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Good evening and welcome to BBC London News with me, Louisa Preston.


First tonight - it's the row over ticket office closures which saw


this week's tube strike affect millions of commuters trying


London's Labour Mayor condemned the walk-out.


In fact, Jeremy Corbyn told this programme Sadiq Khan should reopen


The unions threatened to take more action if the tube dispute is


resolved. -- isn't resolved. Here's our political


editor, Tim Donovan. He has long been a supporter


of their causes, they backed his bid to become leader,


so where is he on Well, earlier this week he said


he would be happy to join a picket As regards the current tube dispute,


he has not gone that far, but today he was clear


he sympathises with the union concerns about the closure


of ticket offices. Sadiq Khan has refused to reopen


them, vowing instead That doesn't go far enough,


the Labour leader told me today. The Mayor of London has


put 200 more staff back In some places it has helped


but in some places it is not enough, and I think there's a need


for a ticket offers particularly in big interchange stations,


like Heathrow, for example. That is surely is something that can


be discussed and negotiated. You are saying the Mayor of London


should improve his offer to workers? I am saying there has


to be an agreement. We have put a lot of money into


the Tube system and that is good. Sadiq has managed to bring


forward the 24-hour We're going to have a better


Tube service in London, but I do think there is a point -


and the public are telling me this, as a London MP -


that they would like to On Monday the Mayor


condemned the Tube strike. I think today's strikers


is completely unnecessary. I think today's strike is causing


misery to millions of commuters. The Labour leader


is not so forthright. Today the RMT threatened


further strikes. I would urge them to get around


the table as quickly as possible, and TFL, because we need a good Tube


system in London. Will you tell the union


not to strike? The issue is the two sides are not


in agreement over the closure That is an issue that many of us


campaigned on before this round of disputes took place,


so it is not a question It is a question of asking both


sides to come together. The new US president comes


on a visit with him to London. Well, when President Trump arrives


I am sure we are going I am appalled by his comments


about women, about minorities within the United States,


on Muslims and his proposal to build Surely in the 21st century we can do


a little better than that. Of course and I am sure we will have


an interesting discussion. I have invited him to visit a mosque


with me, Finsbury Park mosque are happy to receive him and discuss


Islam with him. Westminster Council has confirmed


it's to move all of its homeless people out of the borough-


the first London council to publicly Westminster Council says long


waiting lists meant difficult From next month, residents


in temporary accommodation will be relocated to permanent homes


outside the borough. Chelsea Football Club's plans


for a new ground have The council has approved proposals


for Stamford Bridge to be demolished to make way for the new 60,000


seater stadium - which would take The final say though will be down


to the Mayor of London. Guards on Southern Railway


are to stage another strike in their long-running


dispute over staffing. Members of the RMT union


will walk out for 24 hours on the 23rd of January,


the day before drivers go on strike again in protest


at driver-only trains. 500 rooms with shared


areas for socialising. Sounds like a student


halls of residence. But with an acute shortage


of housing in the capital, the place you're about to see


in north west London was set up as affordable homes


for young professionals. It only opened last summer and now


there is a waiting list. In some ways it is like a well


designed student hall, So we have 546 rooms


throughout the building. Ed Thomas, who runs things here,


claims it is the world's biggest co-living space,


and offers a lot more This is the bar, over


here you have the restaurant. In fact if you look over


here you have the sauna. And every night there


is something to do. We have a absolutely


jam-packed events schedule. Every Friday we do


a big community drinks. We are trying to change


the way that young It is a natural graduation


from university, I suppose. So we met when I


walked into my room. Meet Ruth and Tobiana,


and their shared space They each have a private room


with a shower, toilet and bed. It costs Ruth ?950 a month


and she prefers it to a flat share. London can be a very longly


place, it is just nice It's a developed version,


it is like the older version of student living,


if you like. Rehearsing downstairs, a band,


and the drummer who pays ?1,200 a month for his shared room,


says he has never You have all these residential


spaces in the building, where you can work from,


where you can build up But as you'd expect,


with an average age of 28 Yes, listen, when you start a big


venture like this and put 546 people in one big building,


it is inevitable. If things get loud, we will come


and tell people to be quiet, The people behind this


development say they are now going to build two more -


in Canary Wharf and Stratford. But of course it


is not for everyone. The bar manager, for example,


prefers his own house share. I have been a student before,


done student accommodation But the hundreds here do seem


to like it, and of course it is potentially lucrative


for the owner. This building could now generate


?6 million a year in rent. Seven years of digging beneath the


capital was bound to unearth some revelations about London's past.


During the construction of Crossrail, archaeologists collected


objects. Many giving an insight into Victorian life. Here at Tottenham


Court Road we fitting at the station. Crossrail is now than two


years away and things are quickly taking shape. It's in with the new,


but when you spend seven years did digging 42 kilometres of rail


tunnels beneath the streets of London, you are bound to unearth


some very old, interesting objects. We had to demolish buildings in


central London and open up huge excavations and this created a


unique opportunity for the archaeologists to come on board and


dig in these central London sites. As part of that they found thousands


of artefacts. Everything from plague victims to prehistoric stone tools.


Today, above ground, you can see the scale of the site where the new


Elizabeth line station will be. Between 1830 and 1921 there was a


food factory here, which leads us on to one of the most remarkable


discoveries. The food factory belonged to the company Crosse and


Blackwell. Thousands of Victorian jam jars and pickle pots were found


underground during Crossrail digging. We have the most famous


product they launched in 1838, pick a lily. The discovery has helped


archaeologists learn more about the tastes of Victorians. We found


bottles and jars to do with Crosse and Blackwell's manufacturing of


jams and marmalades. We found how important the manufacturing was of


Indian pickles and chutneys to Ross and Blackwell as well. It showed


they were manufacturing madras curry powders and pastes. All findings are


now in a book, one of ten detailed to -- detailing Crossrail


discoveries, giving us an insight into the past as we dug for the


future. The snow and strong winds have


arrived in London and are already causing disruption across parts


of the region. Flights have been cancelled


at Heathrow Airport, and there's been disruption


on the roads. As you can see from this


footage in Bexley, driving We'll have all the latest


details on the weather and transport situation


in our bulletins tomorrow morning. But the question is -


what sort of weather are we likely So I'll say good night and leave


Phil Avery to give you the details. Hello. I'm very grateful to somebody


who kept their garden furniture out to give me a sense of the depth in


Surrey. Several centimetres falling. For the most part, tomorrow morning


is all about ice. If you are on the move first thing, the roads will


have been whetted and with that to bridge a profile you will end up


with a significant problem if your streak hasn't been gritted with ice.


That's not quite the end of the snow story. There's a feature running


down in raw north-westerly wind, which will wrap up the snow


particularly east of the capital. It's essentially a decent sort of


day. There will be some sunshine. It will do nothing at all for the


temperatures, never better than about five. Because of the strength


of the wind it will feel cooler than that. Once the sun is down, having


got the lofty heights of five if you are lucky, we will end up with


another frosty night. The weekend is going to start on a pretty chilly


note. If that's not your sort of thing, Sunday will be cloudier and


milder. thing, Sunday will be cloudier and


milder. Good evening. It was such a mild


December, wasn't it, but winter has arrived. Tomorrow morning, again,


could be prising the wipers off the frozen windscreen. Yes, it's going


to be cold tonight, whether it is liquid,/ or snow, it will freeze


solid late at night with temperatures close to or below zero


in many places. This was the early snow which pushed across the


south-east, a few centimetres over the high ground. Now we concentrate


on the showers, which feed in over the north


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