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The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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Does he think we're completely stupid? He said before the that


Londoners would not pay a penny more in 2020 than they do now. Clearly, I


liked today discovered that they are paying more. Meanwhile, commuters


recent self for another strike. A British Paraylmpian tells us no


working or accessible loos on a train forced


her to wet herself. I was embarrassed,


I was very angry and... Plus, getting a masterclass


from a MasterChef judge. Why Gregg Wallace is lending


his expertise to young And described as one of the most


important England players you've never heard of -


the story of this Good evening, happy new year


and welcome to the programme - We heard it many times,


didn't we, during the mayoral election campaign -


his promise to freeze But today Sadiq Khan has been


accused of taking people for fools His political opponents claim that


whilst the Mayor has kept the cost of certain fares the same,


others have been increased. This on the same day that


commuters held protests over With more here's our political


correspondent, Karl Mercer. A new year it may be,


but for rail passengers, the same For commuters back to work today,


a rise of more than 2% It does mean that I have


less disposable income I wouldn't mind increases


around 2.9% if I thought that it was all going back


into the service. The Government defended


the rises, saying they needed Around the rail network,


there is a lot happening, Of course, nobody wants to see


a fare increase but costs rise, pay rises, and right now,


first are rising less fast than wages, so at least that's


a step in the right direction. For those commuting in and around


London, there was a mixed picture, going back to what this man said


in the race for City Hall. The fares you pay in 2020 on bus,


tubes, DLR and London Overground will be the same fares you pay


on May the 6th, a day after I'm hopefully elected


as the Mayor of London. It was one he repeated


during the campaign. I've got a fully funded


package to freeze fares of the next four years,


so London is paying not a penny more Today he was back at Waterloo


campaigning against rail fare rises and trumpeting the fact that many


transport for London But his promise doesn't


apply to travel cards Does he think we are


completely stupid? He said before the election that


Londoners would not pay a penny more Well, clearly a lot of them found


out that today they are paying more. I think the mayor has got to stop


peddling this line because it's quite clear to most commuters


going to work today that the paying more for the travel card and more


for the cap on their Oyster It's about time the mayor started


looking at how he can help other The mayor insists his freeze on TFL


fares will save the average London household around ?200 over


the next four years. My point to the Government is, look,


if I can make TFL fit for purpose, if I can reduce inefficiencies,


if I can make efficiency savings, if I can increase revenue streams


elsewhere, to freeze TFL why can't they do the same with


these private companies? The mayor also called again today


for the Government to hand control of Southern Rail to transport


for London, head of another planned He says he'd talk to


the unions to avoid action Well, Karl mentioned


industrial action there, and next week commuters


face a six-day strike Let's get the details


from Claudia-Liza Armah, who joins Yes, that's right. When it comes to


travelling in and around London, things are going from bad to worse.


Next week, there is an ongoing dispute with Southern Rail. The


drivers are on strike for a whopping six days. It is to do with the


driver free operated trains. Drivers will now be in charge of closing the


doors and trains. It kicks off on Monday, the 9th of January. It comes


to the end on the 14th of January. The services affected, which


services would be affected are Thameslink. Aside from... The


services would be affected or Thameslink... It's going to be so


bad that Southern real for the duration of the action. There has


also been a call for a price freeze on Southern Rail whilst the dispute


continues. Yes, this has been going on for nine months. Strike action as


well as a ban on drivers taking over -- Britain. The watchdog is calling


for a price hike to be frozen until this dispute comes to an end.


Southern Rail met today to come to some kind of conclusion but it fell


through. It is unlikely that there will be a solution soon. Thank you


very much. Commuters are only too familiar


with strikes and disruption on southern services


over the past year. On that note, we'd


like to hear from you. We're hosting a special televised


debate on Sunday January the 8th. If you'd like to take part,


please email your details, including your point of view,


to bbcraildebate@bbc.co.uk. You re watching BBC


London News, coming up later: Catching those who illegally


dump household waste, how good is London at penalising


those who blight our neighbourhoods? A Paralympic athlete and MBE-awarded


disabilities campaigner says she was forced to wet herself


on train because it didn't Anne Wafula Strike says


that she was left humiliated after the three-hour journey


on a CrossCountry train. Despite her embarrassment,


she has decided to go public in the hope it will bring change


for disabled people. Anne Wafula Strike is a decorated


wheelchair racer and Paralympian. She also has an MBE for her services


to disability sport. But last month, none


of that mattered. She says she was robbed


of her dignity after having wet herself because the train


she was travelling on didn't I was embarrassed,


I was very angry and... Honestly, you know,


I felt very disabled. Anne had been at a UK Athletics


board meeting in Coventry to get home she took a CrossCountry train


from the Midlands to Stansted, where the accessible


toilet was out of order. About half an hour into her journey,


she needed the bathroom. Staff suggested she could get off


at the next train station and use the disabled toilet there,


but there was no one there to help so she had to wait until the next


stop and by that time It just really took away


all the confidence that I'd I've always said that as human


beings or people with different needs we are only disabled


by the barriers that Although the train Anne


was on it did have accessible facilities, the issue


was that they weren't working. Disability campaigners believe train


companies should put more We still have a kind


of tick box mentality towards disability and access,


so we tick the box that the toilet is there on the train,


we don't think about how we need to consider that it's


working all the time. Despite the humiliation,


Anne said she spoke out to expose some of the injustice faced


by people living with disabilities and hopes her story will improve


things so no one else has got So what is the train


operator saying about this? Unfortunately, they were not


available to speak to us on camera. But they said...


What are the legalities in terms of facilities for disabled passengers?


It must be said that disabled access is better than ever before. There


are strict guidelines. Most trains have accessible toilet facilities.


The issue was that the toilet was out of order. By 2020, there will be


more legislation in place to ensure that all accessible toilets are


regularly maintained because that is a huge issue. One campaign group


spokes as today and said that they believed that staff cuts across the


network had able to play in this. Had she been able to get off at the


first stop was there was a toilet, she would have applauded the


situation. The reason that she came out and told the story. She wanted


to make sure that it never happened to anyone again. -- she would have


avoided the situation. Access needs to be taken seriously. Thank you


very much. It blights neighbourhoods and costs


the taxpayers thousands. New figures show there's been


a growth in the amount of household waste being illegally dumped


in streets or fields. But they also show new powers


to penalise flytippers have been used more in London than anywhere


else in the UK. Fly-tipping can be a big problem or


a small one. Either way, it affects all of London, particularly new.


It's really disgusting. It shouldn't be like this. It's recycling. This


is where I live. Seeing that makes me not want to be here. It is quite


bad. It's keeping the yummy mummies away which causes me a lot of grief


because I was hoping they would come in. Some is domestic rubbish and


some is commercial... Enforcement officers like these have been able


to use new paddlers since the month of May in order to prevent


fly-tipping. It's instant justice no. Newman had the worst


fly-tipping. They have used the primaries the most in the country.


In total in London, they have been used over a 700 times. The idea is


not to deal with industrial fly-tipping or letter but more


something like this, from a member of the public or a small business.


The council have made ?48,000 for this so far. This is not just a


money making enterprise. No. When you consider all of the reasons we


have to put into this. It doesn't pay the officer 's wages. It's


something that we feel we must do. Not a moneymaking exercise. Did a


fine help to clean up the capital? I will tell.


For Chelsea fans have been given suspended prison sentences for


racially abusing a black man. They were ordered to pay the victim


10,000 euros in compensation and given one year suspended sentences.


More than 70 firefighters tackled a a blaze at a sports club


The fire on Goldsdown Road took three hours to get under control.


The cause is still being investigated.


Next - should a hospital be able to conduct tests after an early


miscarriage without the consent of the parents?


Well, one mother who lost her baby at 12 weeks thinks not.


She wants guidelines changed after discovering


Croydon University Hospital had done so without seeking her permission.


So this was taken just after eight weeks and this


shows, as far as we know, a happy, healthy baby.


When a Laura Percival discovered she was pregnant last year


with her second child, she was delighted.


We'd been trying for a year and it was what we really wanted


and a baby is just going to bring so much happiness and we already


have a son, so it was kind of going to complete the family.


But three months into her pregnancy, she miscarried and underwent surgery


A baby's in my body and there is no heartbeat, I haven't...


You almost feel like it's your fault because you haven't managed


to keep that baby healthy and happy and full-term.


When she later enquired about the baby's remains,


she was told they'd been sent away for testing at another hospital.


They didn't tell me and I didn't give permission for that,


I know it's kind of up until a certain mark that it's


considered a baby but it's still my baby and my loss.


Andrew Shennan is Professor of Obstetrics for Guys and St.


He works with the baby charity Tommy's and believes mothers need


If you have a situation where you have lost a baby,


it would normally be good practice to inform the woman in a sensitive


way, in an appropriate way, about what her wishes are.


You would find out what she would want and you would give her options.


Well, the hospital declined our interview request but said


in a statement they have apologised to Laura Percival for any distress


They also added that sending tissue away for testing was common practice


in the NHS and under 14 weeks it does not require patient consent.


I'd quite like to purchase a tree at the crematorium,


so ultimately I have somewhere to kind of mark what


happened and kind of have a little bit of closure.


Laura says she and her partner will try again for another baby


but for now she hopes other women who suffer a similar loss


The story of the forgotten footballer - the former Chelsea


player of Chinese descent who made history playing for England.


This coming year will see some key negotiations over how


In a special series this week, we look at what impact it


We start tonight with the view from EU nationals,


who say they remain uncertain over their future in London.


Few EU migrants can come... Apologies for that. There seems to


be a problem with that report. We will try to bring it back as soon as


we can. Millions of us tune in to Masterchef


to watch contestants people show Now, one of the judges


is lending his expertise to young It's not only a chance to create


recipes alongside top chefs but also to learn about healthy


eating. Cooking their favourite recipes


with some of the best These young foster children


are getting the opportunity of a lifetime and having


lots of fun. They are looking very


yummy, I want one. They're quite timid


when they come in. But when they start working


and kicking and actually making But when they start working


and cooking and actually making something, they just grow


in confidence and you can see the smiles on their face and you can


see they're having fun. Organised by the National Fostering


Agency, it's all about encouraging young people to get interested


in food and boost their confidence. I've enjoyed it a lot because I


haven't really cooked that much. It's really exciting to cook


with loads of different chefs. At the end of the day,


what you do is to walk away with a sense of you've done


something really, really good for the kids and just getting them


involved with cooking. 17-year-old Nhat Nguyen came to this


country as an asylum He arrived in London after three


months of travelling Thanks to the National Fostering


Agency, he now lives in Edgware They rang me and said,


there is a boy, have We had to run to Asda


to buy him some clothes. Two years on, his life couldn't be


more different and he hopes to one I want to bring my food


from my country to the All the recipes have been published


in a book which is being sold for charity to help other young


people and may even inspire the next OK, we can now go back to our report


about backwater. There are a lots of iron knowns when it comes to how we


might leave the European Union. It will mean if EU migrants coming to


the UK. What is the current picture? In 2015 the total number of migrants


was estimated at around 930 2000. In this bullish gaffer, these


construction workers didn't seem to be concerned. I'm just waiting for


the Home Office to send me my cards. I applied two months do for me my


family. We have been in this country for over ten years. These are two


skilled workers who have been here for over five years. The big


difference has a track is what happens going forward. Depending on


what kind of system we get after Brexit, we could see a significant


reduction in the number of new people coming in, particularly in


low skilled jobs that are least likely to qualify for new system.


But as you guys going to do without us? What is going to happen to your


economy? I hope it doesn't go down but it might happen. EU migrants are


not so easy to replace. It might not be politically correct to say so but


it is true that there are not as many British people to replace these


workers. It's not like these workers came to take jobs that the British


people wanted. So what about the highly skilled ESU workers? There


are lots of professional ones. They are not taking the decision because


they need to see what is happening. On the other hand, people that have


been here for many years, like me, I have obtained the residency card,


I'm supposed to be able to stay in the UK. With London's workforce is


reliant on EU migrants of all skilled hats, what might happen


next? On the one hand, you might think that people might come now in


anticipation of the fact that is mighty more difficult in future. On


the other hand, it depends a lot on the economy. People's uncertainty


about whether they can stay and the political implications of the


referendum could make the UK less attractive. These workers will be


waiting to see what happens in March.


He's been described as one of the most important England


Frank Soo, a former Chelsea player, was the first non-white footballer


to represent England and played alongside some


As a new book tells the story of his life and career,


Alice Bhandhukravi has been speaking to the author and his great niece.


He was a household name in the 1930s and '40s.


His biographer says he was up there with the greats.


So it's something of a mystery that Frank Soo has been all but forgotten


During his lifetime, he was recognised to be an equal


of Stanley Matthews, Tommy Lawton, Billy Wright,


Anyone who knows about football in that era knows


Frank Soo was with Stanley Matthews at Stoke City.


He also played alongside him for England wearing the number six.


During the war he joined the RAF and played as a guest


player for other clubs, including Chelsea,


But Frank Soo was half Chinese, the first non-white player


His family believe he's been overlooked because of his ethnicity.


Growing up, it was the one thing we all sort of clung onto.


Our great uncle played football for England, did yours?


It's a little frustrating when you are the great niece


of a man who played for England and he's the first Asian player


to play for the national side and yet he doesn't


The more I learned about him and his life and his achievements


throughout his career, I feel he is an important figure


in his own right, irrespective of his ethnic background.


He was actually one of the most important figures in 20th century


Frank Soo spent the rest of his career after the war coaching,


He died in 1991, largely unknown in his home country.


Susan Gardener hopes her account of his life story will get him


Time for a check on the weather - and it did feel cold out there -


Good evening. The weather for the with the forecast.


Good evening. The weather for the rest of the week will vary from one


day to the next. This was yesterday when we had sunshine. This bus


today. There has been quite a change. Workload coming down from


the north. After the frosty start, it has been pretty cold. The cloud


is actually really thin and maybe if you gab is in the cloud here and


there. On the whole, more clout than last night. Not as cold as that last


night. Outside of time, the numbers are close to freezing. It will be a


chilly start to Wednesday. A of cloud on Wednesday morning. Summer


drizzle possibly. A northerly wind and that will introduce much more


sunshine. It was hard to deal colder despite the sudden. -- it will start


to feel colder displayed is urging. They will be a plunge of cold beer


and cleaner skies. It all points to a much colder start to Thursday. A


frosty start to the north of time. -- to the north of town. A cold


start to Thursday but the frost will lift because of the sunshine. It


should be a nice day but it will be on the cold side. It will turn


chilly tubing Thursday evening and Thursday night. A bit of a change


from the Atlantic. This will come... Lovely sunny day but a cold day on


Thursday. On Friday, more clout and outbreaks of rain during the second


half of the day. It looks like it will be cloudy but try on the


weekend. The police watchdog,


the IPCC, has launched an investigation after officers


from the West Yorkshire force shot a man dead


near the M62 in Huddersfield. Police say it happened


during a planned operation to target Britain's top diplomat


to the European Union has resigned. Sir Ivan Rogers leaves his job just


months before the Government is due Thank you for joining us. We will be


back at 10:30pm. You can keep up to the days stories on the website and


the Facebook page. Have a lovely evening.


Magical new drama... The Worst Witch.


Something like this could change my life.


We're looking for someone who can sing, someone who can move.


Someone who can keep an audience on the edge of their seat.


Something like this could change my life.