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and on BBC One, we now join the BBC's news teams where you are.


Coming up on BBC London within the next half hour.


Hundreds of weapons have been seized from London's schools over


over the past 18 months, some from pupils as young as ten.


These cases are very worrying because if you don't catch those


young children now they will go on to continue to be more serious


We'll hear from a Headteacher on how HE's trying to tackle the problem.


Also tonight, the Cyber attack on the NHS, we'll have more on how


the security breach is hitting hospital services in London.


Plus, a London tech company secures a massive multi-million pound


investment, one of the largest ever paid in Europe.


beyond the gizmos, the geeks and gaming, I will explain why London's


latest tech success story could mean that virtual cities are used to help


create real ones in the future. practicing their scales outside


a west end theatre. First tonight, we're looking


at the new figures which reveal how hundreds of weapons have been seized


in schools across London, They include samurai swords,


knives and even air pistols. Most of the cases involve teenagers,


but some weapons were found And it confirms what a senior


police officer has told us that it's part of a worrying trend


for younger children. Friday prayers at East London Mosque


but today with added poignancy. Hundreds came to an another victim


of knife crime. Prayers were said around the body of the victim,


stabbed to death in east London in April. His family credit for change.


Please pray for my son. This is what these kinds of crimes do to


individuals and families in all communities, thousands of people


today at his funeral were crying because of the loss. He is one of 16


young people stabbed to death so far this year and there is new evidence


that the problem of knives is coming through the school gates. New


figures show an increase of the number of weapons being seized


inside schools, over the last two years there were 533 weapons found


in schools in London, they ranged from samurai swords to air guns and


included bricks and rocks. The majority, 215, were taken from 13-15


-year-olds but former taken from children who are just ten years old.


Sometimes the younger children are used to carry for older children so


they are learning from their siblings and peer group. These cases


are very worrying. If you don't catch those young children now it


will go on to continue to be more serious offenders. That is the


challenge for police, finding the weapons before they are used. Last


week BBC London went out with undercover police trying to reduce


knife crime. A lot of kids carry in the schoolbags. It is not until


another classmate tells a teacher that it gets found. That is where


this sort of approach comes in. A response unit tackling knife crime.


E has a bandanna on. Stop walking away. This is one way of reducing


the problem but it also risks alienating the young people


affected. Another option is weapons archers, one of the tactics being


used at Newman Catholic College in London where the arches are used


every six weeks. The school has no problem with weapons, the


headteacher says that trust between pupils and teachers and local police


is key. Psychologically children naughty teachers are everywhere, we


stand in the same place every morning and welcome them, we conduct


safety arches, that means they now the safeguarding and all those


attended issues have a high priority in our lives and consequently in


their lives. Charities see a lot of young people who carry weapons do it


because they feel unsafe. What might help? Giving young people is based


to be heard. A lot of people say that young people see the arm at her


and therefore the give up, they are not being her so they feel there is


the opportunity of a space for them to see how it is for them. The voice


is important. What the programmes that we deliberately have that


space. Violent crime in school is very rare but to keep it that way


weapons must stay out of classrooms. Now more on that Cyber


Attack on NHS computers. As we've been hearing hospitals


services have been hit Alpa Patel has more on how this


is affecting London's hospitals. This is causing massive disruption


at hospitals in our region. At least eight hospitals have been affected,


and they include Saint Barts NHS Trust, the largest in the country.


Barts Hospital and new hospital also affected, the Royal London Hospital


also affected, male and Hospital and whips Cross University Hospital,


hospitals in Hertfordshire also affected. The Lister Hospital in


Stevenage and the Mount Vernon Cancer Centre in Northwood. It is


also affecting GP surgeries, we do not know how many but what this


disruption means is that routine operations and appointments have


been cancelled. And the answers are being diverted to neighbouring


hospitals and switchboards are down. The other thing is that patients are


being advised not to go into the AMD departments of the hospitals


affected. I was speaking to one doctor who said he is using pen and


paper for the afternoon and he said that the destruction is going to


last into the weekend and into next week and one patient year told us


that he is in for a liver operation for cancer. His operation has been


cancelled but it was extremely frustrating and he is going to be


here for the weekend. We know it ransom has been demanded, that has


caused anger on social media. People saying that this is putting people's


health at risk. This disruption is ongoing. We don't know when the


system is going to be up and running again. Back to you.


Well, to discuss the cyber attack further, I'm joined


now by Robert Chapman, Chief Executive of company


which trains the police on how to hunt the hackers.


Was this a matter of when and not get as far as the NHS is concerned?


It did not have to be a matter of when not if, essentially this type


of attack is not a hack in that sense, it is basically e-mails that


have been sent to somebody inside NHS Trust, they will have clicked on


a link, maybe an attachment, that will then propagate across the


networks of the reason things like this happen is either lack of


training because they don't know what to do or potentially back-end


systems where they do not have the right filters in place. Personally


it is very disappointing it has been allowed to happen because it is


avoidable in one sense. So you are seeing one person in the NHS could


have clicked on a link and that was it? Essentially, one person opens


the attachment and that releases the few want to call it a virus, into


the network, it locks the computer which is where the mountain comes in


but then it sensibly crawls across the rest of the network finding


other computers that can infect and I am guessing it then jumped between


different NHS trusts. Your job is to teach detectives how to hunt the


hackers. How do you have these people down? Don't teach just the


police, we also teach the IT Department of businesses. It is


essentially about forensics, trying to understand where did this thing


come from and tracing it backwards. It is kind of like a trademark in


reverse. They should be able to work out where it has come from.


Ransomware has a signature so the tension operators. They will be


asking for big Colin which means the currency they are using is hidden.


Tracing it back is difficult. But then statistics show only about 5%


of people actually pay electronic ransoms. Very briefly on what to ask


you this, as far as Londoners are concerned, should be that our


information held by the NHS might get out? I don't believe the


information in patient systems will become the mice, because of this


there will be a lot of protection for those systems. This is about


peoples desktops. Thank you. The Health Secretary has said Harlow


needs a new hospital sooner rather than later. He was speaking after a


talk at the Princess Alexandra Hospital which is in special


measures. Conservative election candidates are campaigning for the


hospital to be replaced. Here is a logical correspondence.


It is a hospital with its fair share of problems, the Princess Alexandra


is in special measures with buildings and services not up to


scratch and long-running stories about it possibly being rebuilt. So


what are we to make of this? The Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt out and


about in Harlow with his party's local candidate and seemingly coming


with a promise. There is a real need for a new hospital, and I want to


make a commitment now because it depends on future funding settlement


but what I would say is that it would be a high priority for a


future Conservative government to solve this problem. Health Secretary


putting Harlow at the top of the list for a new hospital if the


Tories win the election, or offering a pre-election gift to his


candidate. Harlow will be one of the top priorities in the country for a


new hospital because our infrastructure is aged and we have


the highest A in England and we desperately need a hospital and the


investment. There have been plans for rebuilding or moving Harlow


hospital for several years, nothing it has been decided on the new site


so do others fighting for the seat Byford today's developers?


Possibilities and may sandbags are one thing but we know that the


Alexandra is in special measures and there is a major shortage of nurses.


It is just terrible. There are parts and places that need better people


and the arts in places that need more space and beds. Until you


actually get the finance from local government down to the local level


that is never going to happen. What we need to do is look at another


local hospital because the health services are struggling, and we have


now seen GPs opening at weekends and -- to cope with the struggle. That


was it for the questions, the answer is perhaps will come after polling


day. And you can see a full list


of all the candidates standing for election in Harlow


on your screen now. A London tech firm which specialises


in Virtual Reality simulations, has been valued at a billion dollars


- after securing a massive The company uses cutting edge


technology to create 3D games, It's yet another success story


for London's tech sector, and Alex Bushill is in the very real


world of Whitechapel As a gaming is no virtual reality


has an obvious appeal and instant rush. But we are approaching a point


where this technology no longer just powers our entertainment but helps


us run our cities. That is the view of this London-based geek tech


company as they like to be known. They have signed a deal worth nearly


?400 million as the what to do more cloud -based competing for


simulations. If you are able to completely recreate a city, or that


infrastructure, telecoms networks, power grids, population, you can


start to answer questions from the perspective of companies and


governments that can guide how people make decisions. The bigger


picture here is that all of the techniques we have available,


machine learning and working in the past helps us find patterns in the


past. He wants to answer what if questions about the future, should


we this road or use this policy, we need a way of recreating the real


world on a massive scale and the same technology that will power


virtual worlds for entertainment will also power that. It also means


London is one of the best place real cities to benefit from virtual ones.


The tech sector turns over ?56 billion per year with more than


300,000 jobs in London alone and it is growing fast. Over the last eight


years we have seen 13.8 early in pounds worth of investment. That is


four times our nearest rival. There are so many great talented


colleagues I have managed to work with, many from the UK. This is a


great place to start a business. We have some of the best universities


in the world and some great talent. It makes me very excited about the


ecosystem as a whole, not just improbable. This company has not


even turned a profit yet, so this is a ?400 million bet, and you need


only member the dot-com bubble of the 90s that remains you that this


is a business that not only create illusions and writers but also falls


victim to them as well. A whole new world opening up in front of our


eyes. They're the group most likely


to vote and account for nearly one But what issues will


'older' voters be thinking Caroline Davies has been finding out


over a spot of lunch. All singing, all dancing, there are


more than 1 million over 65 in London. So what matters to them at


this election? We went to freelancers to find out. The


Caribbean Hindu cultural Society in Brixton. It has been going since the


late 50s. This is the Britain and believe in. This is the bit and I


11. Education is one of the guest issues. The future of the


generations to come is the most important thing. Living wage for


pensioners, I feel we are not getting a good deal. Over in Edgware


at a Jewish care day Centre, the conga line is starting. I would like


to see... At the end of the tunnel. In the general election I want them


to look after us. And at age concern in St Albans they were cynical about


politicians. I don't go much on politics, they are all part of the


same brush. Immigration, because that would solve lots of problems.


Over 65 age group most likely to vote but some think that turnout


could be even higher if more effort was made to register people who do


not attend groups like this but instead find themselves isolated.


Once people going to care home settings the risk is that they


become almost a kind of forgotten part of society. There are things


that everyone can do to help all people in unity. No matter where we


went for lunch one day she kept coming up. The NHS. Health care is


very important. The National Health Service. But whatever the issue,


there is now just under four weeks for these pensioners to make their


voice heard. Having a very nice time as well. The time now is 6:45pm and


what is coming up. Expecting plenty of sunshine this weekend and pretty


high temperatures but will we have any showers?


Join me later to find out. And find out later why this huge queue formed


outside Tottenham Court Road this morning with a higher than average


number of redheads and ladies with beehives.


Six months after a road started to collapse into a series of sinkholes


and Redding is is to be deterred. After an initial flurry of activity,


everything has gone quiet. It has been like this since the beginning


of December last year. Meanwhile neighbours are prevented from


driving to or parking outside their homes. There is a lot of frustration


because people just don't see anything happening. Five and a half


months have elapsed since the road collapsed and all that has happened,


all we can see has happened is a limited amount of survey work has


been completed. But that is it. Some investigative work has been done but


found there were four significant voice, one apparently 20 metres


deep. We were told it would be a minimum of six months to complete


the entire job, maximum about 18 months which is not helpful for the


people on this road. Thames water declined an interview and will not


officially confirm a timescale for the work but a recent traffic order


has extended the closure of this road for up to two years. And just


to let you know that Thames water see they aim to resolve the problem


just as soon as possible. Chelsea could become Premier League


champions tonight if they win away at West Bromwich Albion. They are on


course to win the league title in the head coach's first season in


charge. I would like to repeat that this is a good season, we want to


become a great season and there's only one way, to take two points and


win the title. If Chelsea do secure the title the night there will be


sad faces to say the least in North London. That is not only thing fans


will shed a tear over. It is the club's last ever game at White Hart


Lane. It's been their home


for more than a century, White Hart Lane, home


to Bill Nicholson's magnificent 1961 team, the first double winners


of the 20th century. Then home to great


players like Greaves. And right now home to a team


playing some of the best This same patch of green


is where generation after generation of fans have come to cheer


on the team, the pitch has stayed in almost exactly the same


position since 1899, so while there is great excitement


about the new stadium taking shape to my left,


there is also sadness about leaving Because it is so close to the pitch


there is a connectivity between the players and the crowd,


I don't think you get Quite emotional for me,


having been coming over here for over 50 years


with my dad when I was small. I think that it will be


a good thing for the club to have a bigger stadium,


I think it will attract more fans and get more


international recognition. Demolition will begin straight


after Sunday's ceremony, the new stadium which overlaps


the current site called an extra 25,000 fans with the capacity


of more than 61,000. Until it scheduled opening


next summer, Tottenham 1961 double winner Terry Dyson


is among the club's legends who will be paraded on the pitch


after the match against I think I will be a bit emotional,


especially on the pitch. All those years ago


I performed here. But like Danny said, they will never


take your memories away. One of the most evocative stadium


names in English football will be missed by many,


a naming rights deal worth millions White Hart Lane will


soon be no more. Here's a lady you'll recognise,


both by sight and sound. The fabulous Cilla Black -


who went from a cloakroom attendant Quite rightly, a musical


all about her life is planned, and today,


open-auditions for the Wendy Hurrell went to meet


some of the hopefuls. I grew up in the 90s and so we


watched Blind Date every Saturday. But before that, our Cilla


was the sound of the 60s Auditions for Cilla


the musical, the queue goes from the four-year all-round back


to the stage door and they have been What is your name


and where you from? My name is Chloe and


I'm from Bournemouth. What's your name and


where do you come from? Don't even start,


I think that's all right. I think I can hear it,


I don't know, like, I don't know. You're from London's


so it is going to be a I went to a building


site this morning about half six because I live with


housemates and I can't wake them up I watched a building site around


the corner and did a little # What's it all about,


when you started out...# Suddenly this redheaded skinny girl


from the back streets became a star, so I think it is right and proper


that from amongst that there is # Anyone who had a heart


would look at me and know that And these ladies should take heart,


Cilla eventually became Brian Epstein's only female client


but her first audition for She blames the Beatles,


who were accompanying her. This is one of the things,


this is why I am very sensitive to nervous play,


because she had too much going on in her head and was thinking


about what it meant and what it could lead to and what she wanted


and this was an opportunity to get to where she dreams


about getting too. And also, the Beatles were playing


in the key, not her key. That is how she


rationalised that after. She went on to have a 50 year long


career as an entertainer so she has inspired generations,


as this supportive dad proves. He has dyed his hair red


especially for today. # Anyone who had a heart would take


me into his arms and love me, too. Tremendous talent, a lot of people


and Cilla Black impressions but to play Cilla Black is a whole


different thing. I would say what you're saying


before the report but you are telling us about the weekend


whether! We will have a lot of sunshine. Not


good news if you need more rain for the gardens but today we have quite


a mixture. This weather watcher picture shows what it was likely the


afternoon because you have a line of showers spreading across the region


and through the afternoon and then the sunshine made a return as well.


It is going to be dry for much of the night as well. It'll be quite


warm and humid air coming up from the south, the wind has changed


direction slightly, not south easterly, more of the South


south-westerly and by the end of the night there could be enough clout to


have the odd spit or spot of light rain but it will be another


milestone with temperatures at 11 or 12 degrees. So then for the weekend


it is mainly dry, quite warm although we will see a good deal of


sunshine. Most of the showers will be to the north of the region. We


start off with a bit of grey cloud around, little bit of light rain and


then to the afternoon lots of sunshine. The odd passing shower to


the north and west of path, but it should stay dry for most and seven


July 18 or 19 degrees. Maybe a degree or so down in the Home


Counties. Watch this weather front moved to Saturday evenings, into


Saturday night it will bring a spell of rain and probably will be fairly


useful to the gardens but Mr quite quickly. It will introduce more


fresh air so we lose the human shields are things on Sunday but it


looks like another lovely day to be hammered out. The chance of showers


again mainly to the north and west of the patch, probably some heavy


showers in the Midlands. A degree or so one in fact, 20 maybe 21 degrees


with the wind coming in from the south-west. A big change on Monday


with in any of the pressure coming in, wet start to Monday. Into the


afternoon it looks like it will turn a little bit more dry and stay quite


grey. It'll be on the warm and murky side and we see a return to them


muggy air into Tuesday, with the coming in off in a confident. The


clouds broke on Tuesday or Wednesday we could see temperatures in double


- mid 20s. It looks like it is one it up into the start of next week.


Before we go, there's just time to recap on the day's


The NHS has been the victim of a major cyber attack -


with at least 25 hospital Trusts across the country affected.


Routine operations are being cancelled,


patients are being sent home - and ambulances diverted.


On the campaign trail, Jeremy Corbyn has warned


against a 'bomb first, talk later' foreign policy -


while Theresa May has accused the Labour Leader of 'deserting'


what she calls the 'proud and patriotic' working class.


A coroner has ruled that a teenager who died from an allergic reaction


to his school lunch, could possibly have been saved -


if staff had given him an adrenalin injection.


14-year-old Nasar Ahmed collapsed at a school


New figures show hundreds of weapons have been seized in schools


Some carried by children as young as ten.


That's it from us this Friday the 12th May - but only for now.


I'll be back at 10.30 on BBC One with our next news.


There's more on the NHS Cyber-attack on our website and the News Channel.


If you lie your whole life, you cannot escape.