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Serbs who say the genocide never happened. Join me now on BBC Two.


Good evening and welcome to BBC London News,


First tonight - are eye-catching incentives a sign that London's


property market is running out of steam?


At some developments, potential buyers are now


being lured with luxury gifts, cars and some could even


As Gareth Furby's been finding out, the recent trends in property prices


suggest there's a difference between what's happening in outer


The finishing touches for a new development in Muswell Hill.


The developer is showing one off today with an asking


Over here you can see it flows really nicely


through into the dining and the entertaining area.


But now there's another incentive for buyers.


Not only is the stamp duty of ?150,000 being paid,


And for house-buyers what's on the screen.


The incentive is a free electric car for everyone who buys


The car is a Renault Zoe, worth ?18,000.


Any saving in the market is a saving, whether it be stamp duty,


a free iPad or electric car, right now we're finding excuses not


Does this offer tell us anything about the state


Are things starting to get a little stagnant?


In the mid-1990s, house prices in London slumped.


Some latest figures suggest the market is hitting a few bumps.


In inner London, prices are down year on year 4.2%.


We have seen a slowdown, much more in inner London.


Inner London has seen more house price growth and is more exposed


to higher stamp duty introduced in 2014 and additional tax


Back in Muswell Hill Anne Henderson and her family are viewing


a two-bedroomed flat, asking price ?700,000.


Will the offer of a free iPad really sway her decision?


Is it the thing that makes the difference


There is also the paid stamp duty worth ?25,000.


For this family it is still not a snap decision.


They will think about it overnight but may yet be back in time


Train operator Greater Anglia has rejected claims from a trade union


that it's planning to close more than 50 ticket offices.


The RMT says it's seen proposals that will see offices,


run by nearly 400 staff, replaced with ticket machines.


Ayshea Buksh is here to tell us more.


What's going on? The Greater Anglia network covers Essex, Hertfordshire,


lies such as the one out to Romford and Southend and Hartford and


Stansted Airport. The RMT say they've been told by the operator


that potentially 74 ticket offices could close, with only seven


remaining. That's because more passengers are using online


ticketing, or ticket machines. This has caused concern amongst


passengers who use the lines. Occasionally I use


the ticket office. Not everybody uses


online and things. Yeah, it's just cutbacks again


I suppose, isn't it? For a start there's


going to be unemployment. People have jobs -


they're causing unemployment. What's the train company saying? The


operator has said there will be no job losses. They say they are


consulting on seven what they say are little used stations around the


network but the unions say we've been here before with the train


operators and they are sceptical. Disabled passengers won't be


able to access stations. Stations will be unstaffed,


except at peak times. Obviously there's going to be no


guard on the train either That's the fears for


the passenger side. Obviously for the staff side,


we fear over 300 jobs I asked the union leader if these


plans go ahead, would they ballot for strike action and he said, yes,


most definitely. It will be interesting to see what happens.


Thank you for the update. Schools are used to giving lessons


about bullying and stranger danger. But should pupils now receive


advice on how to respond A senior Metropolitan Police


officer thinks so. Speaking at a World Counter Terror


Conference here in London, she said children need to be taught


to 'Run, Hide and Tell'. If you hear gunshots,


the best option is to evacuate. This video, around for a couple


of years now, has been seen by thousands of businesses


across the UK. Part of the police and Government


efforts to prepare people Insist others come with you,


but don't let their Its message is clear,


advice on what should happen if terrorists come


into your building. Now a senior Met officer has


said this message should Similar to the way warnings


about strangers or crossing The Deputy Assistant


Commissioner said this. At least 84 people have been killed


and dozens more injured in a terrorist attack in the French


city of Nice. It has happened before following


last year's attacks in Nice. The French government ordered


schools there should carry out three drills every year,


including one in which an attacker Even youngsters between two and six


have to be taught how Definitely I believe it's too early


in a primary school. If parents and other


guardians, teachers, The last attack that happened


was shocking and I was thinking how the kids must have felt,


being kept in a building I do think it's important


to have procedures in place And be more vigilant


for the very young. We need to train them very young


and let them know what's happening. Some schools have done


similar exercises. "It's going to be a sad


time for athletics." That's what Dartford sprinter


Adam Gemili has said about the retirement of the fastest


man on the planet, Usian Bolt. The 23-year-old says it's up


to his generation to fill the void left by the Olympic champion,


who retires this summer. COMMENTATOR: Usain Bolt,


running away from everybody. Among those trailing in the wake


of the great Usain Bolt at last summer's 200 metres Olympic final,


Adam Gemili. He finished fourth,


three-thousandths of a second behind My heart goes out to this


young man, Adam Gemili. Nine months on, he looks back


with disappointment rather than pride at having come so close


to a place on the podium. Yeah, I was close


but not close enough. And that's why you realise how much


those Olympic medals mean. Because they are the best guys,


performing at the right time, It was over so quickly -


20 seconds and it was done. Disappointing for me,


I put so much hard work into it The next task for the lad


from Dartford is to try to make sure he qualifies


for the World Championships An amazing experience,


some really fast athletes there. Usain Bolt's last championship,


one not to miss. If I get to compete there,


it's going to be brilliant. Bolt's retirement is a subject


of a documentary to be screened One of the biggest and hardest


things for me to do. I go into a stadium


for a competition, feel the energy and you feel that you just


want to go out there and run. Athletics doesn't look to be


in the healthiest place, probably not the best time


for Usain Bolt to be retiring. How do you think the sport will cope


with the loss of a global icon? He's such a big character


and he's taken athletics I feel lucky to be in his era,


able to compete and get It will be a sad time for athletics,


but hopefully there are plenty And it is our responsibility to do


that - we will do our best. It may be a while until


athletics finds another But his passion and enthusiasm


for the sport will certainly Let's find out what the weather's up


to, with Matt Taylor. I have some good news for you,


there's some glimpses of sunshine over the next few days. There have


been desperately great scenes, like this one, captured earlier today.


Richie Gray out there. We've had an absence of sunshine. There will be


more coming our way. Cloudy skies overhead tonight, a few spots of


light rain and drizzle, mainly towards parts of Kent, East Sussex


and parts of Essex. Most others will be dry. The cloud and the breeze


will keep temperatures up. Quite cool for the key route tomorrow,


starting with grey skies. By and large a dry day a better chance of


the cloud breaking at times. A bit of sunshine here and there. That


will add to a slightly warmer feel and it will be tempered by the


strength of the wind, particularly across parts of Essex and Kent. Into


the start of the weekend, low pressure starts to get close by. It


looks like the rain will stay in the Channel Islands, parts of Devon and


Cornwall. We will get away with a dry weekend and with the breeze


going more easterly on Saturday, a greater chance of a few more cloud


breaks. I'm optimistic there will be more sunshine around. By this stage,


temperature starting to creep up to around 17 Celsius. Still fairly


breezy, but the breeze does is down this weekend. Let's look at the


outlook. It stays dry right into the weekend and there will be more


sunshine around on Sunday. The winds is much lighter summit will at last


feel warmer. Good evening. It was a lovely day


across large swathes of sunshine and it will be a lovely sunset, here in


North Yorkshire and on the other side of the Pennines, equally


pleasant for the


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