01/05/2017 London News


The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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it's time for the news where you are.


Two boys are being treated for life-threatening injuries


They were rescued from a home on Beambridge Road in Pitsea


Our reporter Robby West has been speaking to one of the local


residents who helped rescue the children trapped inside.


At around 3:15pm today, Essex Fire Rescue were called


to the scene of a house fire in Basildon.


Two children were rescued from a single-storey


A 13-year-old was flown by air ambulance to the Royal London


Hospital, while a ten-year-old was taken to Basildon


Straightaway, I seen smoke piling out the house.


She said there was a baby trapped around the other side, so I


ran round the front, smashed the windows at the front.


As I know, smoke rises, and I was trying to get


end of the building, saying the baby's trapped in the bathroom.


So I came round, but the smoke was far


too thick to gain access deep enough into the house to get


There was another guy behind me, holding onto my foot in


case I passed out or couldn't get back out myself,


the door, so by this point, after about 12 minutes,


the Fire Brigade turned up, from the time I first got there.


And I stayed at the back of the house and guided them through


with their torches, because it was that thick.


Tonight, the teenage boy is said to be in a serious but stable


The ten-year-old's condition is said to be


The fire was extinguished late this afternoon.


Anyone with information is being asked to contact the police on 101.


Detectives investigating a fatal stabbing on a bus in central London


have charged a 38-year-old man with murder.


Archie Sheppard, who was 48, was found dead on the top deck


of a 189 bus in Marylebone on Thursday night.


John Doherty, who's from Fulham, has been charged with


murder and possession of an offensive weapon.


Police believe both men got on the bus at Brent Cross.


Labour has said it would introduce tougher standards for rented housing


in London and "call time on bad landlords"- that's if it wins


Councils would be given powers to license landlords


and to fine those who fail to meet the requirements.


The plans follow a scheme introduced in one London borough last year.


An early surprise and a snap inspection.


These sorts of raids happen twice a week in Newham.


It's been singled out as the council that's


toughest in London on


There's quite a serious gas leak in this property.


We think it's coming from the cooker.


You need a licence to rent out a house or a


flat here and the council's prosecuted more than 1,000 people


they think aren't keeping their properties in good enough condition.


It's this example that Labour wants to build on


They say you have more rights buying a fridge than


In London, you see some of the worst of anywhere in


Faulty wiring, serious damp and vermin and our plan to put


proper consumer rights in place for those renters will start


The Conservatives have dismissed Labour's plan as


They argue that the tenants would bear


the cost of any new regulation in the form of higher rent.


Instead, they argue that the way you deal with


the problem of rogue landlords is to deal with them one by one.


Good morning. Hi, sorry to disturb you.


Last week, London's Mayor announced he will set up


an online database to name and shame dodgy landlords.


But with private tenants now outnumbering homeowners


in London, and rents rising faster here than anywhere


else in the country, some argue regulating


The Liberal Democrats are absolutely committed


to the nine million people in this country


who rent, to make sure that


it is not seen as a second-class option, to protect them and give


Because the reality is, we need to build more


And that's a problem that no major party has


Before we go, look at this. They cat had to be rescued after taking an


unexpected dip this week. An unknown man came to the cat's rescue,


leaning down to drag her out. Felix was a little shaken, as you can see,


but she was OK. It's been a wet and grey bank


holiday for most of us, but what does the rest of the week's


weather have in store? Here's Nick Miller


with the forecast. That was a mediocre bank holiday


if you had outdoor plans. At least for dry gardens there


were some showers, and there will be The rest of tonight looks dry,


temperatures dipping into Some sunny spells to start the day


tomorrow, but make the From late morning, cloud


and showers coming through. Late afternoon and into the evening,


you may catch a heavy one. Temperatures perhaps


as high as 18 Celsius, The rest of the week,


some cloudy days, some sunny days. The north-easterly wind will pick


up, making it feel cooler. Katharine Carpenter will be back


with the latest updates throughout Hello. We have just had the warmest


day of the year so far in Northern Ireland. Very pleasant in the


Sunshine - 20 Celsius in County Tyrone. Similar temperatures in


western Scotland, and it is this part of the UK that


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