17/05/2017 East Midlands Today

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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale.


First tonight, the Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has claimed


in the East Midlands that public support is building for Labour -


despite the party trailing far behind the Conservatives


Mr McDonnell was campaigning this afternoon in the Labour target


seat of Derby North, where, in 2015, the Conservative MP


Our political editor Tony Roe was there to meet him.


You could say this was the few for the many -


the few Labour Party members braving the rain, waiting for


the Shadow Chancellor, waiting for a bus which was an hour late.


Yesterday's manifesto launch had nailed Labour's very different


manifesto to the mast and supporters here are happy.


This is a kind of 1945 moment for the people of Britain,


where we could re-establish the welfare state, even in the face


This is a Labour target seat, it had a Tory majority of 41


at the last election, but they believe here,


this seat will be a test for Jeremy Corbyn's politics.


I'm so pleased you've stuck around despite the elements themselves.


Derby is of course a railway city and Labour promise to electrify


the Midland Mainline and nationalise the railways.


Places like Derby, not only will we increase their connectivity,


but in addition to that, Bombardier will be one


of the companies, obviously, that will be providing a lot


of the railway stock that we will be needing in that new system,


so for Derby, I think this manifesto, you could have almost


And the claim also from the Shadow Chancellor about why


The mismanagement of the economy now is affecting all people.


I think that's why Theresa May called the general election.


I think she called it now because she realised


that the economy was on a downward spiral.


Labour don't believe the election will be a damp squib


for the party's fortunes. Things are picking up,


they say, and polls have been wrong in the past.


Well, one of the region's most influential economic organisations


has called for the next government - whoever it is -


The East Midlands Chamber of Commerce says there are vital


decisions to be made on things like broadband, road and rail


spending, the skills shortage and devolution.


Those issues were put to three parliamentary candidates


at a hustings meeting in Derby tonight.


The small talk before the big event at the University of Derby.


The audience grabs a cuppa before three parliamentary candidates begin


the hustings event organised by the East Midlands


This document was the basis for discussion.


As well as Brexit, The Chamber says other things like growth


and devolution, road and rail spending, broadband and other


issues can't be overlooked by whoever gets into power.


There is going to be a lot of work, a lot of talk over the coming months


But this election must be about more than that.


There's a lot of things domestically that we need to be


It's about providing skills, providing the infrastructure,


supporting businesses that want to trade.


If we can get those building blocks right, then I think we'll be OK.


We do not understand why we want to leave the single market


where both other main parties are saying that's


the way we ought to go. We don't think that we should


be splitting ourselves from our nearest large market.


What comes through loud and clear from the business community's


own document is that there is a role they need the state to play in order


for them to be able to prosper as a private business,


a role in terms of infrastructure, skills, support for research


These are exactly the things we're talking about.


So we are very much on the same ground.


One of the things that I think that we do most


effectively is actually, we do support businesses.


I've been knocking on doors, that's why I'm looking so damp today!


I've been knocking on doors all day and people -


SMEs, small businesses - they are saying we are doing


exactly the right thing, that they do have confidence that


a Conservative government is doing the right thing.


They don't want to have a Labour government that destroys that.


Figures out today showed the region's unemployment


The lowest by one measure since 1992.


But The Chamber says, there is still more to be done.


Mike joins me now - Mike, one of the issues brought up


by the Chamber was the importance of devolution to our region.


Well, there's some concern in the business community


that the East Midlands could get left behind if it doesn't have


The Chamber wants to make sure there's a strong business community


voice so that focus isn't lost on this region -


especially for initiatives like the Midlands Engine.


There's research and development money and other funds up for grabs


and the Chamber doesn't want to see that go to areas that


Kehoe process of devolution has stalled because the MPs can't agree,


is there any movement on that? Well, I spoke to Nottinghamshire


County Council tonight, which is now controlled


by a coalition of Conservatives and the Mansfield Independent Forum


after the recent elections. They say they'll now be


meeting with local leaders to discuss devolution


and other regional issues. They also say devolution


is dependent on the direction the new government takes as well.


So it could be back on the cards. And here's a full list of the


candidates standing in Derby North. A man's been killed after being hit


by a train in Nottinghamshire. British Transport Police were called


to the Barton Lane level crossing in Attenborough at around


11.20am this morning. The incident caused disruption


to train services between Nottingham and London, Leicester,


Derby and Newark. Rail Accident Investigators


have started an inquiry. Police in Leicestershire


are continuing to question two men on suspicion of murdering


a 16-year-old girl. Megan Bannister was found


dead after a car crash in Enderby on Sunday.


Detectives say they believe her injuries weren't


caused by the collision. They've been searching homes


in the Braunstone area Two Leicester men - aged 27 and 28 -


have been arrested. Patients evacuated after a fire


at Nottingham City Hospital are unlikely to return


to the ward until tomorrow. They were moved to another part


of the site after what's being described as a small fire


on the maternity unit just after one Nobody was injured, and no other


parts of the hospital were affected. Our cameras have been allowed to see


the work going on at Stanford Hall, the military hospital under


construction that's going to be the country's main rehabilitation


centre for veterans. Our social affairs correspondent,


Jeremy Ball, was invited in to film. And found veterans


helping with the work. This is how Stanford Hall


is being transformed into a place From this vantage point, you can see


how they are restoring the old roof, just one small part of a site that


now employs 700 You can see our heritage contractors


relaying the reclaimed slate. Rich left the army with


post-traumatic stress disorder. He used to build


bases in Afghanistan. Now, he's recruiting other veterans


to help build here at the Defence Whilst it may take a little


bit of time to bring a service leaver up to speed,


service personnel have got discipline and they have those


logistical, planning challenges that they faced on large operations.


They bring leadership. They will be there on time


and they are reliable. There are many ex-forces on this


site, as a result of the draw of what this project


is all about and It means so much because it


will revolutionise rehab treatment for men and women in the forces


who have been wounded. A rehab service that is currently


based at the outdated The replacement they are building


here at Stanford Hall is due to be handed over to the Ministry


of Defence in the What you can see behind me


is going to be everything from complex trauma wards


to hydrotherapy pools. And accommodation for up to 300


injured service personnel. And from the air, a bird's eye view


that shows just how vast it is and how rapidly the grounds


of Stanford Hall have been This must be the biggest


construction project in the East Midlands at the moment.


This wasn't here the last time you came.


So this will be a new addition. This is one of the gymnasiums


where most of the rehabilitation will take place.


It is a massive challenge. This is four times


the size of Headley Court. We've got 20 odd separate


individual buildings, hence the reason why we've got six


tower cranes and two mobile cranes to actually feed the materials


that we need to build in. There is still a lot more work


to do, but when it is finished, they hope this will be a lifeline


for the next 70 to 80 years. Well, we've had our fair share


of wet weather today. Most of us felt a little bit


soggy at some point. Thank you to our weather watcher


for sending in this picture. Now, looking up the charts,


we will continue to have low pressure in charge of the weather


but the frontal system that has brought all the rain is moving out


of the way into the North Sea So looking at the detail overnight


tonight, we will continue to see that rain moving eastwards over


the course of the night. The cloud will start


to move away with it, leaving us with some clear spells


in the early hours and a fresher feel tonight, not quite as humid


and lows of around 8 Celsius. As we go through the course


of the day tomorrow, we'll start on a reasonably bright


note, some sunny spells there. But the cloud will increase over


the course of the day and we are expecting to see some


showers working across Some of those could be heavy


in places and we are expecting highs But again, a fresher and less humid


feel to the weather. So as we go ahead towards Friday,


we'll continue with that regime Variable amounts of cloud


around on Friday and highs of only around 14 Celsius,


so feeling slightly As we look ahead towards


the weekend, we've still got low pressure in charge of the weather


so we are expecting again a mixture of sunshine and showers.


I will leave you with the outlook. That's it from the late team


at East Midlands Today. Next up is the national


forecast with Nick Miller.