20/04/2017 East Midlands Today

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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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continuing coverage throughout the night on the


And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale.


First, a drug rehabilitation charity says it's being inundated


with requests for help from people who've been using steroid drugs to


Turning Point based in Leicester says the drugs can cause


But one gym owner says they're essential for people who compete.


Ramsey has been training hard for the past 30 years. In the 1980s, he


competed in body-building competitions and he used steroids.


He says it helped him improve his performance and he didn't worry


about any possible side-effects. I be exaggerating to say they were


dangerous. I would not condone the use of them unless you are competing


because then you have no choice. If you want to compete at a high level,


you have to take drugs. Anabolic steroids are class C drugs.


Possession is illegal. And it could lead to 14 years in prison. One


charity says it is seeing around ten people a week in Leicester and


Leicestershire seeking help for their use of steroids. Since July


last year, we have recorded 400 individuals that have come along


using these drugs. That is the tip of the iceberg. It is fashionable,


taking steroids. Because people want to look good. Look muscular. The


social media sites have all got people with abs. This gym owner says


he has never taken steroids. I did not find it necessary. I never


experienced that. And even now I am saying to a lot of youngsters, I


don't want you to go on them. Jimmy users had mixed views. Unless you


are competing, unless you need to up your game, don't take them. If you


train without steroids, you get more of a sense of achievement. I have


never taken any. But I have see many people taking them. Getting a


perfect physique is a must for many. Many will see it as a quick fix but


the advice is simple. Eat well and work hard. Our health correspondent


joins us now. What are the risks? Doctors stress this is drug misuse


and some of the amounts of anabolic steroids being taken by people are


well in excess of what would ever be given on prescription and can have


some very damaging results. I have been talking to a specialist in


hormones at the Leicester Royal Infirmary and he says there can be


some very serious consequences. The physical problems are you could


develop a clot in the leg or high blood pressure. You are at risk of


impotency and infidelity. But it also has implications with


hypertension, psychological implications and then our links with


strokes and heart attacks and liver tumours. Are we talking about people


of all ages? That consultant says that is the pattern that he sees. He


is concerned about young men, teenage boys, who sometimes have


what is called reverse anorexia where they think their body is not


as massively as naff as they would like when other people see it very


differently. It is a big issue that many feel is getting worse.


A 17-year-old boy injured in an horrific crash


at Donington Park race circuit is this evening undergoing surgery


Billy Monger has had both legs amputated


Since then more than half a million pounds has been donated to help him.


Meanwhile Donington Park has tonight started an investigation


Our reporter Navtej Johal can tell us more.


Four days ago, the horrific crash meant that a young man described as


a world-class talent saw his life changed forever. Billy Monger was


driving in a form four race, a junior driving competition when his


car went into the back of another car which appeared to have stopped


on the track. He was taken to hospital and later that day had to


have both his lower legs amputated. Donington Park has told us tonight


it is working with the relevant bodies to ensure that every aspect


is the second serious crash to take is the second serious crash to take


place here this month. Two weeks ago, a motorbike rider died in


hospital following what was described as a multiple motorbike


accident during a race. Meanwhile, a feat -- fundraising Page setup


yesterday has already received over ?600,000 in donations, including


from some of the biggest names in racing. His team told us earlier


about how that money will be used. Originally we set it up for the


prosthetics. We have exceeded that amount and we can now look at the


treatments you will be getting to ensure that his standard of life is


as high as what he deserves, which is very high. We understand that


Billy is having more surgery this evening and even though his team


says he has shown a lot of resilience, he is not expected to


return home for a while yet. Nottinghamshire's new Chief


Constable says he wants to make it "socially unacceptable"


to carry knives. Craig Guildford was speaking


after several serious stabbings Last week an 18-year-old boy,


Matthew Rothery, was killed And last month there was another


fatal stabbing close by. The force says on average someone's


injured by a knife once It is a priority for me because it


involves young people and it involves very serious injury,


sometimes those injuries are unintended in terms of their level


place to stab someone, let me make place to stab someone, let me make


that clear. From my perspective, I don't want any wasted lives.


Police are asking for help to find a missing 14-year-old boy.


Malachi Braithwaite was last seen at his home on Gleneagles Avenue


Police say there have since been sightings of him in the city.


They've asked anyone with information to contact them.


A court has granted Derby City Council the power to make


an elderly home owner repair his grade 2 listed cottage,


For two years the building in Alvaston has been covered


with scaffolding after the council said it needed repairs.


86-year-old Harold Burnett, disputes their findings.


But a court has now agreed that he should be ordered


Now, as the election hots up, it means business is hotting


As the candidates hit the election trail they'll need their party


rosettes and campaign leaflets, both of which are made


It is a political stitch up, but a welcome one.


We should shift three or 4000, at least.


The bank manager will be thrilled to bits.


We've got the local elections and there will be some local ones


coming in and then of course we have got the big one and that is


literally from all over the country, could be anywhere.


However, something is colouring the Tories' judgment.


Yes, there are three different coloured blooms.


A pale blue, a royal blue and a turquoise.


And the different Conservative parties are picking


Showstoppers has been making rosettes for all occasions


The family firm established an international reputation


when it was selected to make the showjumping rosettes


So, who do with a pin their colours to?


Well, it is the politician that everybody knows, it was Rik Mayall


and he was doing his stage show and he wanted everyone wearing


a rosette and thankfully, they were our rosettes


Now, when those party leaflets land on your doormat,


they could well have been printed in Birstall.


As soon as the election was called, the Leicestershire firm got calls


In the last election, we did about a quarter of a million.


Well, between about a quarter of a million and about 300,000.


This time, we expect it to be a little bit worse, or better,


It is quite a tough time for printing companies


We welcome every bit of business we can get.


We will definitely do the work, one way or another.


Politics is a tough business but also good for business.


So it's goodbye from me, but with your weather now, here's Lucy.


Thank you and good evening. A fairly cloudy day today across the East


Midlands. You can see that on the visible satellite. Largely cloudy


through much of the day. There were through much of the day. There were


breaks in that cloud towards the end of the day. The odd spot of rain at


times. But it did lead to some quite dramatic skies. This picture was


sent in by David. We are looking at a fairly cloudy day tomorrow with


bright intervals. The odd sunny spell in the afternoon. It will be


largely dry. The chance of the odd spot of rain. Through tonight, we


are looking at a fairly cloudy affair with one or two spots of rain


where that cloud is thick enough over high ground. Largely dry.


Temperature is not falling too far. So, a fairly mild start of the day


tomorrow. Plenty of cloud around to begin with. That cloud could be


thick enough to produce some rain over higher ground. But we will see


some breaks and brighter intervals and the odd sunny spell.


Temperatures reaching a maximum of 15 Celsius with a north-westerly


breeze. Saturday, a cold front is with us to begin the day. Fairly


cloudy to start with some spots of rain but brightening up in the


afternoon. I will leave you with the Outlook.


week for much of the UK and for more about that and the UK outlook, Helen


Willetts. The sunshine make such a difference


this time of year, only 12 or so degrees under the cloud today but 19


in eastern Scotland not far away from St Andrews. Also