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Here, on BBC One, it's time for the news where you are.


The man in charge of the Metropolitan Police


during the 7/7 bombings has warned there will never be enough resources


to prevent future terror attacks from taking place.


Lord Blair said difficult choices will always need to be made in order


Our Home Affairs Correspondent Nick Beake assesses the scale


Outside Scotland Yard, they paused to remember the victims


Among those murdered was a police officer.


Elaine McIver, off-duty at the concert.


The Met is the beating heart of the UK's counterterrorism


network, but today, a reality check from a former boss.


There just are not enough resources, and there could never be enough


resources to cover everybody inevitably, and I do think


the Government is completely right to raise the situation to critical,


because he cannot have done this alone.


So what exactly is the size of the threat facing the police


We are told around 3,500 people are of interest in the UK.


Among them will be the 200 or so Londoners who have


been to Syria to fight and have now returned.


We're also told there are around 500 live counterterrorism investigations


Many of those will be in and around London.


The Manchester attack is the first time since 7/7,


The terrorists have now succeeded again in using explosives.


In August 2006, the thwarted plan to blow up planes between here


This was a demonstration for the BBC of what could happen.


In June 2007, outside the Tiger Tiger nightclub police


found an explosive device filled with nails and nuts


Then, another plot to bomb the London Stock Exchange.


And in 2012, a plan to attach an explosive to a remote-controlled


car and target the Territorial Army centre in Newton was also foiled.


I think we have some of the best police services


in the world and they really respect our capability.


It is a capability that has got better with time and should carry


It has some of the most talented people in the country doing


But the Manchester suicide bomber was reported to the authorities.


Once again, the question of resources and which suspects


to concentrate on has been brought into focus.


Well, the controversial Government strategy aimed at stopping people


from becoming terrorists is called Prevent.


It's controversial because some communities feel it


Yet that hasn't stopped sections the Muslim community from attempting


to tackle the issue of violent extremism head on.


These two people might look like they are having fun,


They have been specially trained to spot signs of radicalisation.


Not talking to people as much as they used to,


a different atmosphere in their tone, their


Even the small things make differences.


The 17-year-old says it is just a matter of speaking


to people in everyday life, counteracting the tactics groups


We use the same tactics, get to those people who are vulnerable,


get them in a safe space where they can speak to us and let


go of those emotions and make sure those emotions don't stay in them


and doesn't end up turning into something detrimental to themselves


This is part of a charity that tries to stop the spread of extremism.


This man used to work with the Government's Prevent


strategy, which tries to stop people getting into terrorism,


Our focus has now moved from intense, effective work


We need a team that can speak to the experts


who know what the hell is going on to tackle the problem.


It is no secret, this strategy has been controversial.


But the Government says it has reached hundreds of thousands


of people and stopped many others travelling to places


But hundreds across the UK have still been radicalised,


including the three Bethnal Green schoolgirls, Jihadi


As for Iram, she says she will continue to keep her eyes


and ears open in the hope of making a difference in her community.


Well, for the latest I'm joined now by Ayshea Buksh.


This is now a massive challenge for the police and security services.


The Met Police know of 3000 people who are of interest to them, they


cannot follow every lead, they have to prioritise. Counterterrorism


teams are making at least one arrest a day, and an act which have been


told that they have arrested a 64-year-old man at an address in


north London, following the arrest of a 37-year-old man attempting to


board a flight to Turkey on Tuesday at Stanstead Airport. These arrests


are not, police insist, in connection to the Manchester


incident, it is about travel to Syria, but both men are being held


on suspicion of preparing for acts of terrorism. Also British Transport


Police have begun deploying armed officers on the national rail


network. This is the first time in its history, the first patrol teams


were seen at Euston Station earlier today. They say it is in response to


the critical threat level that the country currently has. Armed


officers have been patrolling on the London Underground since December.


Accident investigators have found "no evidence" to explain why


a passenger put his head out of a train window,


Simon Brown was travelling to Victoria station


when the accident happened near Balham last year.


The Gatwick Express train had been travelling


A post-mortem examination found no traces of drugs or alcohol.


Advice to keep your eyes off your mobile phone


because of nearby mopeds has been issued by police in London.


It comes after the number of mopeds stolen has rocked in the past year,


with most of them being used to carry out further crimes.


The opportunists look for unsuspecting pedestrians,


who then have valuables snatched out of their hands.


They are fearless and they are aggressive.


London's thieves are using stolen mopeds more than ever,


and it is our mobiles they are mostly after.


Here in Islington last week, 31 phones were stolen in a single hour.


In just five minutes, we found two people it had happened to.


There was one guy driving and one guy on the back.


Just took it out of my hand, split second, didn't


Your phone just disappears out of your hand and you kind


of realise what happened, and then you beat yourself up,


Think about chasing after him, probably don't.


But police say we are still walking around with our phones in full view.


We go up to them and they say, "We have already had them stolen


And we say, "Wow, you are still doing it!"


What they say, they know somebody who has had their phone stolen


In the past year 15,000 scooters have been stolen.


They are then used to commit more crime.


The man fighting this theft wants us to know just how


In under 20 seconds he showed us how to steal one.


The bike like this without a lock on the back wheel, you can just grab


We can't show you any more of that, sorry.


But what we can show you is how to keep your mopeds safer.


The way to do it is put a big chain through the back wheel and put


When it's at home, put a big hook into the concrete.


This is one of 22 stolen every day, and the police say they only solve


about 5% of the crimes associated with mopeds.


With annual train tickets costing several thousand pounds, but a


second-hand mopeds around 700, many people are choosing the cheaper


option. London needs to bricks and habits to stay safe.


It is getting a little bit uncomfortable for some of us, and it


is getting hotter. It got up to 27 degrees today. Not an awful lot


happening, clear sky. In the sunshine the temperatures


will be shooting up. We could even get to 29 degrees. On


Saturday there is a change. We anticipate a few storms from the


south. Quite often they bring fresh weather, but not on this occasion.


There will be slightly fresher weather as we head into next week.


You would expect strong sunshine at this time of year, but it has been


stronger than you would normally expect, and that continues tomorrow.


It has been the hottest day of the year so far. I suspect we might beat


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