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A campaign to call out abuse as it emerges one in four gay


Would you support any hate crime to the police? No, only if it was a


physical assault. We speak to the Londoners


determined not to give up The firefighters treated


to a well-earned break after their traumatic


experience of Grenfell. The support and love we have felt


here is amazing. And getting ready to say


farewell as the Proms draws Hate crime against the gay


community is on the up. That's according to new figures


released by the charity Stonewall. The charity is calling on family,


friends and colleagues to make a stand against it and call things


out when they see hate crime happen. That's because even though one


in four LGBT people in London has experienced hate crime,


not everyone reports it. Liam and Steve want to be able to be


themselves but say they can't Three weeks ago I was in a nightclub


and this guy must have just heard my voice and heard that I'm


camp and gay so he thought he might He turned around and started saying


some quite homophobic slurs. He then turned around and stamped


on my hand and from that stamp I found out two days later


that my knuckle was broken. The last thing I expected


was for a young man to find it offensive and to come up and think


it was OK to hit me. New research carried out


by Stonewall suggests hate The number of lesbian,


gay and bisexual people who experienced hate crime


in the last year increased 41% of transgender people said


they had suffered an incident in the last 12 months but 81%


of people surveyed did not report I've been walking in the streets


and had someone scream at me, I've had some abusive


words and shouting. But I've definitely noticed


attitudes have sharpened. In terms of verbal,


you just kind of expect it, which is wrong in itself and sad


in itself but I wouldn't report any kind of verbal,


but if it was physical, Would you report any hate crime that


happens to you to the police? Only if it was an actual


physical assault. Because I used to work


for the police and I know how difficult it is for them to follow


up something like that. So, really, you are willing


to put up with it? I don't know if I'm


willing to put up with it. The research also highlights


the discrimination that The charity says that LGBT people


still face prejudice in cafes, It really needs police forces


to step up, it needs the government to look at how they deal


with hate crime. What we're asking people to do


is to sign a pledge on the website that they will stand up for LGBT


equality in their communities because it is actually going to take


individuals to change this. The Met Police believe the rise


in recorded homophobic crime is due to a range of factors,


including a growing willingness among victims to report it


and better awareness among staff The Home Office says it's working


with police and the justice system to help ensure victims


have the confidence to come forward. Calls for changes to passport rules


over claims that some mothers face distress and delays at border


patrols. As we've been hearing,


Brexit negotiations are ramping up and Parliament's considering key


legislation to take Meanwhile, tens of thousands


of anti-Brexit protestors are preparing to take


to the capital's The People's March for the EU


includes celebrity support from the likes of Sir Bob Geldof


and Sir Patrick Stewart. But what does it really


hope to achieve? Our Brexit reporter Katharine


Carpenter's been taking a look. She might have said it again


and again but here in Blackheath, the Prime Minister's words have


fallen on deaf ears. I'm just going to put


some stickers here. Instead, they're busy thinking up


slogans of their own for this weekend's anti-Brexit march


through the capital. I just think that if you believe


in something so strongly, And I don't believe Brexit


is a done deal yet anyway. Most of them probably realise


what a mistake they have made and they probably need a chance


to redeem themselves. By continuing to make our voice


heard, we are not letting the reality of it be brushed


under the carpet. Here in the capital, there is a lot


of sympathy with these views. After all, nearly 60% of Londoners


voted to stay in the EU. So what's the deal


with stopping Brexit? And in reality, how might


it actually happen? I want the people in power


to investigate in a mature and considered way what all


the options are and what all the consequences are and to tell


them honestly to the people of this country and then say, you know what,


it's not going to work, as it? Not an impossible dream,


according to the experts. But an unlikely one,


as things stand. There's no reason constitutionally


why Brexit shouldn't be reversed but politically it depends


on a radical change in public opinion and there is no sign of that


at all at the moment. Indeed, survey evidence shows that


most people still want to leave Among them, South London


comedian Jeff Northcott. He has built his sketches around


the trials of being a Leave voter Look at the modern crowd


and they don't look very scary, two squirts of the water cannon


and they will be in Ubers. And they're probably only marching


for their Fitbit targets anyway! I think the people of Scotland


wisely realised in the main that referendums are hard and divisive


but the only thing that is harder and more divisive is not


to respect the outcome. So I'm not saying it's


a perfect thing but this is the situation that we're left


with and we have to proceed. Nothing has been decided


in negotiations yet so most people in the middle,


whether you leaned towards Leave or Remain, are still waiting


to see what the colour And the colour of the deal


is likely to be made up As varied and complex


as our views on Brexit. But let's just pick up


on a point raised there - a second referendum,


which is what the Liberal We can talk to their leader,


Vince Cable, who's also Good evening. As we heard, why can't


you just respect the outcome of a democratic referendum? We do respect


the outcome, we're not asking for a rerun of the last one but as he


heard, even from the Brexit comedian, we do not know what the


outcome is and the argument for a further referendum is to actually


have a first referendum on the fact that once we know what is going to


happen, when the government has negotiated something, if it does,


you give the people the choice as to whether the press ahead or if they


want to exit from the exit. To most people but is effectively a second


referendum but we have just begun negotiations, were not due to leave


until 2019, is it disrespectful to the democratic process? I do not


believe it is disrespectful and I was opposed to the idea of having


another referendum after the last one to change it, that would have


been wrong and undemocratic. When we get to the end of the negotiation,


the end of the process, we're in a very different place. Starting off


is not the same as the destination and I think it was David Davis, he


said that in a democracy people have the right to change their mind. When


the facts are known, we want to give the people the opportunity to


choose. There is no evidence that people have changed their mind. I


YouGov poll a few months ago suggested the majority of people,


70%, are in favour of pushing on with it even if they did not support


it in the first place. There is a wide range of models, some people


are implacably opposed to leaving and some people believe under any


circumstances and there is a lot of other people currently giving the


government the benefit of the doubt. Although I suspect the more it


becomes clear that we have totalled this organisation and weak


negotiation in government they might change their mind. There are a lot


of flocks and people changing their views. We are in the middle of the


process, not at the end of it. That is when you will begin to see public


opinion moving. Do you feel that the Lib Dems are in touch with public


opinion? Even here in London, the election was filed earlier this year


on an anti-Brexit ticket. You got three out of 73 seats. The last


Richmond to an Brexiteer. That is true. -- you lost Richmond. We did


not do as well as we thought, I won my seat back and so did Ed Davey in


Kingston. We are dealing with different circumstances and we have


to be forward looking rather than backward looking. As you said in the


introduction to the package, the people of London as a whole voted


strongly to remain. Some of those people are reconciled to what is


happening and others are not. I think there is a lot to play for


here and I think the Liberal Democrats have been very consistent


and clear in our view and clear in our warnings about the dangers and I


think we're going to see those dangers become real and I think


people will turn to us when they realise that our judgment has been


right. Sir Vince Cable, we will leave it there. We are at the


beginning of the process. Many thanks for your time.


Detectives investigating an attack on an 82-year-old cancer patient


in east London have described it as "beyond comprehension".


Ahmet Dobran suffered fractures to his spine


after being dragged to the floor, beaten and having his watch


and gold bracelet stolen in Newham last month.


Police have released a picture of three men they want to speak


Prosecutors are considering charging a man, known only as Nick,


who claimed a paedophile ring operated at the heart


Scotland Yard spent almost 18 months examining claims that senior


politicians and other public figures sexually assaulted children and even


Police have now passed a file to the Crown Prosecution Service


which will decide whether he should be charged with perverting


A London MP is calling for a change in passport regulations


after being stopped with her daughter at UK border control


because they didn't share the same surname.


Tulip Siddiq, the Labour MP for Hampstead and Kilburn,


says she's since found hundreds of thousands of other women have


been asked to produce marriage or birth certificates,


Marc Ashdown is here to tell us more.


Tulip Siddiq was on her way home from a relaxing family holiday in


France and was in Paris, about to get onto the Eurostar when she was


separated by staff from her husband, she was on the fast track you with


her 18-month-old daughter where he was held back. She was waved through


French border control but when she got to the UK border check, she was


stopped and the problem was her daughter has her husband's name on


the passport. She kept her maiden name when they got married. This is


what happened. There followed an intense period of questioning, they


asked if I had her birth certificate, my marriage


certificate, if I could prove she was my daughter and where my husband


was. He was stuck in the back of a very long queue, I can find him...


And I was holding up the queue, there was an air of suspicion and I


felt very uncomfortable. Do we have any idea how widespread these


problems are? Tulip Siddiq wrote to Amber Rudd and she has found that in


the last five years, 600,000 women have been asked to prove they were


related to their children at UK border control. Some have been


delayed for hours if they did not have marriage or birth certificates.


The problem could get even more common, recent research found that


one in seven women are intending to keep her maiden name when they marry


and same-sex couples often have different names also. Job city's


answer is for children's passports to carry the names of both parents


to avoid confusion but the Home Office told us they have a duty to


safeguard children and prevent people trafficking, child sexual


exploitation and other crimes and they have no plans to make any


changes and they say a passport as a travel document and it would


fundamentally change its purpose if they started identifying parental


relationships. They say parents can write details in the emergency page


and there is some advice on the government website. Many thanks.


I will speak to European Olympic and world champion Liam Heath about his


success in the kayak and the fact he is about to become a father for the


first time. And the problem has come to an end this weekend at the Royal


Albert Hall and Hyde Park. -- the Proms. She is introducing me in a


little while! The first day at school can be


a nervous time for any pupil but especially if you're unable


to speak English. So students at the Nightingale


Academy in Edmonton have been helping out their new classmates


by translating for them - whether it be Romanian,


Portugese or Kurdish. And they are also


helping parents, too. A multilingual welcome


to Nightingale Academy in Edmonton. 44 languages are spoken


here and pupils are being trained as interpreters to help new arrivals


learn English and how Berivan Merrick is from Turkey


and is helping new Turkish 14-year-old Asen Ivanov


joined the school from He's now fluent in English and has


trained as an interpreter. He remembers how hard it can be


starting school in a new country. When I came here two years ago


I didn't know enough English And now when I see others,


when I see new students coming, I just bring myself in the situation


and I don't really like it because They don't know what happens and


stuff, so I just want to help them. The interpreters also help


translate our parents evenings. They help new arrivals,


they translate into the languages They help teachers make phone calls


or translate in lessons. And there are plans now to expand


the scheme to train more As well as helping new pupils,


teachers hope the skills learned by the interpreters could help them


with job-hunting the future. The former Sutton United goalkeeper


Wayne Shaw has been fined almost ?400 and banned for two months


for breaching FA betting rules. He was seen eating a pie


during February's FA Cup loss to Arsenal after a bookmaker had


offered odds of 8-1 that he would It was alleged he intentionally


influenced a football Believe it or not, London is said


to be no longer the most expensive place in the country to enjoy a beer


- that honour now belongs In the capital the average is ?3.60


- 13 pence up on last year, The least expensive beers


are in Yorkshire and Herefordshire, where it's more than


a pound cheaper. Next, our success in rowing


means that the likes of Steve Redgrave, Matthew Pinsent


and Katherine Granger have But if we swap oars for paddles,


is it harder to name an Olympic, Because we do have one -


and when it comes to kayaks, Emma Jones has been to meet


Liam Heath from Surrey. It has been quite a special 12


months for Liam Heath. He became Olympic champion


in Rio last summer. Before defending his European title


in a world leading time this July... And then becoming world


champion for the first time. It is something, well,


every item was something I laid out at the beginning of the year


and was something It's quite a rarity that you can


walk away from a season having ticked everything off


the list, essentially. I've been chasing that World


Championship title for a long time. His achievements, reward


for all of the hard work that he puts in here on the Olympic


rowing course at Eton Dorney, You find yourself tired and a bit


run down and fatigued Floating on the water


in the rain, thinking, Then, you jump out the water


and have some food, get your sugar levels back up and you are right


as rain again. But while he may be all conquering


on the water, he is about to take You are about to become


a dad for the first time, Very excited, we are


both very excited. And as a sportsman,


all of the preparation you've done to achieve all that you have


achieved, is that giving you any I don't know what it's like to be


a dad, but I think I have a cool With the Tokyo Olympics


in his sights, Liam doesn't plan on hanging up his paddles just yet,


but the next few months could be less about hard training,


and more about nappy changing. It's one of the highlights


of the music calendar, and now the eight-week-long Prom


season is drawing to a close. This weekend sees what's become one


of its best-known performances - the traditional Last Night


and the huge outdoor Let's go live to Wendy Hurrell


at the Albert Hall to tell us more. Where has the summer gone? That


eight weeks seems to have flown by and there is a striptease to stream


of people coming, there are already here listening to the beautiful


tones of the Vienna Philemon lake. And there's some more music here


tomorrow. I have spent the day watching rehearsals for the Last


Night. Every year the Proms close with fun,


fanfair and flag-waving, They were in their civvies


today for rehearsals At Maida Vale studios,


the BBC Symphony Orchestra On Saturday, they will be


at the Royal Albert Hall together. There's always a fantastic


atmosphere with the promenade there. I think the last night just has


an extra special dimension to it. Everyone comes wanting


to have a party, wanting to enjoy themselves,


wanting to have a good time. There will be good times


across Hyde Park too on the same night, this year Proms


in the Park will feature songwriter Gilbert O'Sullivan,


best known for his # You give me the creeps when you


jump on your feet so get down. He will be playing his hit with a 60


piece BBC concert orchestra. A lot of my songs are used


to orchestral arrangements The fact there's 50 or 60


will enhance the arrangement so I'm Hyde Park is going


to be pretty special. If they're out to enjoy themselves,


hopefully we can help on that front. To make sure, they were in


the rehearsal studio too You're going to get an amazing


concert which includes Elaine Paige, Michael ball will sing as well as


narrating and we have the fabulous Gilbert Sullivan and Ray Davies of


the kinks. It's an opportunity to have orchestral backing to an act


like Ray Davies is amazing. It just broadens the whole scope of the


programme. But the British traditions remain unchanged.


Traditions such as forming an orderly queue. This is where it


begins for the late Proms which start at 9:30pm. I think this lady


is the first in the queue because everybody wants to get to the front


this evening. They will be watching a piano performance. There is no


queue here at the moment probably because of the weather.


A group of London firefighters who were among those


who risked their lives responding to the Grenfell Tower tragedy


swapped the fire station for the beach this week for a break


organised for them by their Cornish colleagues.


Tamsin Melville joined North Kensington station's


For these London firefighters, a bit of light relief is very welcome.


They're from North Kensington Blue Watch and were involved in tackling


Yeah, no one wants to see a disaster of that scale.


But yeah, we were down to do a job and I think everyone,


This week, Cornish colleagues are keen to show solidarity


and they're treating them to a break full of sand, surf


We offered to raise some money in the community so we did that


by the charity Ladder Climb, a JustGiving page, and help


from the local community all around really that have been very kind


It's just enabled us to actually - and for them - to enjoy Cornwall


and sort of open up and be able to chat, and feel rewarded


Things like this prove that human support is amazing.


The support and love we felt down here is amazing.


Penzance firefighters aren't the only ones


Last week another community effort - Cornwall Hugs Grenfell -


saw a group, including survivors of the blaze,


There are plans from both to repeat the invitations.


Let's get a check on the weather, shall we?


Over the next few days it will feel more like autumn with clouds slowly


increasing through the day and whilst many have been dry, there has


been the spot of rain around. Rain across northern parts of the country


at the moment will be the focus of our weather later tonight and


through tomorrow. In the coming hours we will see the cloud


gradually increasing further, that will bring the odd spot of rain but


as the night wears on that rain becoming more persistent and perhaps


even locally heavy by dawn. It won't be a cold night, temperatures not


dropping lower than 14 Celsius but the breeze strengthens and will


continue to do so tomorrow because low pressure is in charge of the


weather. A brisk wind, and this cold fronts could be slipping southwards


which will bring some fairly persistent rain. On and off through


much of the day, but it is likely to be heavy at times and through the


afternoon don't be surprised if you get the odd rumble of thunder. A


damp looking day, and it will always feel fairly cool given the wind and


rain. Overnight still some heavy rain at first tomorrow evening. In


time it will become patchy and start to ease with clear skies developing


as the night wears on. Temperatures down to 11 or 12 Celsius. That sets


us up for Saturday which should start with spells of sunshine,


family promising but the cloud will start to develop and we will see


showers pushing through the afternoon. Temperature wise,


pleasant enough in the sunshine but always a cool feel in the showers


and breeze. As we go into Sunday, we see the area pushing into the


north-west of the country, it may eventually bring some showers but


for Sunday it's a mixture of sunshine and showers, but will be


feeling cooler and start to ease off a little bit as we go into Monday.


Thank you. Hurricane Irma - one of the most


powerful storms ever recorded - has left a trail of destruction


in the Caribbean, with at least 10 people having


been confirmed as dead. The government's plan


for leaving the EU is being The so-called Repeal Bill


would transfer thousands of European That is it for now. More later


during the ten o'clock news and plenty more on our website and


Facebook page. Thanks for watching and have a lovely evening. Goodbye.


# Shout it up, put up your hands high


# Jump! Won't stop, we got the vibe now


# Bass so big we knock them right down