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First tonight, a stinging criticism from the Mayor who's called


the Prime Minister "the most anti-London party leader"


But Theresa May ignored the criticism as she met


Conservative candidates in north-west London.


However, the issue of immigration - and its role in the city's economy -


has emerged as one deep difference between them.


Our Political Editor, Tim Donovan, reports.


In her approach to business and to the capital's rail services,


from our funding for schools to her policy on air quality,


today the Prime Minister was under fire from the Mayor.


I think Theresa May has shown by her actions since she became


Prime Minister she is an anti-London Prime Minister.


She's taking money away from our schools, our policing,


not helping businesses in London with the business rates hike.


I've never seen such an anti-London leader of a mainstream


But a war of words there was not - because appearing this morning


with her candidates lined up for London's seats, she ignored both


In their choice is, do they want to get the best possible


deal out of the Brexit negotiations, the best deal for Britain,


To do that, we need a strong hand in those negotiations,


and that is a strong hand from me and from my team, and that can be


gained by supporting my local candidates here in London.


The alternative is a coalition of chaos, led by Jeremy Corbyn.


Limiting that to 100,000 a year across the UK would mean,


on current proportions, a limit of approximately


Hello, Jason from CFS, how can I help?


This company recruiting EU nurses to hospitals here says they have


become integral to the NHS, but for how much longer?


We are highly dependent on EU nurses, and we have seen the number


of them entering the system decreasing by 92%, and the number


of nurses leaving the NHS at the moment has increased by 68%


And that's happening already, we haven't even had Brexit?


Along with the Mayor, business groups have argued


for special London visas or permits after Brexit.


We have recognised the need to ensure that where there


are skills shortages, those can be met, that the brightest


and best are welcomed here in the UK, and we will continue


What will be different once we leave the EU is we will also be able


to set our own rules for people coming from inside the EU


into the UK, but we will continue to recognise the need to ensure


the brightest and the best are welcome and able to come to the UK.


You're not going to give special arrangements to London, then?


We will ensure that we have the rules on immigration that


will provide for the economy, and that is the economy in London


We want to be able to continue to attract talent,


that is one of the reasons why we are the greatest


When I speak to chief executives across London,


when I speak to innovators, when I speak to investors,


when I speak to those in construction, when I speak


to those in the NHS, when I speak to those in teaching,


all of them are telling me the importance of attracting


The Mayor may think he speaks for the capital, but she has


a mandate for Brexit across the UK and could have a further mandate


A mother who believes her son took his own life after getting


into debt says more needs to be done to regulate the industry


The 20-year-old was given two driving fines which quickly


This is the last footage there is of Jerome Rogers.


It is from a body camera worn by a bailiff who had come to collect


It started because of two fines of ?65 each.


After the bailiff clamped Jerome's bike, he then sat in his car


While he was there, that's when Jerome left the house and went


Jerome had already paid ?800 but was told on this day


The bike he needed to work as a courier was clamped and a request


I said to you about setting up a payment scheme


At the end of the day, you now have a balance of ?1019.


As the bailiff waited outside, Jerome was applying for payday loans


He was found dead by his brother the next day.


The only time it actually does feel real to me is when I go


up to my son's grave and I see his name there.


At an inquest into Jerome's death, a coroner expressed concerns


about some of the practices of Newlands debt collection agency,


although she said the bailiff himself had been reasonable.


But several charities are calling on tougher


We have found that, despite the new regulations in 2013,


we are still experiencing the same problems when it comes to bailiffs,


Newlands did not respond to our request for a comment,


but the Civil Enforcement Association say that it is important


that members protect the vulnerable when collecting debts.


Figures out today from charity Christians Against Poverty say that


of the 1200 clients they saw last year, three quarters


sought medical attention while facing financial problems.


38% have thought about suicide while just over one in ten


had actually attempted to take their own life.


That is twice as many as the year before.


Jerome's friends raised thousands for his funeral and everyone that


loved him wishes he had asked them for help.


And if you or anyone you know needs advice on debt,


you can find help and support by going to the BBC


As the French president elect starts work on form a government, here the


City of London Corporation has dismissed concerns that Emmanuel


Macron, a former banker, will tempt significant business away from our


capital to Paris. When they met in Paris recently,


London's mayor was left in no doubt that Emmanuel Macron hoped


to capitalise on Brexit nerves. His ambition - to make the French


capital the financial Mr Khan is the mayor of roughly


speaking 200,000 French people. Some of them will decide to come


back, I will be very happy to host them again,


but obviously we will work together with the UK and with London


because they live there. On the campaign trail he pledged


to overhaul France's labour market, to simplify the tax system,


and ease back on regulation, to make There have been French financiers


in London since the 17th century and there are still thousands


of them living and So here in the heart


of the City at the Guildhall, are they worried that the charms


of Paris might lure them home and entice others


across the Channel? London is the big global financial


centre for the whole It's Europe's gateway to the world


economy and that won't change as a result of Brexit and it


won't change as a result of Macron. A month ago the European Union


looked to be in a parlous state. With this emphatic win


by President Macron, and the alignment with Germany,


it makes the European Union look pretty strong now


and they are probably in their best negotiating position they have been


for a very long time but the idea that London will lose its prowess


as a leading world financial The election result has led


to fighting talk from the man behind the project to try to steal away


London's financial workers to Paris. In fact this morning he has given


interviews saying as many as 20,000 people could now relocate and he's


leading a delegation to the US later this month


to try to encourage banks But is the uneasiness


here in the city justified? I think there's always a bit


of a panic when things are new, It probably will happen but it's


going to be the junior people that go and that's what people


need to realise. Not necessarily the senior people


who will want to stay in London. So yes, it might happen,


there are probably quite a few million people in this country


who might be happy For now then, London


is talking a confident game, but these commuters could be


swapping the Underground Katherine Carpenter,


BBC London News. I'll say goodnight now and let's see


how the weather's shaping May feels like it's


struggling a bit? It feels more like March! There is a


chained under way in the middle part of the week and we will get some


sunshine. It will start feeling warm as well but it will come at a cost


and we will lose the settled weather but has an heavy showers but we


could do with the rain. High pressure has been in charge for ages


and it is now in a pincer movement by two low-pressure systems and it


is this on to the south that moves up on Friday and will introduce some


heavy rain now and then. We will keep on it, but no such problems


tonight because once again it will be dry, Saint-Cloud around but


enough clear sky for temperatures to fall back, already into single


figures -- some cloud around. The south of London in particular with a


touch of frost, but nothing severe. A chilly start tomorrow, the wind


from the north-east, still a fair amount of cloud around but some


bright and sunny spells and it might be feeling a touch warmer tomorrow


with temperatures reaching 16 in central London. A sunny day on


Wednesday and temperatures should be at the average for May of 17 degrees


and then left settled as the week goes on and we could get a shower on


Thursday, it will be warming up and feel quite humid, and heavy showers


on Friday. At the weekend, we start with some sunshine and showers, it


will become drier and feel warm. Now the National forecast.


Good evening. A quiet day on the weather front but we still managed


to have some huge contrasts in the weather. This was a beautiful




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