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he is a significant figure in


Welcome to BBC London News with me, Alice Bhandhukravi.


Boris Johnson has broken ranks and continued his opposition


Yesterday, Theresa May's manifesto promised her party would build


Today, Theresa May's Foreign Secretary said he still opposed


Campaigning in West London, London's former mayor insisted


that plans to grow Heathrow were not the right solution


Here's our political correspondent Karl Mercer.


Somewhere in there is a former mayor.


This is why the Conservatives break Boris Johnson out at election time,


even if not everyone is entirely sure which party he represents.


This is the main guy! Vote for him, for his parliament.


Uh, Conservative. Conservatives.


The Conservatives. There you go.


In fact, one of the most senior in the country.


But not exactly on message of his party's manifesto,


A third runway, I think, would do all sorts of damage


in terms of noise pollution, which we can hear now,


I don't think it's been properly thought through.


You don't think it's been properly thought through


I think that when it comes to the problems of air


pollution and others, we will find very


and I've been consistent as Foreign Secretary.


And I remain of the same view that it is the wrong solution.


Boris, you're in front of a sign that says "cobblers".


I'll be happy to fix his shoes for him.


As mayor, Mr Johnson was a big fan of the Crossrail 2 plan to build


a new rail link from north to south London.


It didn't get a mention in the manifesto.


Crossrail 2, I know! Crossrail doesn't get a mention.


Why is that? Has the party dropped support for that?


Are you a big fan? I am a big fan.


In the last year, I have not bashed the Mayor.


But I do think if he believes in this, it is up to him


to put forward the plan and a better business case.


The new Mayor's office called those comments totally hypocritical,


saying Labour would build Crossrail 2.


Sadiq Khan has also crossed swords with his predecessor over


another London building project - the Garden Bridge.


You wasting ?46 million of taxpayers' money


If I may say so, that is entirely his wastage.


It was up to him to proceed with this project.


I do believe it will still be done, and it will be a great thing.


But it's a shame that he's been so...


City Hall said the Mayor had taken action to prevent further loss


of taxpayer money due to the way that Mr Johnson went ahead


The Foreign Secretary may have some bridges of his own


And staying with the general election for a moment,


BBC London is hosting a special debate programme


on what they will do for the capital.


If you'd like to join us as part of the audience


just send us an email to [email protected]


The Mayor has tonight said he's furious after footage emerged


of a tram driver asleep in front of the controls.


An investigation has been launched by the tram company,


just six months after another one of its trams derailed in Croydon,


Here's our transport correspondent Tom Edwards.


This footage taken by a passenger on Wednesday shows a tram driver


apparently asleep at the controls during the morning rush hour.


Given to the Evening Standard, the person who took the footage


told the paper there were about 50 passengers on board.


The tram was being held at a red light.


Again, it puts driver fatigue in the spotlight.


Yeah, it's happened to me once in ten years.


Recently, four drivers told the BBC


they'd also fallen asleep at the controls.


How many drivers do you think have fallen asleep in the cabin?


I would have to say most drivers have at some point in their careers.


when a tram derailed in Croydon last November.


It was travelling at 46mph around a tight corner,


A preliminary report has said the driver lost awareness,


an investigation is still trying to find out.


they're reluctant to admit fatigue to transport bosses.


Why aren't drivers telling the operators what's going wrong?


If we were to come forward and say, "Excuse me, I fell asleep,"


The Mayor says he is furious at the latest incident.


The operator, First Group, says the driver has been suspended.


TfL has passed the footage on to the ongoing investigations.


But all of this again heightens concerns


about driver fatigue on London's tram network.


A construction firm has been found guilty


of the manslaughter of two workmen


a multimillion-pound flat in Knightsbridge.


Tomasz Procko and Karol Symanski had been trying to haul a large sofa


over a balcony when the railings gave way in November 2014.


The firm, Martinisation London Limited, and boss Martin Gutaj


were found guilty of breaking health-and-safety laws.


An online fly-tipping map has been published which shows


the worst places for dumping waste are in and around London,


with more than 70,000 incidents last year,


the volume of illegally dumped waste is still rising.


but let's find out what the weather's up to with Jay Wynne.


Hello, Alice. An improving story through the weekend, some sunshine


today, but a scattering of showers for the first part of the weekend.


Some sunny spells, but also showers, could turn out to be quite heavy. By


Sunday, a day for getting out and about. A few showers around at the


moment, chipping from west to East, becoming fewer and further between


by dawn, when it will turn chilly for some, 8-9 inside town. So a


fresh start to the day. Early show was clear away, then sunshine, cloud


builds, showers followed, some heavy with the odd rumble of thunder. Top


temperatures in the upper teens, around 17-18 degrees. The showers


fade away through Saturday evening, then on Sunday we start on a fresh


note, a dry, bright day with a good deal of sunshine, 19-20 degrees. The


outlook shows a lot of fine weather continuing on into Monday, and if


anything a little bit warmer. Good evening, plenty of heavy


showers and thunderstorms over the last few days, and that showery


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