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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale.


IVF will no longer be available to certain


couples in Nottinghamshire, after a decision made today


It now means to be eligible women must be aged between 25 and 34.


The move follows a meeting this afternoon by the Clinical


Commissioning Group for Mansfield and Ashfield and


Our reporter Geeta Pendse spoke to the Chief Officer


It has been an extremely difficult and sensitive


We believe we have come to a sensible compromise based on the


strength of public feeling, and there were mixed views, and some


We believe that this is an appropriate compromise.


Those couples who are no longer eligible for IVF,


the women who are 35 and over, this will be devastating.


It is a sensitive and difficult decision.


People do already pay for their own cycles of


What you say to those couples who perhaps cannot


afford IVF treatment, not even one cycle,


who are 35 and above and


Unfortunately we recognise that this is very difficult.


It is very unfortunate for some people, and we


The original plan was to save ?300,00 if


It is only part of the savings that we need to make.


We have to look at everything the area


of spending and prioritise it on the things we think are likely to get


the best chances of successful people, and that is a very difficult


decision and there are going to be inevitably different views.


A 13-year-old girl from Derby has gone missing.


Amber Rose Henaire-Roberts was last seen at 5 o'clock yesterday evening


at an address on Chester Green in the city.


She's 5 feet 2 inches tall and is slim with long brown wavy hair.


She was wearing a black jacket and trainers when she went missing.


A man has been found guilty of the murder of a 75-year-old


Satnam Singh was found with fatal injuries on Princes Street


The court heard a family dispute led 29-year-old Sujhraj Atwal to kill


Mr Singh in what police described as a brutal attack.


The man tasked by the Government with investigating the so-called


gig economy has been in the East Midlands today.


Matthew Taylor has been hearing concerns over contracts where people


He's leading a Government review into the practices.


Our Social Affairs Correspondent, Jeremy Ball, reports.


These days it is much more complicated.


Many industries rely on labour agencies which hire workers much


more flexibly as demand ebbs and flows.


They are often self-employed and don't get holiday


The Government is concerned that some casual contracts


I've been on zero hours for a little while, and it's not fair.


Some people have to take it because there's no other choice.


It's not fair on those sorts of people.


People who've got families, people who got rent to pay, people who are


And that's the reason why people are being taken


Here at this call centre, people are ringing this


Listening in this lunchtime, a man who is leading a national


I'm worried about the fact there are people who don't know what their


The rules can be quite complicated and people often make mistakes


I want to help people have a stronger voice.


These are human beings and they can feel very


But could protecting workers mean more red


A question for 300 east Midlands employers at the love


business Expo in Donington Park today.


You shouldn't use a sledgehammer to crack a walnut.


Where there are problems it's important they are highlighted and


But I think we need to recognise that businesses,


employers, employees, and the wider community,


it's in everyone's's interests to have a system that


Matthew Taylor is now touring the country to investigate modern


employment practices, and the government says his review


should create an economy that works for all


of us, and not just the privileged few.


Earlier I spoke to Coral Jenkins from the Unison union and asked


for her views on these changes to the way people work.


Not all of the changes are bad, but I think we need some


Although they may be useful for some aspects of working life,


it has a knock-on effect where people can't afford to live.


They can't afford to get mortgages, and we need to have a modern review


of those contracts that enable people to work and live.


But as you suggested, many business people might argue


that this suits them, and it suits many


Short-term contracts, they start and finish


when they like, they can move jobs, so on and so forth.


It depends on where they are targeting the short-term contracts.


If all the jobs that are going to be on short-term contracts aren't


going to enable people to live, or to buy their own property,


then there is an issue with the types of short-term


contracts and the people they are being offered to.


Do you think you we are now way past the traditional


image of a job, 9 to 5, a good job, a good


Really, this is just modern life, the 24-hour economy.


I think there are changes and we are getting beyond that,


hardly any jobs nowadays fit into the nine to five remit.


We need to be more flexible within how people work,


There needs to be a clear, modern review of the type of work


and the practices that are needed in the current workforce today.


We welcome some of the Taylor review.


Coral Jenkins, thank you very much indeed.


The number of people claiming sick pay and incapacity benefit


in the East Midlands is at its highest level


The latest figures show there are 176,000 claimants in this region.


That accounts for 6% of the adult population and is just below


According to the think-tank IPPR, just under half of those claiming


in the East Midlands have a mental health condition.


A social worker has told an inquest into the death of a seven-year-old


girl that she was deceived by the child's aunt when she


Shanay Walker died in 2014 in Nottingham from a brain injury.


Her aunt and grandmother have both been jailed for cruelty.


The social worker said her assessment should have been more


robust and it's something she will always think about.


A Leicestershire Indian restaurant was shut down on the spot


after cockroaches were found in the kitchen.


The insects were discovered during an unannounced inspection


at Sands in Glenfield which had a level three or satisfactory


food hygiene rating as Amy Harris reports.


A kitchen infested with cockroaches, these images were captured during an


unannounced inspection on a busy Saturday night.


The Sands Indian Restaurant was full, but unknown to


diners, their food was being prepared among insects alive and


They'd not seen this before, cockroaches


in the kitchen is not a


And, obviously, we had a real problem in that it


They transmit, they live off organic matter, therefore their faecal


You can also get body parts in the food that


Officers also found the equipment and food preparation


area at the restaurant here in Glenfield were dirty.


It was shut down immediately and diners had


We have approached Sands Restaurant for comment, and as


But on the door is this note to customers,


they say they are taking all the necessary steps to ensure they


provide the best possible environment for their valued gusts.


Until the problem is completely resolved, they will remain closed.


They are very keen on getting the business open and running again,


from our point of view we will go out there


and revisit, advise, but


we will not open those premises until we are satisfied they don't


Subject to satisfactory reinspection is, it's thought the restaurant


Amy Harries, BBC East Midlands Today, Glenfield.


So, it's goodbye from me, but with your weather now, here's Lucy.


Thank you and good evening. We are sticking with those milder


temperatures this weekend but plenty of cloud around. This morning, a few


of us saw brightness. Do keep sending those in. It was a cloudy


story to end the day. Quite a dramatic cloud there. This evening


and overnight plenty of cloud around. We'll see a few outbreaks of


motoring, becoming increasingly later into the early hours.


Temperature is not going to be too cold, overnight low of five or six


Celsius. A little bit of hill fog as well. A mild start of the day


tomorrow, cloudy and grey, patches of rain and drizzle fizzle out


through the morning. Dry you sue the afternoon and we could see one or


two bright intervals particularly further to the east. Temperatures in


double figures, maximum of 11. A light wind as well. Saturday, some


bright intervals. I leave you with the outlook, Sunday looking OK,


of 11. Not too bad for the forthcoming weekend. Here is Nick


Miller with a resume of the National weather picture.


Hello, rain for some of us today although it won't make much of a


dent in the dry winter so far across much of the UK. A few threatening


clouds in Cumbria but more than a threat of rain across the pond for


Friday. The wettest weather system of the season is over heading into


California, and there have been a few, with copious amounts of rain


and lots of mountain snow. Record-breaking wet winter so far in


parts of California. In Los Angeles this might be conservative, 50-100