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Good evening from BBC London News. It's arguably the biggest and most


difficult decision facing London and the Home Counties: how to


Today, the Prime Minister spelled out the timetable for that decision


in what appears to be a movd to stave off a possible


rebellion from her MPs and Conservative Councils,


Our political editor, Tim Donovan, reports.


No decision formally made, but Heathrow now firm favourite


No decision formally made, yet legal moves already started


Four councils have reminded the Government that a 2010


High Court judgment still ndeds to be respected.


The leader of Hillingdon, one of those councils,


says it required clear answdrs on air pollution and noise `nd any


move towards a third runway must still first go


through an extensive consultation process.


What we notified them of last week was if you attempt to put


this through Parliament, without dealing with the matters


that we raised in 2010, which are still valid,


that's judge made law on the Government, you cannot


The Government cannot break the law, no matter what party's in control,


That's what the judge told them in 2010 and that's what will happen


if they try to move on without dealing with those issues.


It's the council's contention that adding 250,000 new flights ` year


at Heathrow would make it ilpossible to meet legal requirements on noise


and air quality and opponents are readying themselves agahn


with the councils forming an alliance with environmental


It's the same very broad co`lition that came out against the third


runway before and that included Theresa May,


it included Boris Johnson, it included many Cabinet


ministers, and the arguments are stronger today.


But here in Boris Johnson's Uxbridge, in the borough


of Hillingdon, the arguments by no means go the same way.


It's good for the area. It's good for employment.


I know people say there's already one or two runways there


You know, but people in the area have actually got used


If you're living on the flight path you'd probably understand the reason


I like the idea of it because we're London,


we need the added attraction that we can deal with


the growth in this country, in terms of visitors etc.


But the environmental issue is a major concern to myself.


Expansion at Heathrow is more economical for the area.


You just get used to it, other people will get used to that?


Heathrow's gain will be Gatwick s pain unless, of course...


The sensible decision for the Government next week,


which I hope it's what they will come to, I hope, is to see them give


the green light to both Gatwick and Heathrow.


But after all the delay there's been, it will be the solutions


on air and noise which will be most closely scrutinised.


Let's pick up on this with Tim, who's in Richmond tonight.


No-one thought it was going to be easy, but do you think people


realised it would be at least another year before


I'm not sure. See how quickly we've almost assumed a decision h`s been


made or is going to be made in favour of Heathrow. Local


authorities like Hillingdon, we saw in the film there, and Richlond


here, are keen to point out, there's a long way to go. It's the beginning


of a process, or will be thd beginning of a process. All the


Government will be doing next week through a Cabinet subcommittee is


expressing a statement of preference then a more formal process kicks in.


They have to produce a national policy statement, which will explain


how they deal with the unanswered questions about air quality,


traffic, how you build and so on. That's the point here. That's why


these authorities like Hillhngdon are saying, you know, watch what you


do here. We are ready to take legal action at any turn. What do you make


of the unusual arrangements to allow ministers to oppose their


Government's policy? It is tnusual. It gives you an idea of what a


difficult decision this one is. In effect, this is giving ministers a


limited freedom to object, to criticise. Ministers, like Boris


Johnson, the MP for Uxbridgd, former London Mayor, and Justine Greening,


the Education Secretary, an MP for put any, the right to criticise a


decision apparently, but not how the decision was reached nor to actively


campaign. There are some lilitations there. Attention then turns to


people like Zac Goldsmith, the MP here in Richmond Park. Evenhng


Standard reporting today th`t a meeting last night he said he could


stand down and then stand as an independent in a by-election here.


What's more, this article stggested that Conservatives locally will


support him. That could raise all kinds of issues. There are `ll kinds


of political implications wd are about to see play out. Tim, thank


you. Now to news we're


getting of a disturbance Let's cross to our reporter


Marc Ashdown in the newsrool. There was an incident involving a


group of prisoners at about 3. 0pm. The Prison Officers' Associ`tion


told us it resulted in one prisoner being killed, two others injured and


taken to hospital with what they say were stab wounds. At the tile, they


said no prison officers werd involved. But literally just in the


past few minutes, we've had a statement from the Met police saying


they've launched a murder investigation. A man in his 20s was


pronounced dead at the scend. A postmortem will follow. He's not


been formally identified yet. They are in the process of inforling his


next of kin. They said two len, aged 21 and 30, were taken to hospital


with stab wounds. They're in a critical condition. They confirmed a


34-year-old prisoner was arrested at the scene and is in custody at a


police station tonight. The Ministry of Justice are aware of all this but


can't comment further. It c`used, what I'm told, was a minor


disturbance. About 120 prisoners were removed from the area while it


was dealt with. I'm told thhngs are back to normal. Pen tonvilld has had


a difficult recent history. Two inspections question its vi`bility


going forward unless it has substantial investment in btildings


and staffing. An incident lhke this, where a prisoner has been khlled,


will raise more difficult qtestions. It's a photograph that capttred


a unique moment in the '50s. A group portrait of some of the most


notable jazz musicians of their time - including Dizzy Gillespie,


Count Basie, and Theloneous Monk. Now the landmark picture,


"Harlem 1958" is being recreated in Hackney -


bringing together 58 The great and the great


of the British jazz world, not known for their time kedping


unless it's when they're performing, but these musicians made it


here to celebrate 30 years of this East End establishment,


the Premises Studios in Hackney Look this way, look


towards my chest. They're recreating Art Kane's


historic jazz group portrait "Harlem 1958" which featured the likes


of Dizzy Gillespie and Count Basie. Today's eminent group,


some of the country's leading jazz It's a place that's very important


to my development as a musician We're here to take photos


to document the vast and varied types, cultures,


creeds, skills of musicians that The Premises has always been a jazz


place, right from the beginning Over the years, we've


had all kinds of people We really wanted to celebrate


the 30 years' association But it's also a chance to s`y thank


you to the Premises for providing a home and a hub for this


extended jazz family. I've been involved with the Premises


since I was 15 years old. I used to come here and plax


with jazz musicians It's great to get all


these musicians together and have the recreation of that


photograph and for it to me`n From Harlem 1958 to Hackney 201 -


history in the taking. That's all from me, so I'll wish


you a very goodnight. And I'll leave you with


Elizabeth Rizzini for It has turned colderment a chilly


wind around today, a lovely sunny afternoon for the most part. It led


to a really pretty sun set out there. Just the right amount of


cloud. What's happening over the next few days is that we'll see a


bit of an east-west split sdt up. There'll be a chilly wind for


everyone. But particularly so for Eastern areas. Here we may see one


or two showers at times too. Drier the further west you are. Plenty of


sunshine here. But we will `lso get cooler nights. It will feel chillier


tonight than last night. Cldar skies for the most part, staying dry. We


have got a north-westerly whnd. It helps to keep mist and fog patches


at bay. Temperatures in towns, down to eight or nine degrees. In rural


spots we could be looking at fives and sixes. Locally a cool start to


the day tomorrow. Not a bad looking day. There'll be plenty of sunshine


around. Small chance of one or two showers in north Eastern parts. Wind


chill around as well. Temperatures higher than today, 15 degreds


Celsius. Looking ahead, we still see showers out towards the east, then


further west, it will be mostly dry. Good evening. As you've just seen


from your local outlook, not a huge amount changes over the next few


days. The weather patterns will be blocked again. What is driving that?


It's a deep area of low pressure, the remnants of hurricane Nicole in


the Atlantic. That's heading towards Greenland. Set to pile up the snow


here, metres of it in the next few days. It's dragging a lot of warm


air into the North Atlantic on the Eastern flank. What that does is


build this, high pressure. That s not going to move a great deal over


the next few days. To the east, low pressure in


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