaceful unisian beach near the resort of


Sousse, turned into the scene of violent attack in June 2015.


Ray and Angela Fisher from Leicester were among them.


An eyewitness saw 75-year-old Ray shot twice as he sat in a


Today, their daughter, Donna Bradley, spoke at the inquest


She said they were relaxing and wanted to plan


In July 2015, their funeral took place at Saint Anne 's Parish


50 years earlier, at the same church, this is where they


The inquest in London has previously heard criticism of local


law enforcement who had been accused of delaying their arrival at the


A man has been charged with criminal damage,


after an East Midlands ambulance was vandalised in Leicester.


The vehicle's windscreen was smashed last week in the Highfields area.


24-year-old Josh Thacker, who lives on Conduit Street,


MPs from across the East Midlands have been reacting to the supreme


This morning, some of Britain's top judges ruled that ministers were not


allowed to invoke Article 50 without the approval of parliament.


The move to leave the EU will now be debated ahead


of a vote in Westminster, a decision that's been


I don't know why the Government has been bothering to resist it, because


they are going to win the Article 50 vote,


so what they're trying to is minimise discussion.


There are a lot of businesses and people whose jobs


are in Nottingham and around the East Midlands which are


That is why, in Parliament, we need to give Theresa May a nudge


in a very friendly way, just to make sure gets back on...


A quarter of wildlife sites in Derbyshire


They're defined as areas which contain a large variety


of plants or animals, and Derbyshire Wildlife Trust says,


if things don't change, these valuable habitats could be lost.


Derbyshire has some beautiful landscapes, but now some of them


25% of local wildlife sites in the county are in decline.


That is a problem, because it means they are losing the plants


There is a significant number of sites where


the management isn't as good as it needs to be in order


particularly the case in meadows and wetlands.


Local wildlife sites sit just below areas of special


scientific interest, but they don't enjoy anywhere


Landowners here can do whatever they like with the


site, cutting down trees or dumping rubbish, and they have no


That means everything living in this field is at the mercy of the person


This farmer working to maintain the land says it


is not as easy as people might expect.


Something like 60 different species of plant here, rushes and


grasses as well as wild flowers, and obviously this land could be


yielding more if it had more fertiliser and more muck applied.


It might not be an easy problem to solve, but


farmers and local wildlife experts hope they can do enough to protect


So, it's goodbye from me - but with your weather


As you go to because delight, we do have warnings in place. A yellow


warning for fog and also a yellow one device. Take care, there may be


tricky conditions. Talking of ice, we were sent this beautiful picture


of a fox on ice in Derbyshire. Thank you to our weather watchers. Through


the week, ice bars squeezing together, so we ice picking breezy


conditions for the second half of the week. Tonight we will see the


fog coming in from the south. Cloudy conditions as well, loads of around


0 Celsius. Particularly in the areas we will see Frost. Was tomorrow


morning, we will see a foggy start. It will lift and clear over the


course of the day. A grey and overcast picture with highs around


five Celsius. Possibility of some sunshine to the north. As we look


ahead to Thursday, very similar but it will be turning it in the cold


but highs of around one Celsius. I believe you with the Outlook. Wrap


up warm. That For all of us, it'll get colder and


then milder again come the weekend. This shot taken earlier by a weather


watcher in East Anglia. The fog becoming extensive over the next few


hours in many south-eastern parts of England.


Much, much milder, further north and west. Let's concentrate on that fog.


I think it is going to be a problem again


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