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That's Newsnight with Emily. Here on BBC


This programme has learned that Ukip is not going to field


candidates in at least a quarter of London's constituencies.


The party suffered badly in the local elections,


but it's London Chairman has told us, the decision to withdraw


is to ensure pro-Brexit candidates from other parties win.


Here's our political editor, Tim Donovan.


The man now known as the Brexit Secretary was deployed today


So are you going to vote for us this time?


70% of people in Thurrock voted Leave last year.


So with that job done, will Ukip's support fall away here?


Well, what we're see something a large number of Ukip


They voted Ukip because they wanted Brexit.


Now the question is - who can deliver on Brexit?


We are finding whether it is a Ukip voter or frankly,


an ex-Labour Remain voter, they all want a good deal.


Ukip is standing in Thurrock and they've made Dagenham


and Rainham, held by Labour, their key target.


Orange is, so far as I know, being left alone.


they aren't standing. maybe as many as 25 in the capital,


The party's London Chairman told me it was to protect pro-Brexit former


Ukip branches have decided not to stand against both


Remainers who are in place but where the challenger


is a strong Brexiter, about whose credentials we have no


doubt or Levers who are in place, where their position may be not


How many seats do you think might change hands as a result


We think maybe five, maybe ten will quite


Staying with the election and key policy commitments revealed


in Labour's leaked draft manifesto could have a big


Louisa Preston is here to tell us how?


Labour is saying it'll play for HS2. But they want to link a train with a


tunnel right under the City. Something we've covered on this


programme and which has caused problem for commuters is the


long-running dispute with southern rail. They say they'll end the


practice of driver-only train. So they are saying guards will be back


on trains, rather controversial after everything we have been


through. They want thoond over commuter rail services to the mayor


and transport for London, something we know the mayor will be very


grateful for. As we know, as important as what is in the


manifesto s what is not in it. Can you shed any light on that? Exactly.


It is interesting to see what hasn't made it in. In the entire document,


there is no mention of Heathrow. And I mean Heathrow expansion. Now, that


may well be because we know the mayor is very much in favour of


Gatwick. He doesn't want to go with Heathrow expansion. The Shadow


Chancellor, John McDonnell is an MP next door to Heathrow, he doesn't


want it either but the big unions do want it and so do MPs in the north.


So it is interesting that it hasn't made it in. An interesting one. As


Londoners, are there any other issues we should be aware of? Yes,


Labour is saying that people who earn more than ?80,000 will also be


taxed more. Obviously there are a lot of people in London that earn


that sort of money, so it'll affect London more than many other places


right across the country and on health, we know there's lots of


reorganisation planned in London currently but Labour is saying they


are going to halt all the changes and they are going to get local


health groups back together and focus on patient need rather than


the funding of services. Well, both Labour and Ukip will be


standing in one of London's most hotly contested seats,


that of Croydon Central. It's currently held by the Tories


with the slimmest of majorities. So what are the issues


which are important to people of the area which'll


decide the result? And what are those fighting for your


vote promising this time round? In a seat where the vote was won


by the Conservatives, beating Labour by just 165 votes,


there's everything to play for. A lot has changed since 2015


with Britain voting to leave the EU, so just what is the political


appetite in Croydon Central? We've got some politically


themed doughnuts here. And tell me why you want


to vote Conservatives. Because it's the most


important time in our history that we need one party


to go against Europe. Corbyn as leader and actually


the party at working overall for the benefits of all the people


rather than the elite at the top. Definitely want a blue one


because stability is absolutely key. I like Jeremy Corbyn


and I know a lot of people don't actually like him,


but I think his ideas I think the Labour Party is going


to represent younger people. Before long, we were out


of Conservative and Labour Party doughnuts, and it was time to speak


to some of the candidates. Gavin Barwell is confident


of retaining the seat Croydon Central voted


narrowly to leave the EU. He says the key issue


is who can best lead We clearly feel that,


in Theresa May, we've got the right candidate to provide that strong


and stable leadership and that Jeremy Corbyn actually


would represent a real threat to this country as we go


through the Brexit negotiations. That's absolutely an issue


that we will put front and centre, and it's very interesting that,


if you look at my Labour opponent's leaflets,


there's absolutely no mention So we are off now to meet Sarah


Jones, who is Labour's candidate. She was up against Gavin Barwell


last time, losing out She says she really fancies her


chances this time around. She says her focus is


on local issues, not Two years on, people can see


the impact of the Conservative government and they are starting


to understand that Barwell has People cannot get housing


or get the jobs they want, people are struggling


with their education. There are supply teachers coming


in because there are not enough People are beginning to question,


is this the only way? Ukip needs to be around


because we will be there They picked up nearly 5000 votes


in 2015, finishing third and well above the Lib Dems and


Greens, but things are looking more We cannot ignore what happened


in the local elections last week. Do you get worried that


might affect your vote? It is a unique situation


because we are in the middle of the general election


and the Tories have taken We want a good Brexit


agreement, but we do not On our doughnut run,


there was indecision. And it is those voters


the candidates will need to tempt if they are to win


in London's tightest seat. The Greens and Lib Dems


came fourth and fifth respectively in Croydon Central


at the last election. This is what their


candidates had to say. We do want a strong economy,


but we've also got a social conscience so we do the right things


for people that aren't as well I just want to bring


the whole town together, stop it being divided,


bring the whole town together We believe in a vote,


a final vote, on the final Brexit We believe in progress


and positive solutions. We want to see the economy


work for everybody, not And here's a full list


of candidates standing Well, you can keep


across all developments in the general election -


which is less than a month away- That's at the usual


address - bbc.co.uk/news. And if you're on the move,


download the BBC news app We want to see the economy


work for everybody, not Now the weather.


, yes a humid dead. We have had photographs of the


Now, humid air is coming in hyped. This cloud will be spreading


northwards bringing rain and showers. More cloud will head our


way. Yes, more rain to come across the south-east over night tonight.


The south-west will have rumble of thunders and wetter weather into


Northern Ireland. Scotland will stay dry. On the cool side


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