29/05/2017 London News


The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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Good evening from BBC London News, I'm Victoria Hollins.


There was extra security in place today as thousands of runners took


to the Capital's streets for a 10K race.


Organisers say last-minute changes were made to arrangements


in collaboration with the Metropolitan Police


and City Hall, following the Manchester bombing,


United they run. A week ago today Londoners woke up to the news of the


Manchester attack. Today, undeterred, they turned out in their


thousands to pound the capital's streets, but the shadow of last


week's horrendous events loomed large. You have to come out in


support. You have to go on. That's it. I'm here for Manchester. I felt


safe, didn't you? Yeah, it was very well organised, definitely. It made


us even more determined I think, come out, show our solidarity. The


atmosphere round the course has been wonderful. Everyone's really pulled


together. Good for us. Despite the recent tragic events in


Manchester, over 12,000 runners turned out today for London's


vitality 10 K snaking their way through some of London's historic


sites before crossing the finish line here in front of Buckingham


Palace. But behind-the-scenes, it was the safety of the athletes and


the spectators that was uppermost in the minds of the organisers. We had


a full security review with the mayor's office, the Metropolitan


Police, the City of Westminster, all the agencies, the royal park,


everyone working together. A lot of security has been beefed up. We


don't give any details because that actually reduces the security, if


you give details. But a lot has happened. And the planning paid off.


Today's race went off without a hitch. Londoners determined to carry


on. With just over a week to go before


the general election, BBC London has visited one


of our key battle grounds. Carshalton and Wallington


was the only seat in London that the Liberal Democrats


won in 2015. So will their message on Brexit


bring victory again? Or will local issues


be more important? Welcome to the constituency of


Carshalton and Wallington, on the Surrey border where most people


voted Leave. It's one of the tightest marginals in London. But


will it be bins or Brexit that decide it here? This is an


incinerator, which will be burning waste at 850 degrees. It's rubbish


that concerns the Green candidate, as this incinerator nears completion


in the north of the constituency. He's been fighting it for years.


It's a really big issue. Imagine if you live around here. I was chatting


to a resident earlier, she was telling me that she owns her house.


What are the chances of her selling her house with that here now? The


value of the property's come down. I feel so sorry for people living


around here. Will those who live nearby be tempted to vote Green? As


we were filming Karen and her daughter passed by. It was not at


all what we were led to believe. I feel we've been betrayed in a lot of


ways. Will that change how you vote, would you consider voting Green? The


thing is with the Green Party as muches you might have our best


interests at heart, no-one listens. What do you say to that? Locally, if


enough people actually realise that the Green candidate that actually


took on the council's standing we could actually get enough votes to


be able to challenge those two parties as well. Thank you very


much, I'll bear you many n mind. New bin collections from the local


Liberal Democrat council have caused real problems here. There are


concerns that services at the local hospital could be cut. The MP for


the last 20 years has been the Liberal Democrat Tom Brake. He voted


Remain. At the last election, he got just 1,510 votes more than the


Conservatives. Clearly the bins issue has not been helpful. We're


seeing a decline that the level of complaints associated with the new


contract. But there are other issues that I think play much more


significantly in people's hearts. That is the future of our local


hospital, where I've got a track record of over 25 years of


campaigning for that hospital. Ukip aren't putting up a candidate here.


Last time, they got 7,000 votes. The Tory candidate, who also voted


Remain, says he'll be tougher with the local council. One of my


campaign issues has been to give the council a kick when it doesn't


provide people the services they're expecting. We have had the same


council in control here for more than 30 years. The Liberal Democrat


MP I'm up against is from the same party. He finds it perhaps difficult


to give them the kick they need when they underperformed. I think it's


going to be about Brexit and other national issues. I think it will be


about the NHS as well. There's big local issue in terms of St Helier


hospital. They feel that they need somebody to speak up for them. This


constituency isn't unusual, Brexit could dominate. But other local


issues might play their part in what happens on June 8.


of candidates standing in Carshalton and Wallington on your screen now.


There's plenty more information about the election and your local


Londoners are being asked not to feed the birds in Regent's Park,


following fears it could be linked to cases of inbreeding


The park has one of the largest grey heron colonies in the capital.


There is a mystery bird feeder who is dishing up unconventional


food for these herons in Regent's Park.


This is one of the areas where you will see a lot of people


putting food out for the geese and the ducks and the herons.


They are putting out bread, they are putting out all sorts


of scraps and notoriously lots of curried rice.


That has been a big problem here because it is just


It has been appearing regularly beside the water's edge and eaten


There are now concerns about possible genetic


Because they are so laden, they are not flying off


and exploring other areas, so they are becoming quite isolated


here in their little island and the problem is if they do become


isolated, they do not meet other herons from other


You end up with a very small gene pool and generation after generation


This island in Regent's Park is a home to around 20


It is one of the largest grey heron colonies in the whole of London.


But it is not just here where bird feeding is causing a problem.


Over in Richmond Park it is also a concern.


You get interested in the wildlife and after a while they


Royal Parks benefit from 77 million visitors to the park each year


and you can imagine if each of us just brings a little handful of food


for the birds that is far too much food for them.


Back in Regent's Park the mystery of the curried rice


Let's turn now to a check on the weather with Wendy.


It's been a strange old weekend. It has, yes. The weather for the week


ahead is settling down. We'll have decent spells of sunshine and


towards the end of the week, it's going to become very warm once


again. We did have a fairly unstable atmosphere over the last 48 hours or


so. That situation is clearing away now. We have a cold front going


through tomorrow. It's not going to come to much. Building in behind it,


high pressure. That's going to settle things down. Fewer showers,


more in the way of sunshine. And a bit of heat once again. You may


still see one or two showers this evening. They're tending to ease


away. There's not much pep left in them any way. Most of the night is


dry. Plenty of cloud around. Temperatures falling to 14 or 15


degrees. Another warm night. Then off to work again tomorrow. Not


school, though perhaps. Maybe one or two showers first thing. But most of


the day is going to be dry once again. There'll be a fair amount of


breaks in the cloud. Decent spells of sunshine, a little breezy.


Temperatures around about where they should be at this time of year. Then


Wednesday looking like a decent day as well. Plenty of sunshine, high of


22 degrees, lighter winds than Tuesday. Towards the end of the week


temperatures could be picking up to the mid-20s again.


A band of rain through Friday. If it does what it should and clears


through, next weekend will be with showers, a little fresher and


breezy. That's a long way off though. Much less complicated


weather to enjoy in the meantime. That's it for now. We're back in


breakfast tomorrow morning from 6. 25am. From all of us here, whatever


you're doing, enjoy the rest of your night. Bye for now.


Hello. There I think we've seen the back of the thunder storms now. Over


the next few days, our weather will start to come in from the Atlantic.


We'll draw down fresher air from the North West. Recently, we've been


drawing up humid air from the south, from the near continent. Of course,


it all went bang in the early hours of


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