14/05/2017 East Midlands Today

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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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With the news now for the East Midlands, I'm Jim Davis.


A woman was found dead and two men are in custody tonight after a crash


Police were called to Desford Road in Enderby just


before midday following a collision between a car and a motorbike.


A rear passenger in the car was pronounced dead at the scene.


The two men, aged 27 and 28, were arrested at the scene.


Meanwhile, the motorbike rider and his female passenger are both


Health teams across the region have spent the weekend


dealing with the aftermath of Friday's cyber attack.


Grantham hospital has postponed its routine procedures,


whilst elsewhere other Trusts brought in extra staff


All routine outpatient appointments, scans,


Grantham Hospital had been cancelled tomorrow after the cyber attack


Some phone lines are still not back to normal.


Patients are advised to call the main switchboard if they


Nottinghamshire NHS health foundation trust says it


is still having issues with its IT and phone systems.


It has stressed all clinics and services are


Kings Mill Hospital has also been affected


Over the weekend, it reverted to a paper


system as it turned off its computer system as a precaution.


We have obviously got a lot of back-up


systems, we just do not have that expect to have to use them all at


We had to get in extra staff in to coordinate it.


However, a lot of extra staff have stayed on and


come in and done extra shifts to make sure we have been absolutely


safe and we are ready to go for business as usual on Monday.


The Royal Derby and London Road Community Hospital have also


reactivated their systems after closing them


down on Friday has a


In Leicester, hospital managers have apologised to any


patients who may have experienced delays while they checked


Two men have been charged in connection with alleged


The abuse is reported to have taken place at Overseal Manor


in Swadlincote when it was a school between 1979 and 1985.


Terrence Butler, who's 73, has been charged with four offences


And 71-year-old Christopher May faces a total of 11 charges.


Organisers of a huge archaeological dig in Leicester say next weekend


More than 3,000 visitors have already queued


to view the finds just off Great Central Street


since they first opened earlier this month.


The dig's revealed two Roman streets, houses and the largest


However, 800 free tickets for next weekend have


Former Nottingham Forest and Notts County stars


were at Meadow Lane today to celebrate the 125th anniversary


of the Nottingham City Schools Football Association.


The Nottingham Legends played a City Boys Pro's


line-up, made up of well-known professionals who've come


Well, I started playing schools football when I was nine


at my local junior school, and obviously representing


Nottingham City Boys when I was 11 was probably one of the earliest


proudest moments of my short footballing career.


So, it means a lot to us, and we like to give things back,


it being the 125th anniversary, so it's people who played


in the Football League, like myself, who want to give something back.


In basketball, the Leicester Riders have completed an historic


treble today after beating the Newcastle Eagles


This afternoon's clash at London's O2 Arena


in front of a record crowd for British Basketball,


saw them dominate from the start, ending an outstanding


season and adding to the BBL Championship and BBL Trophy titles.


With a look ahead to the start of a new week now, here's Jennifer.


A change is on the way for our weather as we head into


Clear skies initially during the night to night, but we start to


see the cloud thickening from the west ahead


of a weather front, which


is going to bring some outbreaks of rain for Monday.


A mild night to come tonight, though, temperatures


dropping down and around nine or 10 Celsius.


So, Monday starts off on a fairly bright note, but it won't


You will see the cloud thickening, some outbreaks of


Some of that rain will be heavy on Monday afternoon.


But it will tend to peter out a bit as we


Quite a muggy feeling day tomorrow as well,


Some further rain to come as we head into Tuesday.


Quite a lot of cloud around, too, and highs of 18 Celsius.


That's all from me and the weekend team.


We'll have more from 6:25am on Breakfast.


Thanks for watching. Good night.


That's it from the BBC London weekend team.


Monday is looking damp not whet for most. Not as lovely as Sunday. This


picture sent in. Lovely conditions. This is where the weather is coming


from off the Atlantic and the will he pressure that swung in from quite


far south. This is where the air is coming from. It'll be quite warm


with the rain. The rain most of the time won't be heavy