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five years after the murder of a Surrey family


on holiday in the Alps, the brother tells of his


frustation with the French handling of the case.


The investigation itself was based on conjecture rather than proper


evidence and that's why the whole thing has failed.


We speak to the French investigator who admits they've


let the family down. Also tonight -


as the royals visit a new community centre providing


mental health support for Grenfell victims - we talk to one survivor


All these are materialistic things. I'm happier with them.


Plus from the D-day landings to Duck tours on the Thames.


Why these amphibious vehicles are being beached for good.


Five Guys Named Moe returns to the West End after 25 years -


or should I say "pop up" in Marble Arch.


Welcome to BBC London News with me Riz Lateef.


It was the triple murder of a Surrey family gunned down in their car


while on holiday in the Alps. No-one has ever been charged.


Exactly five years on - the brother of Saad al-Hilli,


has told us how he feels the French investigation has failed them.


The woman leading the inquiry admits mistakes have been made -


and now suspects they may have been the victims of a "random attack".


Our Home Affairs Correspondent, Nick Beake reports.


The family holiday that ended in murder. Five years on, it remains a


mystery. The bodies of Saad al-Hilli, his wife and her mother


were found in a forest near lake Annecy in the French Alps. Saad


al-Hilli's brother from Surrey was treated as a suspect before being


released. He is highly critical of the whole French police


investigation. From the beginning, they handled the whole case very


badly. Very poorly. The investigation itself was based on


conjecture rather than proper evidence. And that's why the whole


thing has failed. When a passer-by found the bullet ridden family car,


four-year-old was hiding under her mother's body. Her older sister had


been shot and beaten but Shittu survived. A French cyclist was also


killed in the attack. Detectives disprove the theory he had been the


real target but like all avenues pursued over the past five years, it


came to nothing. The murder of the family in September 2012 near lake


Annecy prompted a huge investigation. A year later, the


brother is arrested amid rumours of a family feud but later released.


Because of insufficient evidence. In late 2013, the police issued the


sketch of a motorcyclist seen nearby. But he also is later ruled


out. In 2014, an inquest in Surrey officially finds the three family


members were unlawfully killed. And now three years old in 2017, still


no one has been charged over the murders. The French lead prosecutor


now thinks the family could have been simply in the wrong place at


the wrong time. Victims of a random attack. She admits the police have


so far failed the surviving family. TRANSLATION: Unfortunately, there


are no new leads, no progress since last year. We are still looking for


the murder weapon to find out who has it. But we haven't got any


further with the motive or suspects. A case which has baffled


investigators both at home and abroad, whoever the killer may be,


for now, they have got away with it. This is Tooting Common,


where locals are extremely angry, the Council wants to fell


and replace 51 of these trees. It's almost three months


since the Grenfell tragedy - Today Princes William and Harry


visited a new community centre in the area which provides mental


health support for the many children Our Political Editor Tim


Donovan is also there - and Tim as we know, mental health,


an issue very close to their hearts? Yes and they were very well


received. The royal foundation has placed mental health issues to the


for and that is where they are dedicating some of the resources.


They put money into providing space in this building, very close to the


tower. They were here for longer than expected today, nearly an hour.


This is going to house a number of charities dealing with bereavement,


counselling, help groups and the important thing is that those groups


will be able to work together here and the princes met staff, some


local teachers, a couple of pupils who were in the tower. And they met


other survivors. Including this man. I spoke to Prince Harry. A really


great experience, especially for my daughters as well who had a very


good conversation with both of them. My daughter started school today


which is great, that she started school because she is then going


into a sort of Nirmala T but again -- a sort of normality but then I


pick up from school and we go back to hotel room which brings us down.


But everyone understands it is a difficult situation. One of the


charities benefiting is Place To Be. You are presumably dealing with a


range of mental health issues? It is not at all simple and everyone


responds to the trauma in a different way. It is important there


are a wide range of services to support them and we are sure we can


scare lit up when needed. Great to have a building and a space, is that


enough? It's a space where we can coordinate and charities can work


together. Why is that important practically? In the first place, so


we don't overlap and we're not doing similar things. There is a big need


so a lot of charities are offering some of the services but so we can


coordinate together and offer things together. What about timescale


because presumably we want the original lease on this building?


Trauma or mental health doesn't abide by timescales. This is a


long-term issue and the idea is that we have this space, the four


charities and we coordinate with all the other excellent community and


volunteer organisations and we will review the space after those few


months. Some talk today about suicide or suicide attempts relating


to this tragedy. Any comment, any reflection on that? I think there


will be a range of responses to this trauma and that highlights the


importance of having as much support and funding for the support going


forward in the years to come. Thank you. The emotional impact of this


has occurred in many ways and has been eased to an extent in different


ways. 169-year-old survivor from the tower was today reunited with some


of her possessions. -- a 69-year-old survivor.


Yes, my Gemini. Is that really important to you?


It is. Why?


It's my birthstone and I made it into a ring.


Wow, that's interesting, that's good.


Talk to me about why you are so happy.


My late husband 's watch. Does that not make me happy?


So it's been over two months now since you lost your flat,


you are still living in a hotel but you have received some of your


What sort of consolation is that for you?


To me, actually, the consolation was that I was alive.


I'm happy I got them but my life was more


important. As soon as they start letting me


build my life again, then the sooner there


will be closure. Even if I've got all


of this stuff back, there is no closure because I don't


have a roof, I don't have my self-respect, I don't have


dignity, I have nothing. Even though she has some


of her jewellery back, the majority of this lady's possessions


remain in the tower. She's just one of 12


families to be reunited with her belongings so far.


But for the majority of residents who survived,


there's nothing left to be returned. The point is, she was reunited with


those possessions when these people are in hotels, temporary


accommodation and quite clearly it's not quite the same as home. Indeed.


Tim in north Kensington, thank you. Two teenage boys are


being treated in hospital after a double shooting in east


London yesterday. No arrests have been made and police


are appealing for witnesses. Let's speak to our reporter,


Tolu Adeoye, who's in The teenagers were found in this


alleyway behind me just after 3pm yesterday. Both suffering with


gunshot wounds. A 14-year-old is now in a critical condition in hospital


and a 17-year-old has suffered what has been described as life changing


injuries. No arrests have yet been made and investigations are


underway. Police have serious concerns after possible revenge


attacks so there are extra officers patrolling and they have more stop


and search powers. We're making sure we reassure the


community. And we have to prevent this happening again. All of those


resources we have said we are putting into this, section 60,


Trident, intelligence officers, using local authority resources, all


of those things will apprehend this kind of violence we are seeing on


our streets. Gun crime has risen sharply in the


capital over the last few years. Four teenagers have been killed this


year alone. Police say this is something they are taking very


seriously. They are appealing for people to come forward if they have


information in this incident. Apologies for that. Or any other


people who might be carrying weapons.


Young people falling into gangs, committing crimes and anti-social


behaviour - a persistent problem we can't seem to solve.


Well, the Government thinks the solution lies,


in part, with youth clubs. Which is why today it's


promising almost ?7 million for projects across East London.


When over the last five years at least 36 million has been


cut from youth services across the capital.


At this youth centre, life might be about to become a little easier for


the staff and volunteers who run activities 4000 youngsters in


Hackney. Today, central government handed them ?407,000 to spend over


the next three years from the youth investment fund. It is an enormous


amount of money for us to go over three years. It means we can make


sure we can sustain what we do and we are able to build on it and also


to help us to support other organisations. The government has


targeted some of the most deprived areas which means in the capital,


the entire amount of funding is going to youth centres all in east


London. Understandably, that's not gone down well here in west London.


This youth centre has been around for almost half a century but those


who run it say it's on the brink of closure. After recent funding cuts.


21-year-old Eddie used to come here as a boy and he now volunteers as a


mentor for others. You see all these young crimes committed by young


people who have no role models. You can come here and actually have


people to look up to, people think, I want to get on with my education.


The government has defended its funding strategy. Of course, there


are other youth projects with funding streams attached to them


that government is investing in in other parts of the country but this


particular fund is going to focus on east London. The 20 projects across


east London that will benefit. London assembly member Shaun Derry


says many youth centres will continue to struggle despite the


announcement. It doesn't really scratch the surface of the level of


cuts we have seen. I found more than 36 million has been taken out of use


services since 2011. This is not replenishing that gap. It is good


the government has started to recognise the use services and the


value they have, but they need to go further. For some, the funding boost


is far too little, too late, for others, any investment in youth is a


goal worth scoring. from ferrying GIs to


touring with tourists. Why London's Duck Tours


and their amphibious vehicles have Not one, not free but five guys


named Moe popping up in Marble Arch for a musical performance like no


other. Next, though, why would


a much-loved avenue of trees Next week, all 51 horse-chestnuts -


some more than a century old - will be cut down, much


to the dismay of campaigners who Our environment correspondent,


Tom Edwards, has the story. Tooting Common, a popular,


beautiful green space in South London and,


at its heart, an avenue of horse The council says it now has to fell


51 of them and replace them Many who use the park


oppose the plans. A lot of people in the local


community weren't given the door-to-door consultations,


they knew nothing about it. It's been alarming


for the community. We're not trying to save trees just


for the sake of saving trees. We're trying to save healthy,


mature trees that simply The council, though,


says the trees are old and diseased and two recently collapsed,


and they're a safety risk. Others say the council


is trying to cut costs. When trees get old, you have to look


after them a bit more. And the answer to your question -


why are they doing it? Well, you've got to follow


the money, you know? It costs more money


to maintain older trees. And the council wants


to save some money. You know, it's austerity


at-large basically. They've got to the point


where they're having to cut down trees because they haven't got


the money to look after them. There are eight million trees


in London and the Mayor's office says that they cover 20%


of their capital. Many are even older


than these ones here. Experts say that is not


a problem, but what they need Using the spurious argument that


health and safety is the reason Jeremy is an independent


tree expert. The bulk of the trees,


there is nothing wrong with them. I mean, they are just normal


maintenance and they've got decades left in them 20,


30, 50 years some of them The felling of these trees


could start in weeks. Campaigners say they intend to fight


the removal all the way. They now want the Mayor,


or the Government, to intervene. They may have survived Nazi Germany


and the D-Day landings, but now London's Duck Tours


and their unmistakable amphibious As Sonja Jessup explains,


a new super sewer has sunk any hopes they could continue to ferry


Londoners and tourists These bright yellow Duck Tours


have been turning heads We do regard ourselves as being


an iconic product of London. One of the great benefits we bring


to London is that other So they don't have it in Paris


or in other European countries. The tours will stop


because they won't be Thames Water is taking it over


to build a new super sewer. It says it's vital to remove tens


of millions of tonnes I'm afraid we have looked


at lots of alternatives. We have worked collaboratively


with Duck Tours. We have tried to push back the time


as long as possible until such time as they had to stop their


operations, but there is really no practical, safe alternative


to the one we have now. These amphibious trucks were first


made in the US in the 1940s. Many of them actually


served on D-Day and in You can tell a bit of its American


history because, look, the driver is actually sitting


on the wrong side. More than 1.8 million passengers


have travelled on London Duck Tours Although services were suspended


for a time in 2013, when one For many passengers today,


this was a special trip, especially for Emma and her son Oliver,


who has cancer. We had a big fund-raising effort


to raise money for Oliver's bucket list and this is the first thing


we have been able to do When we found out it was closing,


we moved his treatment around and the doctors made it possible


for us to come to London John hopes the Duck Tours


might return one day. But in the meantime,


what will become of the vehicles? We are considering


working in Portugal. We have also been looking, we've


been asked to look at Loch Ness. But they set sail on the Thames


for the final time later this month. We've had pop-up bars,


restaurants and cinemas. So how about a pop up theatre


on Marble Arch roundabout? That's where the hit musical


Five Guys Named Moe will be playing when it returns to the West


End after 25 years. The traffic's been


there longer than that. Interesting location! I know, it is


not the first place you think of when you think of a night out at the


theatre but here we are and marble arch roundabout and at the newly


built marble arch theatre. A specially created to take us back in


time. # We are the greatest band in


town... # Five Guys Named Moe, that's us. It


is the 1940s New Orleans and Five Guys Named Moe are all singing and


dancing their way down memory lane. This production is a revival written


by Clarke Peters who you might recognise from the TV series the


wire and produced by one of the biggest names in musical theatre,


Cameron Mackintosh. The idea was to do the show as part of the New


Orleans event. It was not just coming to see the revival of a


lovely show, but the show was the catalyst for an incredible evening.


The musical recounts the antics of the five Moes. To the music of Louis


Jordan. Its writer insists it is very current. Louis came out of the


depression, out of the Second World War. Out of a time when society


needed to have something to escape from and two. Are we not in those


times? # It will is the sweetest thing...


# But when she gets a wedding band, a man's no longer free.


A simple but clever story pulls these songs and the five times have


wonderful advice to a guy whose love life is a mess -- the five guys give


wonderful advice. It is as simple as that and profound an entertaining


the way they tell it. You want to escape and you want to


come to marble arch to see Five Guys Named Moe. When you turn on your


television and you get the blues event -- the Blues again, you are


going to want to be here! Well, it is not just a theatre


performance, it is something of an immersive experience for people who


come here. We are in the Fourier weather is a live jazz band and


there is a special 1940s style of bar. As you say, it is not an


obvious location for a theatre. James Heatly is one of the people


responsible for building this. Why marble arch? Why not marble arch? It


has been grass with a monument for some time and we were talking at


Westminster about using different spaces and they were keen we use


something like the space to regenerate it and that is where we


decided to put it. How difficult was it, what with the challenges of


building a pop-up Theatre here? Very challenging. Surprisingly for


London, that is not much infrastructure so we had to dig our


own sewer connection, but in our own power and water before beginning any


of this. And then it is the fun stuff, building the venues and


putting the shows. And it is a special talent. Yes, pretty much the


biggest in the UK currently. And they tore all over the world and


this is very special and very old as far as Spiegel tents. Thank you,


James. It is almost ashamed to call it a pop-up Theatre, but it is and


it will be going when the show ends in Fabry next year.


Thanks very much indeed. Now, just before the weather,


have a look at this. A five-year-old boy got a bit


of a shock when he found a python in his loo


at his home in Southend. His mum called in


a reptile specialist. Apparently, for a few days


before, they'd thought Even though the snake


has now been removed, the family have been weighing down


the toilet seat as a precaution. Let's get a check


on the weather with Wendy Hurrell. I don't know if I can, that is


awful! We have quite grey skies at the moment. Today, it was a cold


front. And that is now starting to clear with one or two showers on the


back edge of it. And it means that for the middle part of the week it


is going to be slightly fresher. It has been a humid start and you will


notice that and colder nights as well. This is not a huge contrast,


but 17 degrees in Southend last night and is the day it will be 13


degrees. So less humid. It will just feel that bit more nippy. Through


the night, a bit of a breeze. It has been picking up throughout the day.


You can see the showers on the computer. That is going to be the


case for Hertfordshire and Essex, heavier ones before it clears away.


After midnight and into the early hours, the skies will completely


clear and temperatures between ten and 13 degrees and there will be


beatable sunshine first thing tomorrow morning. We will have a


breeze blowing again but the sunshine will make it feel quite


pleasant. Not as humid as it has been today. A bit nippy perhaps but


temperatures doing fairly well into the afternoon with the breeze and


some cloud. Around 20 degrees. Towards the end of the week, it


starts to be less settled. On Thursday, we just about get away


without too much of the rainfall and it will be largely dry with the risk


of showers. A little blustery, cloud around and temperatures around 20


degrees. It is towards the end of the week that we see this low


pressure system showing up on that parks itself over us through the


weekend. With some rain associated with that on Friday. Keep the


umbrella on Friday, it is going to be stubborn to shift that rain. And


there could be some heavy and thundery showers on Saturday and


Sunday. But some sunshine as well. Mottled cloud! You are a font of


knowledge! Thank you. Four serving British Army


soldiers have been arrested on suspicion of being members


of a banned neo-Nazi group. They're being held under


the Terrorism Act in connection with links to the group National


Action. The Russian President has


said further sanctions against North Korea are useless -


and that ramping up military hysteria could lead


to global catastrophe. It comes after the US said it


would table a new UN resolution Prince William and Prince Harry have


visited a new community centre providing support for the victims of


the Grenfell Tower disaster. They met members of the local community


and volunteers leading the local effort.


Youre views are always welcome, of course, on our Facebook page.


And I'll be back with the latest for you during the ten o'clock news.


Thanks for watching and have a lovely evening.