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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


A Leicestershire mum says she fears the man who killed her daughter has


Colin Pitchfork was given a life sentence in 1988,


for the rape and murder of 15-year olds Linda Mann and Dawn Ashworth.


But he's been moved now to an open prison, as Giles Taylor reports.


It was the first time DNA profiling had ever


after thousands of men were screened by police,


Colin Pitchfork was caught and given 30 years in


prison but now his conditions have been relaxed and families


I'm very fearful because in my eyes it is his first step towards


I believe he should never have had freedom.


How can a man who has done what he did, change?


It does not change the fact that he is a


In 2009, his life tariff was reduced by two years


because of his exceptional progress while in custody.


But Cath and her family have continued to campaign against


his release, she says the prospect gives her sleepless nights.


People will not recognise him now and so he


I think he'll come back eventually and I shan't know him.


If he walked alongside me, I would not know him and he'd know me.


In a letter to the Leicestershire South


MP, Alberto Costa, the Justice Minister Sam Gyimah has


said Pitchfork's release is in no way guaranteed.


I think there are some crimes that are so heinous that you have


to ask whether it is ever right to release an individual.


What I am doing in my job as a member of


Parliament is to make sure the Ministry of Justice


and the Prison service are doing their job to


safeguard the people of South Leicestershire and indeed


The parole board is due to review the case again in


Police investigating more than 60 reports of damage to cars


in Leicester and Leicestershire, have made five arrests.


Tyres were slashed and windows smashed last weekend in areas


including Glenfield, Thurmaston, East Goscote,


The men, aged between 18 and 23, have been released on bail


The aftermath of the Brexit vote has been partly blamed for delaying


a memorial to airmen who died in the skies above Nottinghamshire.


Forty airmen were killed in crashes around Bleasby


But both the cost and number of aircrew who need to be


Right, boys and girls, come on, this way please.


The village has taken the memorial to


its heart, it is already a primary school project and the


schoolchildren recently dressed up to experience life as an evacuee.


Parts of the wreckage of a Wellington bomber


which crashed near the school were recovered by a farmer.


The memorial was meant to be in place in


We originally had 19 young airmen who were killed


here in three incidents, but we've had more information from


We now know we had seven crashes and 40 young airmen who were killed.


The cost has gone up from six to ?8,000.


The granite is imported from India and priced in US dollars.


Since the Brexit vote, the exchange rate has gone down by


15% so that has probably added ?1000 to the cost of the memorial.


Additional costs are due to the additional names we've


discovered being put on the memorial.


The memorial should be unveiled in two


years on the 70th anniversary of the two Lancasters colliding.


The University of Derby has a new exhibition -


Del Coombs has been working at the University for 20 years


and while there has been studying Sustainable Design.


He's been working on individual pieces - more than 3,000 so far -


which all involve re-using things he finds during his day job.


His latest haul, on show at the Deda Dance Centre,


is inspired by bar codes on food cans.


When I am a cleaner, there are lots of


Some of them are called rubbish, some are


That's where the balance between the two is.


I get all my materials at work and a lot of my


ideas at work, listening to people talking and seeing things.


In rugby, a fierce-fight back for Leicester Tigers wasn't


enough.They lost 22-16 this afternoon at Wasps.


Let's check on the weather now - Lucy has our forecast


Today seemed like an improved version of yesterday.


Still a misty and murky start with plenty of cloud.


Into this evening and overnight, more cloud.


That will thicken up to produce the odd spot of drizzle.


There could be for developing as well.


Plenty of cloud around tomorrow from the word


Then this band of rain arrives from the north-west.


Behind it, clear skies and the chance of the


Temperatures reaching a maximum of nine Celsius.


Monday night into Tuesday will be cold them


-- cooler than recently and temperatures will drop off


as we move through the week and


Back with more for you tonight, the other side of your national


and international news update - at ten to eleven.


After a dull weekend for many of us, the weather gets shaken to life this


week. The real driver for the first wake-up call is low pressure pushing


towards Iceland, it will throw this weather front Alloway and before


that we have the south-westerly wind, another misty and foggy night


for England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland turning wetter


earlier -- later on. Frost for England later do tonight but these


are the temperatures for most people tomorrow