28/12/2016 London News


The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC London News.


New figures released by City Hall show that hundreds of people


sleeping rough on the streets are former servicemen.


The Mayor has pledged to help them, saying he'll spend an additional


It's just a week since this former serviceman walked into this hostel.


After a year of sleeping rough in London.


He asked us to hide his identity to protect his family.


He says there are many more like him.


Without the structure of the military, life


I could take you to Westminster now and show you ten or 12 that I know


He thought because he was a former serviceman,


he would get more help in London but what he found instead


was that he was sent to the back of the queue.


I went into Westminster county council


offices and basically I was told, you can get


but if you're a single man with no addictions, you're looking


at a 20 year wait on the


In the last eight years, the number of people sleeping


rough in London has doubled and the proportion


This hostel alone has 155 people currently staying here.


The mayor has said ?4.2 million is to be spent directly


2 million will go to help 350 regular rough sleepers, 1.9


million will help recent rough sleepers, and ?340,000 will go


towards a so-called pan-London clearing house.


We are bringing together all the different players,


whether that is councils, voluntary sector, homeless charities and


central government and other agencies, to work out how best to


help the different kinds of people who end up rough sleeping.


Neil is a former soldier who has also slept rough.


Now he works bringing ex-military off the streets.


It is not going anywhere near far enough to


help eradicate the problem that there is in London.


First, to give people security of homes, there


Just yesterday, a man sleeping rough behind


Trafalgar Square was the


The mayor said in one of the wealthiest cities on


earth, homelessness is a source of shame.


Two 17-year-old boys have died after a crash in Leigh


on Sea after being pursued by a police patrol car.


The Independent Police Complaints Commission is now


Two other teenagers in the car who were injured have been arrested.


Talks aimed at averting a 24-hour strike on London Underground broke


Members of the RMT and TSSA unions are set to walk out on January 8th,


next Sunday, in a long-running dispute over job losses


Further talks are now planned for next Wednesday after tube


managers said they needed more time before putting a new deal forward.


Families left homeless after a fire ripped through their west London


The blaze, in August, was caused by a faulty


It was back in August when the DeFreitas family's


A London Fire Brigade investigation concluded it was sparked


The company behind the tumble dryer, Whirlpool, say they are still


Meanwhile, the family are still living in temporary accommodation,


It's been months and it's been very frustrating, you know.


Your world has been turned upside down, in a sense,


Of the 27 households who had to move out, 17 are now back in.


Chantelle was home in time for Christmas, but still


We had to sort of pay to purchase clothes and stuff.


We weren't allowed home for six weeks to get anything.


But nobody wants to take responsibility for that.


Whirlpool says its thoughts are with all those affected.


It has identified tumble-dryer models which need repairs


and may pose a fire risk, but it has told its customers


they can continue to use them, as long as they are not left


But the solicitors representing the tenants affected by


The concept that people have to stay with their tumble dryers in order


for them to be safe whilst in use is pretty ludicrous.


I don't think anyone would consider that that's acceptable.


You know, the obligation is on manufacturers to get


Consumers are buying products and they expect them to be safe.


That is an obligation that manufacturers have in law.


This is one of the machines that has been on the affected list.


The London Fire Brigade has also warned people against using models


They say this could have been much worse than people


Let's have a look at the weather now with Tomasz Schafernaker.


Watch out for the fog tonight, or tomorrow morning for most of us


It could be very dense, particularly outside of London,


but even in central areas, it could be dense.


You might have to scrape that windscreen first thing.


This time of year when the fog forms, sometimes it doesn't


want to shift and if it sticks around all day,


Temperatures will be two or three degrees above freezing


By the Thames, it should be around 6 degrees.


I don't think the fog is going to stick around.


Friday, there could be fog in the morning.


Later in the afternoon, that fog should disperse and then


we are left with cloud and if we are lucky,


We'll be back tomorrow morning in Breakfast.


As we have seen today, the weather can be a thing of real beauty, but


also a real menace. Lovely shot taken this afternoon in Berkshire,


the sun lighting up the hillsides, with dense fog. And that fog is


dangerous. It is becoming up right now, with warnings out from the Met


Office. -- it is thickening right now. Not a pretty sight across


England, East Wales tomorrow morning. Dense patches of freezing


fog. Nor for all. Slippery surfaces. Take it easy on the roads. In the


far north of England, and Scotland and Northern Ireland, not so chilly.


And some drizzly rain across the Western Highlands and the islands.


These continued through the day on a brisk wind. Elsewhere, the winds


will be liked and that is the problem, because there was no wind


to shift that fog. Where do you have got fog, it could stick around for


much of that of. In


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