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Good evening and welcome to BBC London News.


A man who killed a mother-of-two, while her husband listened


helplessly on the phone will spend an indefinite time in


Nicola Cross was stabbed to death by a complete stranger as she tried


to stop him from kidnapping her two children at the family


Her family said she enjoyed the perfect life.


37-year-old Nicola Cross from Hemel Hempstead had a


loving husband and two adored young children but a random and brutal act


Warehouse worker Marcin Porczynski was suffering from paranoid


schizophrenia when he broke into her home in September last year,


It led to an outpouring of grief on Dunlin Road


where Mrs Cross was a much loved member of the community.


In sentencing Marcin Porczynski, the judge said the circumstances


in which you killed Nicola Cross were utterly horrific


and senseless and represented every parent and husband's worst


He said, you've left the Cross family utterly devastated and two


young children without the wonderful mother who so loved and cared for


When she discovered the break-in, Nicola called her husband


Danny, seen here leaving the court, who was away for work.


He told the judge in a statement, that phone


call plays over and over in my head along with Nic's screams


I will never forgive myself for not being there to protect her.


And he could see no future happiness, no


end to this trauma until my life comes to an end.


With no history of violence, experts say there was no way of predicting


I think here, that it was really a tragic and unforeseen incident.


I don't think there should be much blame attached to anyone.


The person was extremely ill and what happened could not really


Friends and neighbours who live on this tight-knit estate


in Hemel Hempstead supported the family through the court


proceedings and the judge paid tribute to the dignity


Marcin Porczynski admitted killing Nicola Cross,


telling doctors he had to sacrifice her to


He will serve an indefinite term at a psychiatric unit.


The judge described the young mother as heroic but ultimately defenceless


Now, you'd expect the London Ambulance Service to be busy


at this time of year, but it's just recorded its busiest


It says incidents involving alcohol were the most common cause


for a call-out to people in their twenties and Londoners are


Gareth Furby's report does contain flashing images.


We're with a paramedic whose duty is to respond


in minutes to emergencies, but in the early hours


of Saturday morning, he is dealing with something else.


Honest truth, he's only just sort of started coming around.


This call is to a kebab shop in Hackney, to a 25-year-old


What's going on tonight, what's happened?


What's happened is too much to drink, a condition


that is entirely self-inflicted, but the emergency services


It seems that she does need to be looked after and is vulnerable.


She needs to be somewhere to be for a few hours just to get


to a level where she can get home safely by herself.


That safe place was at hospital and at the weekend it seems this


In London, there were more than 16,000 emergency calls


to the ambulance service, making it their busiest


Another call-out was to the City of London where they were several


exclusive Christmas events, but at one, a man was


I think he'd been out on a work do and a lot of people were intoxicated


and caused a fight and he's taken a few punches to the face.


An arrest was made, but after being examined by the paramedic,


the victim decided to decline hospital treatment and


But in many other cases at the weekend, it was a different


story and pre-Christmas drinking was often to blame.


If someone is unconscious, we need to get to those


patients really quickly because there could be an underlying


condition like a serious head injury or a serious illness that is causing


So we have to prioritise those patients.


And clearly when it is just alcohol-related we do have other


critical patients that we need to get to so we've managed it,


But on the street, it was often challenging.


Here, the paramedics' vehicle was flagged down


And there were no weapons? No.


And the paramedic called the police as well as treating the man.


Londoners will continue to celebrate the build-up to Christmas,


but the emergency services have to deal with the fallout


London schools could be facing bigger class sizes and fewer


That's according to the out-going chief inspector of schools.


Sir Michael Wilshaw leaves office next week after five years.


He also said it's essential that schools do all they can


to prevent vulnerable pupils being exposed to radicalisation.


Our Education Reporter Marc Ashdown has been speaking to him.


"Ofsted rates the school as" - one phrase which can make or break


For five years, Sir Michael Wilshaw has been at the helm.


London schools, he says, are in the best year ever,


but a new funding formula is likely to hit many.


I think it's going to be more difficult.


There's no question any funding cut or any funding


It might mean there will be reductions in staffing.


It might mean that schools might not be able to appoint support


staff in the numbers they were previously doing.


For most of his tenure, Michael Gove was Education Secretary.


To say he was controversial is an understatement.


I obviously didn't agree with him on everything but I suppose


the questions that have to be asked are, is giving more power to people


Was our curriculum too soft? Yes.


Was our examination system not competing


Yes, it wasn't competing, so he addressed those issues


and somebody had to do that and he did it.


And occasionally heaps of opprobrium were poured upon him,


but I supported him in doing those things.


He cites the Trojan horse affair as his biggest challenge.


Fears surfaced of possible plots to radicalise schools,


One of the great dangers of autonomy in some of the schools,


most of the schools we're talking about in the the Trojan horse


Those governors with malign intent did what they did partly


because they realised that there wasn't sufficient


The local authority had washed its hands of these schools


They felt that they could bring in their own particular ideologies


and I think we've got to learn from that.


We don't do enough to promote good leadership in the country.


I'm sad at the demise of the National College


of School Leadership, which was Tony Blair's idea,


How do we get great leaders into unfashionable places?


That's going to be the big challenge over the next


few years, particularly with diminishing budgets.


Do you think it has been an outstanding performance?


That's for others to make a judgment.


I've challenged the education system in this country to do better.


That's caused trouble from time to time, and I have spoken


out from time to time, and I have challenged


But hopefully people, when they look back at my time


in office, will say, he was in it for the right reason,


because he wanted to see children getting a good deal.


Sir Michael Wilshaw talking to our Education Reporter Marc Ashdown.


That's it for now from me, but let's find out what the weather's up


It's feeling a bit colder this week with temperatures actually going up


and down for the next few weeks or so. We have some cheery Christmas


lights in the market here. And here in Trafalgar Square. We have the


weather for the week ahead in the run-up to Christmas. It will be


really quite changeable this week. No two days will be the same.


Tomorrow will be dry and bright with sunshine. After that it will turn


quite unsettled. Some rain around at times and quite blustery as we head


to the end of the week heading towards Christmas. Overnight


tonight, a rain system clearing westward. Some clear spells here and


there with temperatures of five or six as we head into the morning.


Some rural spots could see frost on the grass and isolated mist and fog


patches, but it will not be the widespread mist and fog we've seen


over the last few days. Tomorrow will be dry and bright with sunshine


around as well. Not a bad looking day, but it will be a touch cooler


with temperatures between six and eight Celsius. Wednesday, turning


mild again. Temperatures peaking at nine or 10 Celsius, but some


outbreaks of rain here and there and it will be great, drab and gloomy.


That's how we will start the day on Thursday as well. Heading towards


the end of the week, cooler and turning windy. Will it be a white


Christmas? Probably not across London. It's quite likely it might


be across the rest of the country, so keep an eye on the National


forecast. It will stay quite windy. That's what we know about Christmas.


around, windy, but with dry and around, windy, but with dry and


bright spells. Heavy weather is brewing, it will


not reach us just yet. It will take a good few days before the stormy


weather reaches us. At the moment, it's just potential, nothing is


certain, but it will be different to what we've had over the last few


weeks, it's been so calm. We have a jet stream raging out of North


America making a beeline for the UK. It has peaked at jet level height,


blowing in excess of 200 mph, and it might whip up to max storms we are


watching. Friday had coming close to northern Britain, and then another


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