14/04/2017 London News


The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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Good evening. I'm Alex Bushill.


Rail passengers travelling over Easter are being warned


Works will be taking place on a number of main lines in London


London Bridge is expected to be amongst the hardest hit.


With fewer people travelling over the Easter weekend,


Network Rail say it's the best time to do the work.


And for some, rail travel gets a whole lot harder.


Here at London Bridge, the multi-million pound


rebuilding works continue, but works are taking


Great for passengers in the long term, but not so great


Network Rail say the number of people using the trains over


Easter drops by half, so it's a great time


Here at Waterloo, they're taking full advantage of that drop


in passengers by upgrading the tracks and the signals,


in order to increase the number of trains.


But compared to some of the other stations,


So what about the rest of the network here in London?


For the first half of the weekend there will be no trains


And for the second half, the line into Cannon Street stays closed.


At Liverpool Street, there will be a big reduction in trains,


so if you're travelling towards Norfolk or Suffolk


you'll need to factor in a tube or a bus journey.


Then on Easter Sunday, for one day only, Southern won't run


any trains from Victoria, and there will be no


Make sure you don't get caught out by works on the tube,


At London Bridge, rail users have had four years of disruption caused


That's finally due to be completed next summer.


We're very confident around the works we are doing


here and we are bang on programme for where we need


There will be some finishing off works beyond Christmas,


but we're looking for substantial completion by around May 2018.


Come Tuesday, lines will reopen, trains will run and commuters


But at London Bridge, the 24-hour operation continues.


There's still much more to do and more closures to come


if they're to have it all open on time next year.


Parents of children with severe special needs in Surrey are fighting


plans to close a local care centre, which provides short


James presents himself mentally at about 18 months old.


He's got limited mobility, hardly any speech or understanding.


When Paul found out that the local Beeches respite home was closing,


it left him deeply worried about his son's future.


What that's meant for us as a family, it's means we've


continued to be able to keep James with us at home.


It's really hard to cope, and without that respite


It says it wasn't confident to provide a viable affordable


programme, and said it found other providers were better placed


Despite her obvious abilities on a trampoline, seven-year-old


Livvy has a range of conditions that require both social


And the other providers that were being offered to look around,


they may be suitable to a certain extent, but there's no nursing care


The parents also argue that respite care is more cost-effective


than putting their children in residential units.


That's an argument they've yet to win with the NHS.


Thousands of people gathered in Trafalgar Square this afternoon


to watch a full-scale re-enactment of The Passion of Jesus.


It told the tale of Christ's betrayal by Judas and his trial


The performance included over 100 actors and live animals,


It was the eighth annual showing of the biblical story


Now let's take a look at the bank holiday weather with Nick Miller.


We have a cloudy night ahead, even a bit of light rain for a time.


Tomorrow, mainly cloudy first thing, but it won't be long before the sun


makes an appearance more readily than it did today.


Good sunny spells tomorrow, but it will be a cooler feeling day.


Good evening. I don't think everybody was a happy bunny today


with the weather. We had some rain. Some of it was on the heavy side,


particularly across northern parts of Wales. All these things are true


for the next few days. Even into next week. We are going to stay with


this chilly air coming in from the North. Vermijl they're never quite


us. -- is a mild air never quite reaches us. It's a case of cool


winds coming in from the North. Here's the extensive cloud cover we


had today. There was some sunshine but a weather front was across the


country and gave a fair bit of heavy rain across some parts of Wales. The


weather front is across the South. There is two of them. This is a


distinct feature, spots of rain on and off through


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