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The family of an 11-year-old girl who died at Drayton Manor theme park


yesterday say their world has crashed. Do we know any more about


what has happened? The girls school has stayed close to


pupils today. It was yesterday afternoon when emergency services


were called to Drayton Manor theme park. The staff there had told Evha


Jannath from the water after she fell from the splash Canyon water


ride. She was given medical treatment and airlifted to


Birmingham's Children's Hospital, but before the helicopter had even


landed, the 11-year-old girl had died. A short while ago, we heard


from the school headteacher. She was a lovely,


sweet-natured girl, and she was loved by


everyone at the school. As a school and as a community


we are trying to make Our thoughts and our


prayers are with her family at this


most difficult time. We will be providing specialist


support to our pupils and our staff, and we ask that they be


given the time and space to grieve, and to come to terms


with our huge loss. Evha Jannath's family have also


given a statement. What did they say in that?


That's right, they have released a written statement. They said


"Yesterday, our world was torn apart by the news that our daughter and


sister has lost her life in tragic circumstances. She was a beautiful


little girl, full of love and always smiling. Words cannot describe the


pain and loss we have feel. ". I have also spoken to a lady whose


younger sister goes to this school and was on the trip to Drayton


Manor. Myself, I couldn't sleep last


night thinking of this. I have got kids that


probably will in the future be going


on a trip like this. I will keep my kids close


to me, to be honest. Well, there is still no official


word as to the reasons for this accident. We do know that the police


and the Health and Safety Executive are investigating. There is a mosque


nearby and we know that last night prayers were held for the girl and


her family who have suffered this loss. We do know that the school


will open tomorrow, and there will be special support for the pupils


who have suffered this tragedy with their classmate dying.


Simon, thank you. No charges will be


brought against Conservative candidates in the East Midlands


who were investigated by the police over General


election expenses in 2015. The Crown Prosecution Service says


it's not in the public The investigation related to paying


for campaign battle buses which visited marginal seats


in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. Here's our Political


editor Tony Roe. It is two years since those expenses


were submitted, and now finally, four of our Conservative candidates


can breathe a sigh of relief. The candidates involved


are Ben Bradley, who is He was acting as the election agent


in 2015 for Mark Spencer, Mark Spencer and Anna Soubry,


another of those who were investigated, were actually out


campaigning together The other candidate was Nigel Mills


in Amber Valley in Derbyshire. All four were questioned


by the police under caution over what was national expenses,


what was local expenses. There are limits


on what you can spend. The Conservative party as a whole


was fined heavily over this, but the Crown Prosecution Service


have been investigating to see if there was any criminal intent


and have decided there was not any Nigel Mills has said, "I always said


we had done nothing wrong. "I am glad the CPS say there


is nothing to be looked at further". The campaign then resumes


for the 2017 General Election, and we will be with the Prime


Minister in the East The Conservative Party


and Mansfield Independent Forum have entered into a coalition to lead


Nottinghamshire County Council. The Conservatives won 31 of the 66


seats at last week's local election making them the largest group,


but three short of The Mansfield Independent


Forum won four seats. The two groups will


now work together. A singer and entertainer


from Leicestershire has pleaded guilty to several counts of indecent


assaults against children. 36-year-old Robin Maughan


formerly of Western Avenue in Market Harborough pleaded guilty


to a total of 18 counts including taking indecent


photographs of a child. He'll be sentenced


at the end of June. Maughan is currently serving


a 12-year prison sentence for offences including grooming


and sexually abusing two teenagers. Nearly 100 letters have been sent


to Derby City Council objecting The company Enviro Fusion has


applied for a temporary permit to test the thermal process


of its plant at Local residents are worried it


might omit toxic fumes. The firm says it'll be subject


to 'rigorous' emissions standards. Derbyshire's Chief Constable has


been describing how the rise of the internet has brought


new challenges to the police. Mick Creedon has been speaking to us


in a wide ranging interview He told us some children are being


abused by their own parents, He spoke to our Social


Affairs Correspondent, The bright new Ripley headquarters


where Mick Creedon's police force after 37 years in the career


he never expected. I remember applying for one


job, I applied to be I wrote a CV to Lancaster Gate


and they rejected me, so I had What could be a better job


than protecting the good people Now, Mick Creedon is in charge


of officers who have to deal These new body worn cameras


are used to gather evidence, but the technology is helping


criminals too, and he says the biggest challenge is not


policing the streets, We have had people who abuse


their children, and had others who then watch this happening


through live streaming. We have had people who are taking


the worst imagery of their children We are sadly seeing on the internet


some of the most depraved One of the lines of inquiry we're


following is mistaken identity... As a detective, he solved several


murders in Leicestershire, his proudest achievement,


bringing this man to justice. Frank Beck ran several children's


homes where youngsters That started with a single


complaint, and really we then stumbled into this enormous inquiry,


which involved hundreds I look back on it and I think


that was an unreal experience that should have changed


things, but didn't. Mick Creedon is going to finish his


policing job with a charity bike His advice to the next


Chief Constable? Enjoy it, and that


will breed success. Time for the weather


now with Charlie. It is lovely out there, isn't it?


It is, a beautiful day. One of those days that convinces you that summer


is just around the corner. For this afternoon it will be delightful with


lots of blue sky and sunshine throughout the afternoon and


temperatures around 17 Celsius. Tonight and into the early hours of


Thursday, it will be mainly dry overnight, a little bit chilly but


not as cold as last night. Tempted down to five or six in the


countryside. If I was a gardener, I would cover my fragile bits in the


garden. It will cloud over in the afternoon, but showers will be


isolated. Damage is warm and muggy with humidity. Dash-macro


temperature. Friday is a rubbish day with lots of rain around. There will


be a lot of rain throughout the day time, but thankfully the weekend is


looking a bit drier. Have a lovely afternoon. Bye-bye.


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