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Welcome to the programme this Wednesday evening


Survivors of the Croydon Tram Crash have told BBC London they're


relieved that Transport for London and the operator have admitted


It means that it won't take as long for victims' families and those


injured to get financial help and compensation.


But getting answers as to why the tram was travelling


as fast as it was will take much longer,


and is still the subject of an investigation.


Our transport Correspondent Tom Edwards has been speaking to a man


who's struggling to rebuild his life after what was supposed to be


On board the tram when it derailed, Matthew Parnell's life since that


day, in his words, has been destroyed.


He suffered a serious head injury in the crash, and


because of that he has had his driving licence suspended


and now he has lost his job as a lorry driver.


In a way, I have had my life taken away.


I was just going to work, a normal day like I would do,


and this happened, and as a result of it, it has pretty much destroyed


And he is one of many who want and need


Seven passengers died and 51 were injured last November


when the tram derailed on a sharp corner travelling at three times


Now the operator and Transport For London have


This is the first step in a long legal process,


but it is still nonetheless significant that Transport For


London and the operator have admitted liability


for the Croydon tram crash.


What it means is the families of those who died and the survivors


will now not have to endure a civil trial.


It is a good thing because at least they are not fighting it.


They have admitted that they are in the


wrong, so I think it is a good thing for all the families involved.


They are not going to have to go to court.


Lawyers say there will still be a long journey ahead for those


What it means is they will no longer have the


burden of having to prove negligence, and that is the


requirement if they hope to secure compensation for their injuries and


for reimbursement in respect of any losses


they have incurred, so it is


But of course what it doesn't mean is that they are not still


interested in what caused this accident, why it occurred, and for


them, they will still want to know what the cause of the accident was.


Matthew Parnell says he doesn't know what the future


holds how long the process will take.


Answers as to why the tram was travelling so fast could be


Is London a city out of touch with the rest of the country?


Does it get an unfair advantage when it comes to big


Unfair perception, or legitimate grievance that contributed


Well our political editor Tim Donovan has been investigating.


Continuing his tour across the middle of England tonight


he reports from Derby, home to the factory building


The first half dozen teams have already been delivered, they will be


making 60 in all. That means jobs and apprenticeships and


opportunities. Without contract like this, I wouldn't be going to


university. There probably wouldn't be as many jobs available, but they


had been made available site has given me the opportunity to develop


myself. Mirallas bid wondered it to be enough work are well I end up


needing a job. This secures my job for quite a while. Jolt washer on


then put your ten millilitres on top. This is why London's


politicians and transport bosses like to stress that infrastructure


in the capital has wider benefits. We had got much until this order,


finishing orders, so to win this year 's eyes that bit of stability.


My wife is happier, and statues may employ. 'S but the benefits plan out


further, this firm builds the fibreglass exterior of the Crossrail


driver 's cab employing 65 people. A company down the road does the


painting, for the staff here. And this major supplier with 80 workers


builds peace Steelers safety frame for the cab and much more. This is


the train was for... We have designed and manufactured and we


will be installing this train washed at the Crossrail depot. But after


this what next? It is hard to plan ahead. I can't employ more people or


invest in new equipment or invest in apprentices and the skills we need


to go forward without a good order book. 10,000 different components go


into a train and there is a worry about except Paris and restrictions


of the Brexit. We can't tolerate things being held at ports while


there is more checks, that just bills in delayed to the process.


What you make of the situation from where you are sitting? Is it all


going to be much more expensive? To the extent of Paris, we would have


to try and pass them onto the. Union contracts will be more expensive. I


guess so. These carriages and what links London and Derby in wanting a


good Brexit deal. Primary pupils with a message. Why


we love signing. It's certainly popular with them,


but should it be included Now to a sign that has


unwittingly caused a bit It's provoked complaints,


been reported to police, caused confusion and even seemed


harmless to others. Turns out it was done


all in the name of ART. Warning, in children crossing.


Giveaway. What do you make of this? Is it an anti-Semitic image or work


of art? Amongst some dues in Stamford Hill, it is an outrage. It


is certainly offensive. It is a sign which shouldn't be there. It is a


sign which, ties is a large and important segment of the community


in this neighbourhood. The rate of fatal road signs were a work of art


by the French artist in north London. He didn't mean for you one


of the Arno orthodox due to be thought of as a hate crime. It was


about identity, we are so full of identity in London, I don't want to


hurt them. I don't want to offend anyone, for me it is more about how


amazing it is to have all this character, it was nothing attacking


one person one community. London is made up of so many committees. It


certainly got the community talking, even though it was just the one sign


with a dude, no others had been created. As far as others are


concerned, is it anti-Semitic? Not at all because this is one of the


most populated areas here in the hell, Sarah... It doesn't offend


anybody. By the formal complaint was made to please. What would you say


to someone who is offended by this sign? IPods as befitting their


feelings, but it wasn't an attack. I want to stop this. The police asked


the speaker Frank. They enquiries continue. The reader have your say


on this story on our Facebook page. We're just hearing tonight that


a fresh deal has been agreed in the long-running row


between Southern Railway and the biggest train


drivers' union, Aslef. It comes after weeks of more


recent talks in a row Louisa, what do we know


about this deal? We are hearing that a deal has been


reached between Aslef and Southern rail, but we were in this position


only last month and the beginning of February and Aslef whether a


confident that their members would vote for the agreement they had


made, but they didn't and fell down. They had been backgrounded table and


it seems that their concerns have been addressed will stop this has


been causing utter misery, as we know, for commuters. It is paralysed


in the clean lines for 12 months after days of strike action in a row


over the role of staff. Southern was drivers and not conduct is to close


the doors, the union says that is not safe. It really has affected


people's lives in London, we have been doing a long time on the


programme. Some people have given up their job because they just can't


take the stress of knowing whether they are going to get to work. On


that note, commuters will want to know, where does this leave them and


ends up putting an end to these strikes? This is where it gets


confusing because they RNC is any dispute with Southern. Even if Aslef


balls agreement goes through, that doesn't mean that this whole problem


is good to go away. Aslef members are to be balloted before the 3rd of


April, but there is still a long way to go. The members before there was


Aslef were very confident in February that they would go for the


agreement, but they didn't. I would be saying to commuters today to


treat this with cosh 's optimism. -- cosh 's optimism.


Next: Should British sign language be included


That's what teachers at a primary school in Highgate


They say they've had years of success in teaching pupils sign


language so they can communicate with their classmates who are deaf.


Ready, remember, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. At this primary


school, it is not as French or Spanish the children learn, by the


time they leave at 11, many gated community using British sign


language and it is something they and their classmates enjoyed. I like


learning to sign because it is fine and it is like a secret language,


and you can make make more friends and play more with different types


of people. Playtime, I'm happy for them to sign with me. It shares its


site with this other school for deaf children, while DSL was recognised


in its own right 14 years ago, it is not included in the national


curriculum. Teachers here are campaigning for that to change. To


express themselves, to show facial expressions with their hands, with


their body, they are proud of their language. There are more than 1


million people who are deaf or hard of hearing living in London, many


become isolated with so few big able to communicate with them.


Mental-health needs higher deaf population than they are elsewhere,


anti-medication is one of the reasons why people feel so socially


isolated, so having children start early and learning to sign might


prevent mental health difficulties in the future. The Department for


Education says although BSL is not a mandatory part of the curriculum,


schools are free to teach it if they choose do. Teachers here say the


children's smiles and the best advertise meant for signing.


Football, and the future of one of London's oldest club's


hangs in the balance, ahead of a High Court


Leyton Orient has been served with a winding-up order


However the fans who are battling to keep the club alive have received


Let's find out more from Chris Slegg who's at the club's


Welcome you to the few privies errors, but given that Leyton Orient


fans have not had good news for a while, it is welcome. Barry Hearn


who still owns this stadium said that if the fans find away to take


control of the club then he will allow them to play rent-free, the


team play rent-free for a year. I have spoken to him directly today,


he is in Miami at the moment. He confirms this to be the case,


subject to the fans are Dee showing him a viable business plan. That


rent is not to be around one and ?180,000 a year. They are battling


to find every penny they can. Some might say that this is the least


Barry Hearn could do, he served the club to Francesco Becchetti in July


2014 for ?4 million. It has been a disaster, the club has been


relegated. They look set to be relegated again and he hasn't paid


his tax bill. He owes ?250,000. That is why the club is due in High Court


in Monday, facing a winding up order. The fans are trying to raise


?250,000 to keep the club alive. Francesco Becchetti once his ?4


million back, so they are world's apart, but in the fans a way, then


the team could play rent-free here for a year.


And Jane Asher, of acting and baking fame, talks us about returning


How visitors can get a close up view of the intricacies of a ?20 million


restoration of an historic mansion in Kent.


It was first opened by Queen Victoria back in 1882


but Epping Forest has been visited by another member of


Prince Harry spent the day learning about England's ancient woodland


and the ways future generations can help keep it alive.


In 1882, Queen Victoria food paid to centuries of arguments about who


controlled Epping Forest and dedicated it to the nation. Today


her great great great rate grandson was here to make his own dedication


as part of a Commonwealth project to encourage natural forests. A century


ago, Epping Forest was a place for London parred workers to escape for


games, donkey rides and fortune telling. Today it is all about


conservation. This is lucky the Longhorn, she and her calf


ragamuffin greatly open pastures. Laws make it a legal defence of the


land so technology stops them from straying too far. With a ?250


tracker that sounds a buzz of any cross the boundary. Among the


Rangers looking after the canopies where Sam Hobbs, a former soldier


who lost part of the lead in the Falklands. He is rebuilding his


career among the trees. And under the same tree, Queen Victoria gave a


speech, this time it was Harry and the local schoolchildren, reminding


them that when space in this city is fought over, it is more important


than ever to keep open space. Sam Alderson from Kent has severe


physical disabilities, but it doesn't stop him playing


the game he loves. You'll usually see him playing


cricket for England or Kent, but this afternoon wicket keeper


Sam Billings was behind the stumps for a very different reason -


launching an ambassador programme to get young people with


disabilities involved in the game. Two inspirational players with one


aim, to spend their love of cricket. England player Sam Billings spent


the afternoon here in Bromley College as an ambassador for Lord's


Tavern a charity to bring the sporty disadvantaged and disabled young


people. Joining him, Sam Alderson, he got the cricketing bug through


the charity and when he found his powered wheelchair was hinting more


than helping, abandoned it to bowl on his knees. I love playing the


game, getting out there and try new things. I don't see... Make excuses


for my disability, I want to do something I will go and do it, and I


will be determined to do it no matter what. You would encourage


others to do the same? Absolutely. Training with his England


team-mates, Sam Billings may have plenty to teach the youngsters he


met today. But he admits being an ambassador also reminds him why he


plays in the first place. Sometimes as a pro sportsman you can take it


too seriously, so it puts it in perspective and it is fantastic to


see the smiles on their faces and enjoy cricket again and really see


them experience the effects of cricket. That is as good as


anything. Many of these young people went had a chance to try cricket


before and hope is that they will be inspired by league players and the


determination of those with disabilities and will grow to love


the sport. Maybe this will be the first of many team photos.


Now, we know she can make cakes - but she claims


So what attracted Jane Asher back to the west end?


The answer is the musical production of 'An American in Paris' -


which after its success on Broadway has transferred to London.


Gene Kelly, arguably at his best in the 1951 movie an American in Paris,


and the musical of the same name has already wooed audiences in the city


it is set in. It has bagged for Tony's Forest Broadway production


and toured the States. Now it is in London and stars are very own Jane


Asher. And played a part that didn't exist in the film, a woman who we


are not quite sure and beginning of the evening what she has been doing


during the war. Before excepting the part she said she was under no


illusion it would be a piece of cake. I was sitting at home and my


agent said, are you interested in the idea of being an An American In


Paris, and apart for an actor who can't sing or dance? So to be


offered a wonderful part in a show like this was unique. The


choreographer, director and recipient of one of those awards


says it is important to bring the music, glamour and energy of the


movie to life. One of the big challenges that designer and myself


had was finding a way to retain some of the cinematic qualities of the


movie and create a set that is very fluid, that jumps from location to


location very quickly, but that also dances. These days home is the


Dominion, and for some of the show parred veterans there is something


special about being any West End. Reed Tanabe home and family members


that couldn't make it to Paris or New York can finally get in the West


End. It feels like the measure of a ballet house and Broadway house


which is what our show is. It feels like you can fly. If you'd fancy


flying down to the Demeaning to catch the show, it is currently


booking and the of September. It's a grand historic


mansion that was, quite Yet crumbling walls and falling


ceilings meant Knole House in Kent was in desperate need


of some serious TLC. So it became the focus


of the biggest restoration project the National Trust


has ever undertaken. With almost six centuries


of history, Knole House is one of the oldest,


grandest and most important It is the most amazing


staircase, this is the great staircase at Knole, created


by Thomas Sackville at the beginning of the 17th century and decorated


by craftsmen from the King's Works. We've got I think probably


overwhelmed by the scale We've got seven acres of roof


and just keeping on top of the maintenance of a building


like that is an enormous task. And because the building is so old,


we got to a point where actually we needed to do something really


to secure the house's future. This is the biggest restoration


in the National Trust's history, all conducted under the watchful


gaze of the Sackville family. Powerful and influential in the 17th


century royal court, their descendants live here to this


day, a living link the past. So, a state-of-the-art


conservation studio will, with painstaking patience,


work to protect the building You overlap the previous bit


to make sure you haven't And then just keep


the system going, really. The conservators employ the same


skills and techniques that have embellished Knole


for hundreds of years. Through the ages dust,


rain and wood smoke have all taken their toll and this x-ray


shows damage caused by woodworm. The team has to preserve the ornate


and the elaborate of Knole's past while ensuring the health


and the safety requirements of the present, to protect not only


the house itself but also those John Maguire, BBC


London News, Sevenoaks. Lovely start to the week,


let's get a check on the weather Spring sunshine, it turned out to be


the warmest day of the year so far. 18 Whiteley, got up to 19 Celsius


this afternoon. This picture was taken at Hampton Wick post because


my spring colours, lovely blue sky as well. What about the next few


days? It is going to turn a little bit cooler thanks to more in the


wake of cloud and some rain around as we head into the weekend. I hope


you made the most of today's fine weather. Turning a bit chilly out


there, high play any breeze at all, but we will find it turning the


state later in the night, low cloud arriving which would prevent


temperatures falling much lower than six or seven Celsius. Tomorrow could


start a mistake, a bit grey, but it will brighten up at times. You may


see the sunshine. Not as funny as today, and would be quite as warm.


These are the temperatures, but we could get up around 15 or 16 Celsius


at the best. Still good for this time of year. No rain yet as you've


noticed. This weather front is heading our way, on Thursday


evening, not much rain on that. Slightly cooler air comes in behind


it, so we could be down to about the Celsius in the Chilterns early


Friday. Sunshine to begin with but look what is coming down the


north-west, first bottom rain arriving at we head towards the end


of the afternoon. Temperatures not bad, 13, possibly as high as 14


Celsius, not as good as today. Dry through Friday, indeed we cared it


will be stronger wins, he'll cooler, rain at times.


The government's dropped plans to increase National Insurance


contributions for some self employed people.


It follows a backlash both inside and outside parliament


Thank you for joining us. We will be back with our late news at 10:30pm.


Do have a lovely evening. Goodbye.