23/05/2017 London News


The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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Flags are flying at half mast in the capital and hundreds


gathered at impromptu vigils to show their solidarity


Londoners know only too well the horrors of a terror attack.


The device used having echoes of the 7/7 bombings.


This evening, multi-faith leaders in the capital condemned the attack,


A minute's silence for those affected by the Manchester tragedy.


Multi-faith leaders gathered at Central Mosque in London


I think it's very important for us, as one


nation, whatever background, colour, religion or faith we are, we


And it is very important that we remain


Despite the fact that they are evil people who commit such terrible


acts, that most of us, most people of all communities


want to live in harmony with each other.


In Trafalgar Square as well, people gathered.


A vigil was organised to remember those killed in Manchester.


I was on duty at 7/7 at King's Cross working


And it sort of hit home when I woke up this morning and saw


the news and my first thoughts were, people stood with me when I was at


my lowest all around the world, saying we stand with London, and I


wanted to do the same for people in Manchester.


Phil Duckworth was badly injured in the 7/7 attack.


For him, it also triggered the worst kind of


Total shock, I could not believe it was happening all


And I think my initial reaction was, basically, I didn't want


He knows - because his wife went through it - what the


families with those missing are suffering.


I was a missing person for quite a long time and it


is hard, very hard, hearing how difficult


and the search for you, not having information to find sort


of a loved-one and how to go about that.


And that is where I really feel it is


hard to deal with, to think about the people


hard to deal with, to think about the people in Manchester


Across London, flags were lowered on public


buildings and there was this message from the Mayor.


Londoners have been through attacks recently on their


own city, but today, it was another city in their thoughts.


These were some of the messages for the people of


Be strong, be united, don't let them win.


I know it's a load of cliches, but it's a cliche for a reason.


Yeah, you know, we're with you, Manchester.


So the best thing is to stick together and be strong.


Anyone who attacks young girls is disgusting.


And if they want to bring the fight to us, they


bring the fight to us, but don't take it to little girls.


A country united in the face of tragedy.


Londoners may have already noticed an increased police


presence in the capital, but that's set to change.


And yes, with the heightened risk, things will look very different for


tomorrow morning. In practical terms, soldiers will replace armed


officers in some of the prominent public places as part of a


long-standing plans -- plan to free up the Armed Forces to work on


operations relating to terror. It is called operation temper.


They will be placed in public places and at some police cordons. We have


a number of big sporting events, the FA Cup final at Wembley, a big rugby


final at Twickenham and we know that the security will be more robust.


Fans being asked to arrive early so they can have their bags searched,


to try to prevent and make sure people are kept safe. Earlier, we


spoke to a terra specialist who told is a bit about what will be going on


behind-the-scenes and who asked for the public to be vigilant. How can


the services respond to this, the security services? These plans and


procedures are well practised and hopefully we'll execute them well so


there is a lot of activity behind-the-scenes. In order to make


those physical and system assets more effective, we have to have


members of the public, so it is the soft power of counterterrorism and


if they are not paying attention, you certainly do not want them to


feel afraid but if they're not aware and alert, it makes us less


effective. This attack is two months after Westminster which is still


fresh in our minds. Yes, this was a more sophisticated attack,


Westminster was a knife and a car and somebody here has built a bomb


and detonated it, possibly part of a week larger group. It takes us back


to the bombings of 7/7. The Metropolitan Police will share that


information with Manchester and looking at their tactics to avoid


this kind of attack. Thank you very much.


In other news: A family who were housing at least 26


migrants in appalling conditions in North West London are due to be


sentenced for breaching housing regulations.


The tenants were paying up to ?70 a week for rooms


jammed with bunk beds, with one occupant sleeping


In court today, because they were responsible for property in


condition is described as appalling. And we filmed back in July as Brent


Council raided a four bedroomed semi in Wembley. Inside, inspectors found


at least 26 people had been living here and bunk beds were packed into


almost every room. The tenants here has been paying between ?40 to ?70 a


week. Six sleeping spaces. Outside, in the back garden, there was a shed


with a woman living but inside as well. Today, the owners and managers


of this property were convicted of or admitted multiple breaches of the


regulations on housing standards. And in court to witness this,


officers from Brent Council involved in this raid. It was disgraceful.


And there were six men are living in box bedrooms, but we bunk beds in


each room. When we went out into the back garden, we found a shack which


was literally a shack with tarpaulin and timber but together with a lady


living in it. It cannot believe it, it was disgraceful. ?600 of rent was


taken from this property and clearly somebody was making a lot of money


by exploiting tenants and providing them with it -- appalling living


conditions. The court heard that the rent was collected and they would


have known about this date of the property they helped to manage.


Would you like to live in these conditions in Muirhouse? Would you


like to live in those conditions? There will be sentenced at Harrow


Crown Court. It's being called a "health


emergency", and London regularly breaches legal limits


for air quality. Now, researchers at Imperial College


London have shown why diesel fumes It is not news that


diesel fumes are a harm It's estimated they contribute


to the premature deaths of more And cleaning the capital's air


has become a political In October, the most polluting cars


will pay a so-called toxicity charge An ultra-low emission zone


will follow in two years' time. Today, researchers from Imperial


College have published research which shows how diesel particles


attack the lungs and They activate receptors on the nerve


endings that tell you to cough. Basically, they directly activate


receptors which cause This is a problem for everybody,


but more of a problem for those who have asthma


and respiratory conditions. Just ten days ago, doctors


demonstrated at Downing Street, calling for more to be done


to tackle the issue. The Mayor, of course, wants


the government to pay people to Data shows that in schools


and nurseries, the air quality levels are way above the legal limit


and I want to see those driven down so that no school and nursery has


levels that breach world so that no school and nursery has


levels that breach World The team at Imperial


hope their research will lead to the issue of pollution moving up


the political agenda. Well, as we've been hearing,


last night's horrific events are even more shocking


because of the high number So what about parents concerned


about what to say to their kids, who may be confused,


upset or distressed by what they're seeing on television


or on social media? With more details, here's


Katharine Carpenter. Would you want to go for that? Like


many parents, waking to the News of the terror attack on Manchester


Arena, Amanda Dawson wondered how to broach it with her ten-year-old son.


They have tickets for the same concert at London's O2 Arena on


Thursday so it felt very close to home. The first thing he wanted to


do was to watch it on the news for himself. There is that disbelief


when you hear something and when you see it, it becomes real. So that is


how our conversation went. And you were really quite angry this


morning. I was very curious, I just want to watch it on the news. I was


just curious about what happens mainly. This is Newsround. We are


waking up to the news that there was an attack last night... Some news


programmes and websites have content that might help parents explain to


their children what is going on in the world, but with so many


upsetting headlines on television and social media, what advice is


therefore parents talking to their children? The NSPCC say to listen


carefully to a child's fears and worries and to reassurance and


avoid, located explanations that could be frightening and confusing.


Because of these events and children have been victims, children feel


much closer to these events and they are more emotionally traumatised.


They think they are more likely to become a victim is as a consequence


and as a result of that, they have high levels of anxiety and they need


additional support to be able to address the worries they have. It


can be heartbreaking to hear these bombings and terrorist attacks, it


is quite heartbreaking, it just makes you question what is next. I


want them to go out and enjoy what London has to offer and not feeling


scared every time they get on the Jupiter or if they go to a big event


like that. To reinforce that message, Amanda says she'd and has


somewhat to see Ariana Grande and concert and their weightings to find


out if the concert on Thursday is still going ahead. -- and they are


waiting to find out. And there's more information


and advice about how to talk to children about recent events


on the BBC Newsround website. I'll wish you a very


goodnight now and leave you with Elizabeth Rizzini,


for a check on the weather. They pretty enter the day with a lot


of sunset pictures from across the capital. There will be more sunshine


but as we had to be the next couple of days and for the rest of the


week, it is sunnier although there will be a lot of cloud around at at


times. It is dry with high pressure dominating. Towards the end of the


working week, it will turn warm and heart. By Saturday, we could be


looking at 30, 21 degrees. At this time of year, we normally would be


looking at 18, 19 Celsius. Overnight, variable cloud and


largely clear. Dry it into tomorrow morning, temperatures between 12 and


15 Celsius in Central London. So a mild good morning. Brightness and


sunshine first think and quite a lot of cloud. With high pressure ) rose


and like wings, it will break the cloud more readily than to day with


good sunshine by the time we get to tomorrow and temperatures on a par


with what we had yesterday, 23 and 25 Celsius, in the centre of town.


This is the pressure chart for the next couple of days. Thursday, high


pressure migrating to the East. Allowing warm air from the near


continent on the South East so temperatures rising, on Thursday and


Friday. We could be looking at 25, 20 seven Celsius. This is the


summary over the next couple of days. A rising temperatures and is


the heat going to last over the Bank Holiday Weekend? It might do. This


is the National forecast. Double. Hello, cloud topping and tailoring


the country today and that


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