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The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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Plus the JamBus - providing music lessons for Croydon school children.


All thanks to one of the biggest pop stars on the planet, Ed Sheeran.


Welcome to BBC London News with me, Riz Lateef.


It's one of London's most famous landmarks,


and is now at the centre of a conflict between


the Mayor of London, an embattled local authority,


and a Malaysian-led property consortium.


Plans to slash the number of affordable homes at Battersea


It would reduce its affordable homes commitment to just 9%. The


developers insisted because of rising costs.


For many years this was the engine of London, but for many years the


question has been what to do with this building. Many projects have


come and gone and it's usually about the figures. This latest one will


cost ?9 billion to live, but before that they are going to deliver some


flats. That will range in price for up to those with very deep pockets,


about ?4 million for a four bed apartment. The big row here is about


how many of those will be affordable. Originally, it was going


to be more than 600 facts. That has now been cut to just 286. Or 9% of


the total number. As prom to be Mayor of London to intervene. --


prompted. Since it closed, rose over this


building has been as dominant as its place on the skyline. What to do


about a problem as complex as Battersea Power Station has occupied


the experts for many years. Battersea Power Station is to be


redeveloped. That is a sentence I accept three times in the past. I


have been covering stories on Battersea Power Station for around


20 years. In the mid-19 90s, the plan was for a theme park your, but


one that was derailed, it was eventually sold to Hong Kong firm at


part of you who put forward multiple plans, including one for a


restaurant at one of the top of the towers. And that guilt, the


financial crash hit in the whole lot came bubbling down. Then the


Malaysians stepped in. They launched the project in Malaysia and when the


then mayor was firmly on board, his successor has criticised Wandsworth,


the local council, for allowing affordable homes but to be reduced.


Londoners will not be... Wandsworth pointer it has delivered the second


number of affordable homes in London and this project will deliver a new


chip stop and 25,000 jobs in the area. The developer says it will


deliver for the giving idiot. Battersea is about homes and jobs.


50% commercial, 50% residential. 20,000 new jobs across the site and


?2 billion in terms of tax revenues. Now what we have is an agreement


that it isn't capped at 15%, if we provide more than that, we perform


more than that. So many people are still on housing waiting less. The


impact that this has on the housing crisis really shouldn't be


underestimated. Rents and home ownership is coming down. This is


because we don't have enough homes and genuinely affordable homes. --


vents are going up. Developers wriggling out of producing them make


things worse. But we definitely need is politicians at every level


sending strong signal that this is unacceptable. There is no doubt this


development will finally breathe life into this area. How much it


will truly benefit the minute he remains up for debate. Adamant


anybody begrudges this project been delivered. This area was once


Catholic and derelict and instead we are promised that the streets will


be vibrant with restaurants, cafes and bars. Goodness for the area.


Shelter pointed out today that there are currently 230,000 households on


waiting lists, 90,000 jobs and in temporary accommodation. No wonder


it is frustrating position when so little of the flats will be


affordable. The mayor said he had set up a task force to drop the


plan. In future, they will insist on 35% of affordable housing in all


projects and hope for a 15%. Saying that is one thing, delivering it is


another thing altogether. Thank you. Traders say they have lost


everything in a massive fire that broke out overnight in Camden


Market. It took 70 firefighters to get


the blaze under control, but there are no reports


of any casualties. It's the third major fire to hit


the market in a decade. Just after midnight at Camden Lock,


millions come here every year to shop in the market. For some hours,


it looked like it might be lost. Firefighters managed to contain the


blaze and thankfully no one was hurt, but dozens of London traders


had lost their livelihoods. Yvonne had just been taken to be the shell


of her jewellery store she had run for the last 15 years. My friends


called me at 12am and I was sleeping. I did know of is


happening, I thought it was an emergency agriculture back into said


it was on fire. Everything gone is all gone. It is the central market


hall with what the fire started. Another guess kids all but drives


store was also lost. -- decades-old guitarist. Tens of thousands of


pounds have gone up in smoke. Coming here and seeing all the glass


smashed in and the roof completely gone, I felt very emotional and


quite shocked and devastated. Can fire engines were on the scene in


minutes. 70 firefighters fought to stop the spread to nearby pubs and


restaurants. An investigation into how the fire started is underway. It


was a big fire woman got here. The fire crews worked very hard. Be


contained within that eerie. We managed to save the rest of the


property. Is the second time in recent years that the north London


market has been hit by a serious blaze. In 2008, a fire pit many


traders out of business for 15 months. The issue we had there was


that it took weeks for traders to be relocated to position to trade. For


a lot to trade. Free water market traders, if you miss a week of trade


you can lose your business completely. The question isn't about


the fire was being damaged and loss, it's about getting traders back to


work as soon as possible. Be traders are confident this tight-knit


immunity will pull together to support those who have lost. Many


are grateful that it could have been worse.


A 13-year-old boy has died after suffering an allergic reaction


He passed away in hospital yesterday.


Another teenage pupil from the school has been arrested


Sonja Jessup is in Greenford for us now.


What more can you tell us? Tonight the school has named the boy who


dies. They say he was a popular and bright year eight students here at


William Perkin Church of England High School, who excelled in maths.


They say we don't know exactly what his allergy was, but what we do know


is that almost two weeks ago now, he suffered a severe allergic reaction.


Staff say they were quick to step in and called the London ambulance crew


into trying to help them. They rushed him to hospital in a


life-threatening condition, but sadly on Sunday he died with his


parents by his side. What do we know that the police investigation?


That's right. Police were called in to investigate because an incident


had occurred leading up to him coming into contact with whatever it


was that he was allergic to. They arrested a 13-year-old boy, a fellow


pupil here at their school and they released him on bail. Of course, it


has been a difficult time for staff and pupils here. We spoke to the


executive head teacher earlier about the impact his death has had. He was


really well integrated into his year group. These students have sent a


lot of good wishes to him in hospital. Subsequently they have


spent time in the chapel expressing their grief. As been a very sad time


for the school. The school says it will review its care procedures with


students with identified medical requirements. Though it says it is


confident it does have robust measures in place. The school says


it spots and players are with his family. -- thoughts and prayers. As


you say, a very difficult day for the school and his family.


Police investigating an acid attack in Beckton last month


Resham Khan and her cousin Jameel Muhktar suffered face


and neck injuries when the acid was thrown through their car window.


24-year-old John Tomlin handed himself in to an east London


Guards and drivers from the RMT Union on Southern Rail are on strike


until midnight tonight in the on-going dispute over


the removal of guards from the platforms.


However, Southern expects most services will run


on an amended timetable, and advised passengers to check


It's been at the centre of planned change in the NHS


But could the future of St Helier Hospital in south-west


London have just become a bit clearer?


Today, bosses there released plans to build a new ?400 million


More from our political correspondent, Karl Mercer.


CROWD CHANT Over the years, politicians have


been left in no doubt about what campaigners think to change things


have a hospital. This was former Nick Clegg. This was Health


Secretary Jeremy Hunt making a surprise visit before the last


election. Lets hope you never need an A E, Mr Hunt! Today, the latest


in a long line of plans aimed at transforming local health care. A


pitch by local hospital bosses here for a new hospital either at Epsom,


sat in order here. The video explains why they say they need the


new site. The windows have been replaced, but the are still very


draughty and when it rains, water will come through the ceiling, so we


have to move the bed away from the walls. A indifferent to say that the


500,000 people that we provide health care to have not been served


well by these reviews. It is finally time to come to a conclusion about


making a case to invest. Campaigners remain unconvinced. This would mean


the loss of one blue light ENT department were ever the hospital


goes. Usually there is a preferred scenario in there between the lines.


The MP told us it was to go to the milestone because the Mazda needs


acute services. We are going to lose our acute services in Epsom and St


Helier's Hospital. Up to ?4 million for one London Hospital is a big ask


for a central Government. Once we have the business designed up and we


know the site and the cost, then we can go to the Treasury and look at


alternative sources of funding. Perhaps borrowing money from pension


funds, which is what I be talking about a little while. Today starts a


long process, even if it goes well, it could be many years before we


have a new spittle. Zane Gbangbola was just seven


when he died in his home. It was during the Chertsey


floods, three years ago. An inquest said it was


because of petrol pumps being used in the basement


to remove flood water. His parents have always disagreed,


blaming a landfill site by their home for releasing toxic


fumes when it flooded. Now this programme has seen letters


from the council offering to protect their homes


from the landfill. As you can see from Zane's


pictures, a beautiful boy. He was always smiling,


always having fun. Our life is destroyed,


as you would expect All we've ever asked


for it is answers. For Zane's family,


there are still so It may not look it, but this


is an historic landfill site. Zane Gbangbola's parents have always


maintained that their son died a result of toxic gases


released from there when the family home and other properties here in


Chertsey were flooded back in 2014. But that theory was rejected


by an inquest last year, which ruled instead that Zane died


from carbon monoxide poisoning, from a petrol pump his parents


were using in the basement Surrey County Council has written


to nearby properties. Mr Gbangbola showed me the letter,


which offers to pay Specifically replacing any sealed


air bricks that might The letter raises concerns for any


properties in proximity to landfill. Advising them that there will be


migrating landfill gases that will This is essentially


what we've been saying all along. The letter came


after Zane's inquest. And, of course, now it's quite


clear that what we've been saying has been


a problem from the outset. In response, Surrey County Council


released a statement, And the local District Council also


underlined how this was merely a precaution,


relating to potential risks from landfill


in general and not


specifically the site. It is of no comfort to Zane's


father, who is now calling for an independent public enquiry


for the answers he still seeks. Join us later on a programme. , Join


us on an amazing musical... And Santa Claus roof at the ready,


London is finally getting some rain this month. All the details later.


-- centre court. He's been looking after 2,500


acres for over 30 years, but now the Richmond Park


gamekeeper is retiring. He's written a book


about his time there, calling it the best job


in the world. Gareth Furby's been to meet


him, and be warned - you may find a few of the images


in this report upsetting. After 30 years, John is saying


goodbye to the workplace he's loved. And to see why, you only have


to look at his office. All you deal with is


animals most of the day. John Bartram has spent most


of his life as the gamekeeper in We are going to go


looking for stags. I'm going to show you things that


I used to have to do on a daily basis, which I felt


made the job great. Every day, he has


checked on 600 deer. And every year, searched


for newborns in the bracken. The calves and fawns are born


in bracken like this and our job would be


to walk through here I have done it


sometimes, and the baby I have gone to walk away


and he's running behind me. But as well as new life, John has


had to deal with a fair bit While we were filming,


another call came in. If you find the sight of dead


animals upsetting, you may But for John, this is


just part of the job. There have been times


when it's been hit by a car and it still alive,


but it is in serious trouble and it needs dealing with,


so you might have to shoot it. As gamekeeper, John was also tasked


with the annual cull. For three months of


the year, selected deer are shot to keep


the population to 600. For John, it adds up to thousands


of weaker or older animals You've got to be talking the few


thousand I should have thought in You're going for the worst


animal every time. So, you're looking for one


that is, you think, in the natural world,


a pack of wolves would take it out. I mean, not everybody


is happy with killing There are people who think


we should leave these alone. But up until now,


the only perfect system And until the policy


changed, John would prepare venison meat


from the cull for Buckingham The Queen would draw up a warrant


list and on that list, would be all members of Parliament,


whoever was in power at the time. So, it would be from


the lowest minister up to They would get a free


haunch, which was a back Tony Blair stopped it


and the Labour Party. She gets all the venison


she needs and requires from her own


estate at Windsor. Some things may have changed,


but in many ways, Richmond Park is still the place it was


when first established in 1637. And now it's saying


farewell to a gamekeeper who gave it the best


years of his life. It's been another successful day


for Brits at Wimbledon. And waiting in anticipation


for their turn are our The sport is continuing


grow at the tournament. But as Emma Jones reports -


one London player can currently only dream of competing there -


that's despite victories An historic moment at Wimbledon,


as last year the Championships hosted singles wheelchair tennis


for the first time and celebrated


with a British winner, Gordon Reid. But for Andy Lapthorne,


the wait continues. At the weekend, he did play on grass


at the new warm up event for wheelchair tennis players,


but at the moment, the six time Grand Slam winner can't play


at his home Championships. I would honestly give it all back


for one chance to play at Wimbledon, because that's


what every young kid in this country It's a dream of mine,


a dream of many members of my family that want to see


me play at Wimbledon. So hopefully in the future,


we can get that. The obstacle for Andy is that


while Wimbledon does now have wheelchair doubles and singles


tournaments, it doesn't stage a quad tournament for players whose


impairment affects three or more And while there is now


talk of that changing, It's clearly something that would be


appropriate one day, I'm sure. We need to look at


all sorts of things, scheduling, the impact on the courts


and all that sort of thing. We want to bed in the


singles events, which got off to a fantastic start last


year and one day I don't doubt that Grass courts are more physically


challenging any hard quiz of the Australian and French opens,


but for those players who will be at Wimbledon, there is


lots look forward to. It's our home Grand Slam,


it's an honour to be there, the public are fantastic, the spectators


bring such an atmosphere. It is really good


tennis to watch and to For now, Andy can only watch


and wait and hope that one day he will have the chance to celebrate


his own Wimbledon success. This bus has been converted


into a classroom for music lessons thanks to one


of the world's leading Ecclesbourne Primary School


in Croydon had struggled to teach music in the past because of a lack


of facilities, but one of it's teachers decided to call


in a favour from a friend - who just so happened to be


popstar, Ed Sheeran. The bendy buses stopped


carrying London's passengers When the new music


teacher here discovered there wasn't a suitable


room in the school, I was really confused,


like, OK, a bus. But the thought of it


actually surprised me and I thought, "This


is going to be really


good music lessons". The teacher had the idea,


but the school didn't have Because before some of his


students were even born, Mr Sproerer had made friends


with another musician, called Ed. I first met him when he first


arrived in London. I was pushed into them


by my manager at Just do what you can do,


do what you can do". And it formed a lasting


friendship and I asked him. I thought that all


the success, do you And he was dead


on board straightaway. And I was so pleased


that he said the cash and Without his support, I don't think


we would have got there. I just want to thank


Ed Sheeran for doing it and his money, because most


superstars would just be greedy and keep


You can make as much noise as you want.


It just seems that great space to do music.


But the project is not finished yet, the school is trying to raise


another ?20,000 to make the bus were comfortable.


Please, could you donate anything you can? Give the temperance, ?100,


anything. They have the rhythm here, but why not the funds? We are


ranking in a time when children how to make big decisions about how


money is spent. -- the schools. It is unfortunate that we are having to


go to the public and have him to back the bus. When it comes to the


road, the public were divided over the bendy bus, but herewith the


musicians of Croydon, it has introduced them to a whole new


musical world. Let's head over to the All-England


Club and to Wendy to see how Hello. It was Isa Nacewa five Remy,


because I knew there was a chance of a thundery shower breaking out here.


They have kept away for most of Essex, Hertfordshire. One or two


developed across Sussex late afternoon. There is this malt risk


of getting them here or elsewhere in London. For the rest of the evening


and overnight, we have seen a shower as commie may continue to see one or


two more. You have been quite heavy with thunder as well. The second


part of the night will become largely dry and it's going to be


quite one again. Throughout the night, there is clouded creeping up


on us. Tomorrow, as you look up, not much blue sky overhead. It will be


quite leaden. From the word go, one or two outbreaks of light rain as


well and that might stop plate here at Wimbledon. It will be mostly


stopped coming afternoon. Perhaps under the clouds roof, because it is


a very good chances going to rain all afternoon once it gets going.


Some places will get heavy bursts of rain as well. The only thing about


tomorrow is it will be a good deal cooler. Temperatures of around 21


Celsius compared to the 26 we had today. That ring continues overnight


on Tuesday and into Wednesday morning. If you're up early, you


might see the end of it, but Wednesday will be largely dry with


sunny the afternoon. Average temperatures for the time of year.


On the outlook, you will notice that there is a pretty good day as well.


On the cool, dry with sunny spells. Then it looks like we are going to


throat drying a bit of worry can the South East on Thursday. Tebbutt is


picking up a notch or two on what we will have tomorrow. Friday largely


dry after one or two showers in the morning. Don't get caught out


tomorrow, take a number like to murk. A few are watching tennis it


will be under the roof at Centre cloud. A lot of rain tomorrow


afternoon. I will remember my umbrella. Thank you, windy.


The parents of the terminally ill baby Charlie Gard who's


in Great Ormond Street Hospital have returned to the High Court to hear


people escaped the Grenfell Tower fire in North Kensington last month.


At least 80 people are thought to have died in the blaze.


President Trump said he did not know his sun and son-in-law met with the


Russian lawyer with links to the Kremlin during the US presidential


campaign. More on the stories on our website and please get in touch on


Facebook. I'll be back later during


the 10:00pm news, but for now from everyone on the team,


have a lovely evening.