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So, it's goodbye from me, and on BBC One, we now join


And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale.


The cyber-attack on the NHS is still causing disruption, three


In parts of the East Midlands, some GP surgeries have no access


One of our hospital trusts has also cancelled most routine outpatient


Our health correspondent Rob Sissons is in our newsroom.


What is the picture across the East Midlands?


Well, the good news is many of our health trusts say they can no access


patient records and IT systems are running.


But not everywhere Some of the biggest problems


are at the hospital trust that runs Grantham hospital.


Most routine clinic appointments have


United Lincolnshire hospitals which also runs Lincoln county


and Boston hospitals is asking patients with routine appointments


to stay away unless they have been told otherwise.


A of course is still running, and patients expecting chemotherapy


and antenatal apointments are going ahead.


The advice from hosptials in Nottingham Derby and Leicester


seems to its largely business as usual.


The rule of thumb: attend hospitalunless you have have been


When it comes to GP practies, access to computer databases varies,


And, Rob, you've been to a GP surgery in Nottinghamshire this


morning which has no access to computer records?


Yes, with the central servers down as a precaution at this surgery


in Annersley Woodhouse, they are back to the old way


Yes, this is Dr Place having to write out prescriptions and take


For patietns it can mean longer waits, and for the receptionists


they can't access computer booking systems so don't really know


Dr Place say the NHS will want to learn some big lessons


I would probably say we were unprepared for


But we have business continuity plans and


we put those into place, so we are now working on a manual


system, we're still seeing patients, we're open for business.


How have patients reacted towards the cyber attack


Patients I've spoken to seemed very understanding and patient


but wondered how long this will all go on for.


It is outrageous. Look at the problems it is causing. And it was


an accident waiting to happen. I think everyone trusts computers too


much. I did it realise it was out at the doctors, but it was the


hospitals. If you're caught up in this, we would love to hear from


you. Alec e-mail address is on screen. More on our main programme


at 6:30pm. A man who drove without a license


and killed an elderly pedestrian after crashing has been jailed


for eight years. Matthew Hogg, aged 24,


was being chased by police last April through villages


in South Derbyshire. The police had to call off


the pursuit because they said Hogg drove into Hilton at 60mph


and hit a car which crashed into 75-year-old Barrie Arkesden,


who was killed instantly. The judge said Hogg


drove like a madman. An inquest has reopened


into the death of a 52-year-old man who was fatally injured


at the Leicester factory Tarsem Singh was injured in April


last year while he was operating a piece of machinery


at Nylacast Engineering Amy Harris has been in court


and joins us now live in Leicester. Yes, we heard this morning


Tarsem Singh had worked at Nylacast in Thurmaston for


more than 20 years. He was described an an excellent


employee who was very conscientious and hard-working


and loved his job. On Friday April 14 last year,


Mr Singh was operating a piece of machinery at the factory called


a long length rod machine that moulds plastic into long rods


of around three metres in length. Towards the end of his shift, a thud


was heard and Mr Singh was seen The court heard how the end cap


of the machine was on the floor, and it's thought it had come off


and caused injuries The impact was so severe he lost


some of his teeth, and his jaw That trauma to the chest, we heard,


caused a heart attack, Now we also hear there was no


equipment failure or fault found, and no evidence to support a case


of corporate manslaughter from the police investigation,


which is standard procedure. Leicester Cathedral has been given


more than ?3 million pounds of lottery funding towards ambitious


plans to fund its restoration The total project will cost


more than ?11 million The new heritage centre will provide


a permanent exhibition space, a meeting room


and toilet facilities. The Cathedral still needs to raise


more than ?5.5 million A grandmother who set up


a specialist school for children with autism ten years ago says


she feels vindicated. Terri Westmoreland opened Hopehouse


near Newark because she wasn't satisfied with the education her two


severely autistic A lot has changed in ten years.


Hopehouse sprang out of the disused hostel at the sheer determination of


Terri Westmoreland. She wanted a more tailored provision for her


grandson 's and other autistic children. Now it has 25 pupils and


42 star. I did it. It has been a long laborious Pask and I remember


my husband saying, it is derelict, but you have to do what you have to


do. You have to read this bit first. Severe anxiety kept 16-year-old


Holly out of school for two years. This is her second year at


Hopehouse. It is better because I can crack on my home, I have no


pressure of anybody else, there was no iron better the new and bullying


or anything like that. Matthew Lowton read and write at the school


when he was 17, two years on he is taking five GCSEs including law and


he is largely self-taught. He was to study at Cambridge and develop


treatments for autism. The secret to this place is the passion, no one is


here for the paycheque. Everyone is here for the benefit and help of


individuals. Terri Westmoreland encountered a lot of opposition at


first,. 100% vindicated because we are teaching a lots of children and


we are transforming their lives. It wasn't easy and there have been here


a few tears shed by myself, but now we are succeeding which is amazing.


In two months' time, a new location centre will be opening, offering a


break for parents and a holiday for their children.


Time now for the weather forecast. A bell, cloudy and overcast afternoon.


Lots of rain to come over the next few hours and plenty to come over


the next few days as well. It is quite muggy and close and humid, but


that all started fizzle away and clear away as we go through the day


on Wednesday. This is what it looks like this afternoon. Plenty of rain


knocking about. The majority is light, and is the potential for a


couple of slightly heavier pulses. Temperatures around 15, 16 Celsius


through the afternoon, just a touch breezy. Tonight, early hours of


Tuesday morning, the showery theme continues overnight. Quite a mild


night with temperatures not falling far, so in some areas the overnight


lows will be no different to the daytime highs, so a warm and close


start to the day on Tuesday, plenty of cloud. A few showers, not as many


as today, but if you nonetheless, still with taking an umbrella. A


touch warmer tomorrow, 17, 18 Celsius, a couple of 20s on a map as


well. Not so humid as you go through the day on Wednesday, this area of


rain is slowly making its way towards us. It is replaced by a


drier picture, a few showers on Thursday and Friday.


At the back with East Midlands Today at 6:30pm. Had you can join as then.


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