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And Emily Anderson is at one of them now.


Emily tell us what measures have been brought in where you are?


You join me here at Glastonbudget - the world's biggest


tribute music festival - in the heart of rural


Security has been increased after the suicide bombing


in Manchester on Monday but organisers are keen to reassure


It's one of a number of events happening in this region.


Donington's hosting the World Superbike Championships.


Tens of thousand of fans are expected there.


Bosses are advising people to stay vigilant, and not let what happening


It's really important they should go ahead.


Sensible precautions taken, people being careful but yes, of


Why should we let this stop anything?


I take my lead both from the Mayor of


And that was a decision we arrived at on Tuesday.


Police forces in our region say people need to be cautious


but the extra patrols are purely precautionary.


You'll see more police officers around, some of those will be armed.


Some will be unarmed and that's simply there to reassure people we


need to keep on living our lives and that's


the message that I want to


give to the people of Nottinghamshire.


Joining me now is Murray Stewart who's one of the organisers


You've got the perfect weather but in the wake of what happened earlier


this week, have you had to security?


We have. Estimates and any large event, they all have got emergency


plans in place but when happens as recently to a large event it does


start to make people worry a little start to make people worry a little


so we have had to make some alterations to security procedures.


We have increased our researchers and we have a nice presence of


police, visible presence of police. It is not something that we need to


be jumping all over, I think. I think we've got to be aware that


there exists a threat all the time. It is a very recent threat but we


just got to be bit to land. Just got to look after ourselves and it


should not make us stay away from the sunshine.


What is your message to festivalgoers this weekend?


Get out and have some fun. Don't let these instances and these people


stop you doing what you want to do. We don't get the sun very often,


let's get out and enjoy it. Thank you. I have been speaking to


festival goers who say they will not let what happened on Monday put


Find out more on East Midlands today.


Well, amidst that increased security, police in Derby today


are holding a recruitment drive at a city mosque.


Officers have been speaking to members of the public


at the Jamia Mosque in Normanton this afternoon.


The aim of the event is for the force to better represent


the communities it serves by encouraging people


from more diverse backgrounds to join the police.


The election campaign's reignited today with a claim by the Institute


for Fiscal Studies that a new Conservative government


would leave schools in England worse off than they are now.


But the Tories say their pledge of extra funding will see a rise


In fact, all the main parties are promising extra cash.


Quentin Rayner's been looking at the issue of school funding


The Government says education spending will reach a record ?42


But schools now have to cover the cost of increases


in national insurance and pension contributions.


The National Audit Office has calculated a shortfall of


A cut in real terms of 8% per pupil at a


We do what we say and that's about ensuring


that all schools can have


the funding they need, instead of diverging


grammar schools and vanity projects, which is what this Government wants


And then you have to add into the mix the proposed National


It's designed to ensure that every pupil from a


similar background receives the same amount of money.


Schools in Derby, for instance, are set to be big


gainers, but when you combine the revised formula with those extra


costs, by 2020 this school in West Bridgeford


As it currently stands, if things proceed as planned, there is a real


concern amongst the profession that some schools will go below


And I greatly fear that the West Bridgeford


The shortfall has been recognised by the


Labour has pledged an extra ?6.3 billion for schools in


England, as part of a ?25 billion injection


into education, paid for by a


The Liberal Democrats have promised ?5.8


billion for schools funded by a 1% rise in business taxes.


While the Conservatives say they'll find an


extra ?4 billion, partly funded by scrapping free infant school


What this significant investment of an extra ?4 billion means


is that as we deliver the National Funding Formula,


their budgets reduced as a result of that


Our extra ?5.8 billion will triple the early


years pupil premium to


It will remove the 1% pay cap, keeping


the best teachers in the business and extend all the free school meals


I'm delighted to see that they're all


proposing new money to go on the table for school budgets.


As ever, the devil will be in the detail.


But when it comes to school budgets, the Institute for


Fiscal Studies is warning that what really matters is the effect of


A Special Police Constable from Leicester's due in court today


SPC Shahib Asan is accused of criminal damage, harassment,


intent to pervert the course of justice and possession


of a weapon for the discharge of a noxious gas.


The offences are alleged to have happened between August 2016


The 21-year-old's appearing at Leicester Crown Court.


Now, lots of people love trains and railways -


some have models or train sets in their houses.


But there can't be many who take it one stage further -


and build a railway in their back garden!


But that's what Bruce Roberts has done in Nottingham.


This is George with, behind him, Louise and Lizzie, the carriages.


And they're all part of the Waverley Mount railway,


named after this house, Waverley Mount, built in 1908.


The railway is much younger than that.


Bruce, why did you want to build a railway in your garden?


And bring a bit of joy to people as well, but when I was very small


I used to lie on the carpet watching the trains come past us


as close as I could, and try to make them


And the opportunity to build a railway in the garden,


as big as possible, was something that I always wanted to do.


And your wife and daughters have put up with it, but more than that,


My wife loves anything mechanical, train-wise,


and pumping station-wise, so they all love the trains.


You got a steam loco and that's coming along.


So, in the workshop at the moment, no boiler certificate because I been


And we'll have a lot more on this tonight


Now, it's time to take a look at today's weather forecast.


Alex, what a beautiful start to the day - will it last?


It is lasting for today. We got some beautiful pictures coming in


practically wall to wall sunshine. Scorching temperatures in places,


too. If we have a look at tomorrow, what a difference a day makes. A


yellow weather warning out for rain over the weekend and the potential


for some thundery showers. Watch out for spray and standing water on the


roads. High-pressure moving out of the way as low pressure moving in.


That is what is causing the thundery showers over the next few days. This


afternoon, do take extra care because we are expecting higher


some cream. Not a cloud in the sky, some cream. Not a cloud in the sky,


just a bit of Fairweather cloud holding up by brilliant barbecue


weather and highs of 25 degrees. As they go through the cause of tonight


will continue to be quite muddy temperatures. Lows of 14. Tomorrow


we got this thundery showers still feeling quite muddy tomorrow with


highs of around 26 degrees. A warm weekend ahead.


Geeta and Maurice will be back with East Midlands Today at 6:30pm.


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