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A former Met Commissioner says he's "disappointed" there'll be no trial


for the murder of PC Yvonne Fletcher.


He believes the public deserve an explanation.


I don't know what the reasons but I have to say the public I think will


be disappointed if they're not giving reasons this individual isn't


prosecuted. Also tonight, As the Liberal


Democrats launch their manifesto with a second referendum


on the Brexit deal. Should European workers get special


London visas after Brexit? A woman who has terminal cancer,


tells us how she felt discriminated We catch up with the latest actors


to transform themselves into the Addams Family,


for a new musical production. Welcome to BBC London News,


with me Riz Lateef. PC Yvonne Fletcher was just 25 years


old when she was shot dead during a protest outside


the Libyan Embassy more Despite many investigations,


no one has ever been convicted for her murder,


and yesterday Scotland Yard said a key suspect had been released


and wouldn't be charged. Today, a former Met Commissioner has


told the BBC he's disappointed by the decision and says the public


deserves an explanation. Here's our home affairs


correspondent Nick Beake. A scramble for cover as shots ring


out in Central London. A 25 euros police officer, Yvonne Fletcher, is


hit by the folly of bullets. Scotland Yard believes it could


prove who was behind the killing at the Libyan embassy but that evidence


won't be presented in court because of concerns over national security.


It's a decision criticised by a former boss of the Met. My reaction


is disappointment. I know the hard work gone into trying to get a


prosecution and some of that has regenerated my time as commissioner


so I am disappointed and I know other people are. I don't know what


the reasons are but I think the public will be disappointed if we


are not given reasons for why this individual wasn't prosecuted. A man


in his 50s was arrested over the murder but now will not be


prosecuted. The Fletcher family say they are deeply disappointed and


frustrated. That is exactly how this retired police officer feels. He


cradled Yvonne Fletcher in his arms as she lay dying. It's terrible, so


disappointing and it is upsetting and we are full of anger about it.


This is something that should have been sorted out a long time ago. And


we really don't understand why they've come to this conclusion. The


bullets were fired from within the Libyan embassy which was surrounded


by the police for 11 days after the shooting. Eventually, diplomats and


others were allowed to leave and deported back to Libya, including,


it was thought, the killer. But it was only after Colonel Gaddafi's


regime was toppled in 2011 that detectives said they discovered


evidence of a Libyan plot to kill anti-Gaddafi demonstrators and


police officers at the protest. But with this suspect released without


charge now one former senior Met officer says there is little more


the police can do. The rule of law must prevail and in these difficult


cases if for whatever reason, and that explanation needs to be given,


we cannot prosecute, we will step back. Today the government refused


to comment on this decision to block a prosecution on grounds of national


security. So where are we tonight? 33 years after Yvonne Fletcher was


murdered at this spot, the chances of anyone being brought to justice


is seen as slim as ever. The Liberal Democrats have put


the capital's young people at the heart of their manifesto


with a promise of affordable housing through a new Rent to Own scheme


and an offer to restore housing They lost all but one of their MPs


in the last election and they're hoping this pitch to a younger


electorate will be enough to help Our political editor


Tim Donovan is in Bethnal Green where the party will officially


unveil their manifesto tonight. Their manifesto, pretty unusual way


of doing this. Not just the timing but the style. I think you can


notice that. And the place. This is Bethnal Green, described as an


evolving, multi-youth Art space. Not many people sitting down here. Beers


in their hands, you can hear the music and I think the Lib Dems are


trying to give the impression they are relative bit more hip than we


have thought in the past, not to say they are not offering conventional


policies. Aviation policy. They are one of the main parties saying they


will oppose Heathrow expansion. The Metropolitan Police, they will put


?60 million plus into the Met. Focus on community policing. What they are


offering for young people, they'd restore housing benefit for people


aged 18-21. And what Tim Farron will talk about is a signature policy on


housing which is an opportunity for young people to rent and a little


bit of that going into an equity, they build it up and they can buy


their home. People renting their home from a housing association,


that rent would go into a pot so they'd owned the house. If they


wanted to move, they could take that money into another pot so they'd buy


another home from a housing association. It would help young


people trying to get on the housing ladder. It might be very hip down


there but the key question is will all these policies appeal to young


people? I think it will be difficult to tell


in such a short space of time whether or not people will buy into


this rebranding but they've made their decision clear. I've talked to


young people not far from here and it doesn't seem to be working quite


yet among the younger group. No, I am a Labour girl. Would they never


win you over? No. To be honest, I've stuck by Labour because for the


younger generation, they are a lot more considered. I wouldn't. I don't


find their party interesting. You'd vote for the Lib Dems this time?


Why? They are moderate but they are the only parties saying anything on


behalf of the 40% who voted for the EU. Do you think the Lib Dems can


come back? It's unlikely at the moment, I'm not certain I am that


keen on their present leader. Different views, as he can see,


among older people, some of those who have been Labour supporters. I


think it might take some time for them to reconnect with younger


voters. Tim Farron is expected to take to the stage here at 7:15pm. I


think they'll have turned the music down by then.


I'm sure they will. Thank you. Well, as we heard there,


one of the promises made by the Lib Dems is to offer another


referendum on any Brexit deal, but is that an idea that


will appeal to Londoners? One think tank believes


the government should set up a visa system to continue attracting


the best of Europe to the capital. An idea our political


correspondent, Karl Mercer has Look what we found in


Southwark Park this morning. This is a city that attracts people


from across the world. And, today, Norwegians


in the capital were celebrating Norway of course isn't


in the European Union. But is part of the


European Economic Area. It means its citizens can travel


and work here visa free. Whatever happens after Brexit I hope


and most Norwegians hope that we will continue to have a close


relationship with our two nations. The main concern is we will struggle


to stay and struggle to work. That is the main concern. We don't know


yet. London as part of this country yet. London as part of this country


London Visa. What would that mean London Visa. What would that mean


about border controls and URLs? But that is along the lines of what


one London think-tank is suggesting. A range of visas post-Brexit


to keep the flow of people The Centre for London suggests


three types of visa. A city maker visa, lasting a year,


aimed at attracting A young European Visa,


a two year one aimed at attracting lower skilled staff for things


like the hospitality industry. And a new post study visa that


would allow higher skilled students We think there needs to be a way for


Europeans, particularly younger Europeans to come over here and look


for work, to create new jobs, to build businesses and contribute to


the economy. That should not have any bureaucracy with it.


All of which would appeal to Yalda, a 27-year-old producer at a media


Austrian, but who moved to London a year ago.


I am definitely anxious that I will have to leave or that it is going to


be a nightmare applying for a fees because I'd really like to stay. And


my lunch -- London is my home. It definitely keeps me up at night


sometimes. The biggest problem is if it is a


regional scheme, it would be a political issue, deciding which


regions are decided -- allocated to them and how is that determined? Who


can shout the loudest, I suppose. Discussions on Visas are some way


off, there's the small matter of an election first.


And, staying with the general election for a moment,


BBC London is hosting a special debate programme hearing


from all the main parties on what they will do


If you'd like to join us as part of the audience


in a Central London location, just send us an email.


A second day of garage excavations in Thurrock has still not found any


trace of murdered schoolgirl Danielle Jones, according to police.


The 15-year-old went missing in June 2001 on her way to school.


Her uncle, Stuart Campbell, was convicted of her murder,


The police search was prompted after someone tipped them off


about some unusual activity at the site around the time


Commuters on Southern Rail face more disruption at the end of this month,


because drivers will refuse to work overtime.


Talks have broken down between the company and the union,


Aslef, in their long-running dispute over staffing and


Services will also be hit by strike action on the 30th May,


as RMT union members walk out over the same issue.


The international director of a group which provides advice


for people who it believes have been affected by the war on terror,


has been charged himself, under the Terrorism Act.


Muhammed Rabbani from East London was stopped at Heathrow Airport,


and refused to give the passwords to his laptop and mobile


Asad Ahmad has been following developments.


In November, Muhammed Rabbani, from Bethnal Green, arrived at Heathrow


from a trip from the Middle East. He said he was out there investigating


an alleged case of torture. Police approached him, asked for his mobile


phone and laptop which he freely gave him. The organisation he works


for, Cage, say he wasn't accused of any crime and was happy to answer


any questions about himself but didn't want to give any information


away about the client he'd been out to sea. He wouldn't give the


passwords to his devices because he says the laptop contained


information about the case he was looking into and he couldn't abuse


his client's confidentiality so please arrested him for wilfully


obstructing an investigation under the Terrorism Act. And what has


Muhammed Rabbani had to say? He says I'm innocent of the charges. He


says, I believe I'm doing what any reasonable person would do under the


circumstances in order to protect the privacy of a client. He says he


will fight this case in court next month. He has the full support of a


co-director at Cage who himself was interned at Guantanamo Bay for


nearly three years. He says, I know what it's like to be forced to give


your password to the authorities, I was tortured into surrounding mine.


This story is quickly spreading around the world, and some of the


websites I've looked at are critical of Met Police tactics. Scotland Yard


have said they arrested take place and given those details and that is


it but it is something we will keep a close eye on. OK, thanks very


much. Still to come this


Wednesday evening. I'm with this TV celebrity to hear


about his new musical. Here's a clue.


And it was humid again today and for some of us it was quite wet as well.


What do we have in the run-up to the weekend? All the details coming up.


Judea Bogles has terminal cancer, but she says her struggle has been


made worse by the discrimination she's felt because of her sexuality.


So much so, she's even gone as far as hiding the fact she's


I'm going to have a cup of tea today. And relax. Home from home for


Judea, visiting Saint joseph's Hospice in Hackney with a friend.


She's been receiving care since being diagnosed with terminal cancer


five years ago. She says the staff are excellent but that hasn't been


her experience elsewhere. I've been asked whether my partner is my


sister. Or just the uncomfortableness around our


relationship. Which is verging on sometimes homophobic. Judea feels


being gay has had a direct impact on the care she is received in the


past. I feel like sometimes it may jeopardise my care. Being out. I've


even lied in the past just for an easy life. And she's not alone.


According to experts, there is a culture of discrimination towards


lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender patients living with a


terminal illness. We found the experiences of LGB TPP then London


reflected those of the wider nation, so they've had experiences which


were not always positive in health care. Imagine at the end of life


when you feel particularly vulnerable and you need your care


team to understand where you are, you don't need to feel you need to


conceal your sexuality or gender history. It also says individual


workers and organisations need to do more like additional training for


staff on diversity and discrimination, more LGB to


information, leaflets and posters visible in clinics and institutions.


Crucially, there is a call for more empathy and understanding for


same-sex relationships and the patient's partner. Judea says these


small changes would make a big difference and thanks to Saint


joseph's, her future isn't as bleak as it was. To have someone come into


my life that understands me, it is wonderful, it has made a huge


difference to my life. Next, they're now


through to what's dubbed Reading have reached


the Championship playoff final It means the club are a step closer


to the Premier League, which could be worth


millions to them. It is Reading who will


march out at Wembley! It's been an extraordinary


team effort for Reading This is what it means to be one


win away from promotion to the Premier League


and all of its riches after Reading's 1-0 victory


at the Madejski Stadium last night guaranteed them a place


in the Championship play-off final. The game was tight, 1-1


from the first leg at Fulham. Well, it could mean


as much as ?200 million. That's the eye watering figure most


estimates claim the club could earn from one season in


the Premier League. But, of course, there's


still one game to go. It's great to be at Wembley,


to play over there. I've been there in my


career, of course. As a manager to go back


there and play, of course, it's a different stadium but,


you know, a lot at stake. Great prize that you


can win for the club. Immediately after the game,


Reading confirmed they had new majority shareholders


in the form of Chinese brother and The take over by foreign investors


yet another indication of the possible wealth on offer


in English football's Supporters of the team they've


called the royals seem certain Brilliant defending at the end,


fantastic defending. Reading could earn a slice


of the record ?5.1 billion Sky and BT Sport have paid


for the rights to broadcast the Premier League but they'll first


have to beat either Huddersfield Town or Sheffield Wednesday


at Wembley in the winner takes all play-off final


on the 29th of May. But elsewhere Watford parting


company with their head coach. Not really. When you consider


Watford have changed manager at the end of the last three seasons now,


last summer it was key Kate Sanchez Flores who departed, despite taking


the club into the semifinals and keeping them in the Premier League.


Then another manager gone, despite taking them into the Premier League.


The club has been owned by family since 2012 and their next


appointment will be their ninth in five seasons. They are 16th in the


Premier League, they won't be relegated but it isn't enough to


keep the current manager in his post. He will leave the final game


against Manchester City on Sunday, something Arsenal fans are not happy


about because they are in a race to finish in the top four with


Manchester City. Watford confirmed today what people expected. After


the board discussed the future goals and aspirations, it was decided the


manager would be stepping down and we thank Walter for his


contribution. The next? We will wait and see.


And you might remember them from the films,


But now the Addams Family are taking to the stage


with a new musical production, starring Les Dennis


Alice Bhandhukravi has been to meet the actors backstage.


It's been a much loved TV series since the 1960s,


And now the musical is preserving the spooky family's cult status.


Sam Womack plays the matriarch of the family so I went to speak


to her as she got her make-up on for the show.


It's a really nice insight into the Addams family


as you haven't seen them before cos it's as they are facing a crisis.


So, Wednesday's older, she is falling in love


And it's the first time Gomez and Mortitia have had,


For Sam, the process of putting on her ghostly make up


and wig is very much part of the transformation into Mortitia.


And, next door, Uncle Fester, or as we like to call him Les Dennis.


I've gone from being dead in Coronation Street


Were you a fan of the Addams family in its various guises?


When I was a kid comedy TV series, the original black


I tried to bring my own Fester to the stage.


But this is what I also do because he's in love with the moon


His head should look a bit moon like.


I will play around with that for a while but their years,


So, let's go and see how Sam's transformation is going.


And so are Wednesday, Gomez and not forgetting Thing.


I will have that tune in my head for a while!


Let's get a check weather with Jay Wynne.


We started out pretty warm and humid today and then the rain started to


spread its way in from the West. This was taken by one of our weather


watchers just outside new broadcasting house, showing the


umbrellas. Here is the raider from today which shows that marriage on


-- most of the rain has been out in the West but it has spread across


the whole of our region and it is heavy in places and very nasty on


the roads and pavements with a few rumbles of thunder. It is on the


move and as we get towards the small hours of the morning, it clears to


the east and we get the breeze coming in after the rain. It will be


a much fresh start today. This morning, we were at 16. Tomorrow,


single figures so a much fresh start to the day and it will feel a good


deal fresher through tomorrow as well and it will be a decent day, a


good day for getting out and about. It might start a little bit cloudy


across eastern areas but it doesn't take long to clear away. We have


sunshine coming through, the cloud increases and there is a chance of a


shower, but it is mostly to the north and west of our region.


Temperatures 17-19 but with some sunshine, it will feel warm but not


as humid as it has been recently. For the end of the week, we start to


see this weather system coming up from the south, just a glancing blow


on Friday morning with some cloud and outbreaks of rain which clear


away. We see a bit of sunshine and showers developing later on in the


day so it won't be raining all day everywhere but there will be some


rain at times on Friday. And some places will be up at 16-17.


Saturday, starts chilly but it will be a reasonable day with a niche --


with a few showers but some try spells as well. We see temperatures


up to 18 or so. Looking ahead, well, on Friday, some rain at times.


Saturday, a good chance of staying dry with the potential of a shower.


By Sunday, another dry day with temperatures up to 19. If you're


lucky, 20. Back to you. The Liberal Democrats have


launched their manifesto today, with a pledge to offer another


referendum on any Brexit The party is also promising to spend


billions of pounds more on health and social care,


and on schools. Wage growth has fallen behind


the cost of living for the first time in three years,


according to the Office Unemployment has fallen to 4.6%,


its lowest level in 42 years. There's been an unprecedented


increase in the number of unaccompanied child migrants


and refugees travelling alone across the globe


in the past few years, Lord Stevens a former


Metropolitan Police Commissioner has said he is "disappointed"


at the decision not to prosecute a suspect in connection


with the murder of PC But Asad will be back


with our late news at 10:30pm. Plenty more of course


on our website. Or join the conversation on our


Facebook page. From me and the team, thanks


for watching and enjoy your evening.