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Tributes have been paid to a 15-year-old boy,


who was stabbed to death outside his school


yesterday afternoon in front of his classmates.


The head teacher said Quamari Barnes was a pupil with a bright


future who'll be missed by the entire school community.


Our home affairs correspondent, Nick Beake, reports from Kensal Green.


At the school gates, just metres from where their loved


one was killed, a family grieved, surrounded by friends who only


and jokes with the latest teenager to be murdered in London.


15-year-old Quamari Barnes was heard to shout, "He's going to stab me",


One boy, who didn't want to show his face,


told us he could only watch as his friend slipped away.


He was the most nice person in the whole of our school,


It was emotional because I gave him a hug and said, "get home safely"


and I come out of school and see that's he's stabbed.


All these teenagers running about out here with knives


As the police looked for evidence near the school,


it's emerged they'd arrested another 15-year-old boy, not a pupil here.


Detectives say the motive for the killing is not clear,


a killing which has clearly hit this community hard.


We're all deeply saddened by this death.


It's undoubtedly a tragic loss of life and our thoughts and prayers


are with the boy's family and those who knew and loved him.


Had a very bright future and he'll be greatly missed by his many


friends in school and in fact by the entire school community.


And for Rebecca who went to this school and knew the family well,


I just saw a picture of him with RIP and I was just like - oh my gosh.


Quamari Barnes is the second teenager to be stabbed


The number of young people being injured with knives has gone


Well, tonight, the Metropolitan Police are appealing directly to any


Detectives insist their information could be vital.


There's still disruption tonight on rail services


in the South East, after a train derailed


Thousands of commuters were affected by delays and cancellations.


Network Rail says it's working round the clock


to try to get services back to normal for passengers.


Just before 6am, when this freight train derailed in Lewisham,


Network Rail, which is investigating the cause of the derailment,


Both Network Rail and Southeastern expect disruption to


We spoke to some commuters during the rush-hour on how they planned on


getting home. You can see from the board there's


three trains going out. General frustration


all round really. Trying to get home,


looking on the website, Now it's just saying they have


technical difficulties. I don't know how I'm


going to get home. Yeah, the South-Eastearnrailway.


co.uk has crashed, so I'm trying I'm just waiting for, you know,


the crowd to be less and then I might take the DLR


or something like that. No, because there is too many


people so I don't like it. No, I'm just going to wait


and probably going to go For the full picture tomorrow, tune


you know, it's a bit less crowded. For the full picture tomorrow, tune


into bulletins during Breakfast from 6.00am. And we'll have regular


travel updates on BBC Radio London and our travel team will be across


the latest on Twitter, follow us on there.


An explosion at a block of flats in hornchurch may have been caused by


the preparation of drugs according to the Metropolitan Police. Two men


have been arrested, following the blast, which caused part of the


building to partially collapse. Four people were taken to hospital and 25


had to be rescued. The cause of the explosion is not yet known.


April 2000, when London historian David Irving faced a humiliating


Having sued Penguin books and their American author,


Deborah Lipstadt, who had accused him of denying


I've been defending it against someone who wanted to abuse it.


Rachel Weisz now portrays Deborah in the film Denial,


with Timothy Spall as her infamous adversary, Irving.


Let me reveal something to you, Professor.


I am that David Irving about whom you have been so rude.


And it puzzles me that you think yourself qualified to attack me,


given that I have 30 years' experience in the archive.


And was this your most challenging role to date?


I would say it always felt like it was going to be a challenge,


because I know he's a controversial character, and he's alive,


So my job as a human being, I have a responsibility


I have to conclude that the reason you don't engage with people


you disagree with is because you can't!


Denial was shot predominantly in the capital, where


With Deborah Lipstadt closely involved from the time her book


Can you put into words what it was like taking


on this very abrasive, London historian?


Well, it was frightening at the beginning, because I didn't


know how I would do it, what I would do, and calling


the historian because as we proved he lies and he manipulates


There were moments that were really scary.


This case is happening to you, but it's not about you.


This man hates me, he's coming for me.


And when someone comes after you, you take him on.


Why do you think he specifically targeted Deborah?


I think one of the motivations, as I see it from his point of view,


Was that he was protecting his professional reputation,


his existence, because I presume he made the assumption that


being called a Holocaust denier would affect sales of his books.


All involved can see that Denial is a timely film,


considering the current talk in politics of alternative truths,


Promotional posters have already been defaced across London.


They wait until the Tube stop is empty and no one's there,


and then they take out a black magic marker and they write something.


Why they write on Timothy Spall's face, he's playing


That's it from me, so I'll say goodnight and leave you with Wendy


It seemed milder today. Well observed.


Well, observed. Temperatures in High Wycombe and elsewhere in London and


the Home Counties got to 10. Double figures.


Wycombe and elsewhere in London and the Home Counties


figures. We finish with beautiful clear skies


as you can see and the temperature out there is falling, so the Met


Office is warning of more fog patches forming throughout the


night. Dense in places, freezing in places. Lots of moisture in the air


and where the temperature falls below freezing, all that will stick


to everything. There could be difficult driving continues on


untreated roads tomorrow morning. This is the picture throughout the


night. Fog forming here and there and temperatures falling underneath


clear skies. But towards the end of the night temperatures in the


south-east hovering just above freezing, because there a little


cloud creeping in. That will mix up with the fog, lift up into the cloud


but it'll trap cold air. We won't have the benefit of the sunshine to.


It'll feel chilly throughout the afternoon with highs of three to


six. I don't think you'll see double figures tomorrow. For Thursday, a


slow movement towards something brighter. That is because we have


south-easterly wind and very dry air starting to come in. On Wednesday


and Thursday we could see some snow grains in the air. Feeling more like


minus-4 than 4 with the strength of the wind and dryness in the air,


despite the sunshine we'll have on Thursday. On the outlook you can see


something a little milder: For all of us, it'll get colder and


then milder again come the weekend. This shot taken earlier by a weather


watcher in East Anglia. The fog becoming extensive over the next few


hours in many south-eastern parts of England.


Much, much milder, further north and west. Let's


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