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Domestic violence is soaring in London,


where men find themselves as the victims.


Official figures show an 80% rise in reported attacks,


with London being described as the "worst place in the country


That's partly because there isn't a single safe house in the city,


so you'd have to go to the Midlands or the south coast


It started with a slap and then escalated into a full-scale bashing.


This is sadly a familiar story but when we don't


Dan was just 25 when the violent abuse started from his partner.


There was nobody I could approach, even when my friends or people


at work would see my black eyes or my broken collarbone.


Nobody felt comfortable addressing it.


What I needed was a space for a few days but because I'm


a man there was nothing on offer except advice.


At the very least there needs to be safe spaces


If councils provide full support to male victims,


Dan is one of hundreds of men to suffer from


Last year, the UK's leading domestic violence charity received over


3000 calls to its helpline from men, a fifth of all its calls nationally.


They believe what is lacking are council run refuges for men in need.


Their options are to face homelessness or carry on living


BBC London has learned that in 2012, the Met Police handled over 9000


reports from male victims of domestic abuse.


In 2015, this had risen to over 16,000.


With the number of male victims rising, we contacted all London


boroughs to explore what they were doing to address


the problem and see what victim support services they provided.


We found that 18 areas in England and Wales do


However, for victims in London, we discovered there is not one


single refuge available for male victims of domestic abuse.


Men are not always willing to go and get help and sometimes


that is part of the problem in tackling this issue.


The issue for men, when they are a victim,


is that they feel a sense of damaged pride, a fear of not being believed.


London is the worst place in the country to be a male


Men, just like women, need places to go if they are victims


of domestic violence that are safe, that do provide refuge.


We view those spaces as an automatic right for women.


Domestic abuse catches people by surprise.


That is why councils need to make sure they have services available


Survivors such as Dan hope their experiences will influence


policymakers and refuges and safe spaces for men will be


If you've been affected by the issues in that


report, you can speak to the Men's Advice Line


Police and the Health and Safety Executive have launched


separate investigations into the death of a tree surgeon,


who was killed while trimming a tree in Bermondsey.


31-year-old Gregory Bulbuc was left dangling from a rope


Getting London known around the world for safe travel


was a pledge made by Mayor Sadeeq Khan,


which is why recent events have come as such a blow.


Three cyclists and two pedestrians have been killed this month,


leading to campaigners calling for urgent action.


Responsibility falls heavily on the new Walking and Cycling


Commissioner for London, who's been speak to our Political


It's day four of Will Norman's new job as London's Walking


It won't be the last time he's pictured on his bike.


Ten months after Sadiq Khan came to power, this is the man he wants


If we can get more people walking, more people cycling over the next


few years, then I see that as a huge success.


But he starts work the week after three cyclists and two


pedestrians were killed on London's streets.


At the weekend there were more protests by campaigners,


more demands that the mayor and City Hall do more.


What happened last week was an absolute tragedy.


You know, one cyclist getting injured, one pedestrian getting


injured is one too many, but have three killed in one week


and two pedestrians killed in the same week is tragic,


and that's why my role is so important.


That's why we need to take action on this.


We have got challenges ahead of us and I'm determined


Cycling campaigners have welcomed the appointment,


but say City Hall now has to deliver on its promises.


We're really excited to have him here.


What we want now is some momentum, you know?


We've seen a lot of fine words from the new Mayor,


from Val Shawcross, his deputy, and we've seen some


of the big changes coming in, but what we haven't seen this


The man who used to do Will Norman's job when Boris Johnson was mayor


is sceptical about the mayor's promises of ?770 million


All the talk of extra money means nothing without the political


will to actually spend it on something meaningful.


We've not seen any new schemes at all proposed since Sadiq came


to office and we've seen most of our schemes that we inherited


either dumped or kicked into the long grass.


This roundabout in Westminster is the most dangerous


in the capital, being changed at the moment to make it safer,


and the new Cycling Commissioner says more will follow.


One of my jobs coming in, it's day four at the moment,


but it's about looking at where the potential new schemes


that will be coming in, what else can we be doing to this?


The budget is there, Sadiq's committed a record-breaking


budget for this agenda, because he recognises


Bold pledges on day four, ones he and the mayor will be judged on.


Hope turned to despair today for hundreds of thousands


The Aslef Union had agreed a deal to end the dispute,


It's been a long term saga and Marc Ashdown has been


looking at the "deals, or no deals" that have


It's a simple enough question, who should operate the doors


on a train, the driver or the conductor?


But it's led to nearly a year of industrial strife.


The first talks between the RMT and Southern took place just


With confidence high it could be ended quickly,


More strikes followed in May and June.


I just think they really need to sort it out.


July brought some respite, but by August another five-day


Back round the negotiating table, and could there be an end in sight?


Southern put forward an 8-point plan with certain sweetness


The RMT claimed the government intervened to block any agreement,


Remember, remember the 7th of September?


And in October relations soured further.


Managers put a take it or leave it deal on the table for conductors,


accept a one-off payment and new terms or face the sack.


The talks collapsed, a three-day strike followed.


A second union now joined in, Aslef, representing train drivers.


After a day of talks, Aslef said it was hopeful


The RMT claimed it was banned from talks and negotiations


No deal, and the first all-out strike - drivers and conductors.


For three days no trains ran on any of the 2242 Southern services,


I don't care now, I just want it resolved.


It led to protests outside the Department for Transport.


And in January, a six-day strike split into two three-day walk outs,


BBC London got all sides round the table on podiums to try


to try and thrash it out in a public debate.


And now they're refusing to come to compromise.


I am deeply sorry for the inconvenience


Finally at the start of this month, Aslef struck a deal with Southern.


No, I hadn't heard that, but thank you, that's terrific news.


Great news then, all the union had to do was get its members to accept.


At one o'clock today, it was rejected.


Aslef says it respects the decision and will keep


Southern says it's saddened and hugely disappointed.


For passengers, this long-running dispute continues.


That's it for now from me, but lets find out what the weather's


Yes, much better winners than yesterday. But we were all looking


at something cheery today. Tomorrow morning a bit grey. Wouldn't be


surprised if there is some rain for some early commuters. But as the day


gets going, not too much in the way of breeze. I think it will turn out


to be a decent day. Probably not as much sunshine is today and just peg


those temperatures back by a degree or two. 10-11. You're probably


thinking just in time for the weekend, comes up weather front but


it's running into the high pressure, that tends to throttle the life out


of the systems. May see thickening cloud but I think the day on


Saturday primarily a dry one, not too much in the way of breeze, get


out and get on with it sort of day. Having seen that on Saturday,


another front will come down towards us but I think we have a lot of dry


weather again. The top temperature of 11. Not too bad for the


forthcoming weekend. Here is Nick Miller


forthcoming weekend. Here is Nick Miller with a resume of the National


weather picture. Hello, rain for some of us today


although it won't make much of a dent in the dry winter so far across


much of the UK. A few threatening clouds in Cumbria but more than a


threat of rain across the pond for Friday. The wettest weather system


of the season is over heading into California, and there have been a


few, with copious amounts of rain and lots of mountain snow.


Record-breaking wet winter so far in parts of California. In Los Angeles


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