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"You will never succeed in dividing our city".


That was Mayor Sadiq Khan's message to extremists at a vigil


at City Hall this evening to remember the victims


Thousands of people from all walks of life came together and stood


united as a minute's silence was held not far


Londoners joining together, defiant, determined


We're in central London, probably a road and a half away


from where the actual attacks took place.


We're standing here, we're standing strong with thousands


of people with their children here, old and young are here.


I'm so proud to see all different colours, all different faiths,


all different races coming together in unity, which is exactly


what the terrorists didn't want to achieve.


London stands in defiance against this cowardly attack


on our city, our people, our values and our way of life.


Security was tight - a stark reminder of the threat


Remembering the lives lost and others that have


The realisation it could have been any of us.


I just felt London Bridge is somewhere I commute in and out


of on a daily basis and I walk across the bridge every


day to go to work, I socialise in Borough Market.


It's violating to feel that this has happened right on your doorstep.


Some have questioned whether vigils like this are so helpful.


What use they are against such hatred.


But many who gathered at City Hall today insisted they had to be here.


I would disagree with anyone that says it's not appropriate.


I think it brings people together, it's a way to express your feelings


I think it's important that we show it's all types


I'm not actually from London, but I just wanted


The crowds continued to come, spilling down to the river.


Londoners still struggling to make sense of the violence,


The Metropolitan Police Commissioner said today the authorities are now


confronting a "new reality" with three terror attacks


Saturday night was also the first time Scotland Yard issued a warning


during an attack asking people to "run, hide and tell"


Our home affairs correspondent, Nick Beake, looks at what more


could be done to help keep our city safe.


The moment Londoners had been told to prepare for became


Knifemen were on the loose, rampaging through Borough Market.


That's why, at 11:46pm, for the first time ever,


the Metropolitan Police tweeted this instruction, run, hide, tell.


The best option is to evacuate but only do so if it won't put


For the past 18 months we have been urged to know what to do


The officer in charge of policing Borough Market praised the public's


We don't put these things out unless we really need


to but the community know what to do, they reacted


People did as they were asked and other people acted heroically


and got in there and helped other people and protected one another


and helped officers and I can't speak highly enough.


They were absolutely outstanding on the day.


But the man who last year reviewed how well London was prepared


for a terror attack is urging Londoners to do more


It needs to be part of everyday life, that you automatically know


that in the event of an incident like that, you run away from danger.


If you can't run because you are boxed in or whatever else,


then you hide as well as you can and as soon as you're safe,


make contact with the police to let them know that


you are there and that however many other people are there with you.


This morning the police brought temporary barriers


On Saturday night, once again, pedestrians were run over


You will see from Whitehall that there are permanent solutions


put in place after 7/7 and that is what we are


It looks like more barriers in busy parts of London


But this is a specific response to a specific threat,


people trying to use a vehicle to target pedestrians.


On Saturday night, the attackers also had knives.


In Manchester it was an explosive device.


The terror threat we face is evolving.


I think what is happening is unprecedented.


There is very strange ways that people are going about what's


happening and we are faced with scenarios that we have never


seen before so it is hard as police to plan for this sort of thing.


No-one quite knows how the city will look and feel


in the coming months and years, as it confronts a different


While there have been heart-breaking accounts of how the horrific events


on Saturday unfolded, we've also heard heart-warming


Ordinary people showing remarkable courage and compassion.


Our correspondent Karl Mercer has been speaking to some of the medical


staff who rushed to help those injured.


London's NHS was tested once again on Saturday night.


From the front line paramedics who treated people around


Borough Market, to the specialist trauma teams who cared


People like Malik Ramadhan, a doctor at the Royal London in Whitechapel,


cycling home when he saw dozens of police cars shoot past him.


He turned round and went back to work just as the first


I think what was perhaps different was if we take 12 casualties


normally there will be a range of injuries and severity but all 12


of the people we received were very severely injured.


The thing that was perhaps different was the clear lethality.


The stab wounds were designed to kill people.


There were no little slices, there were no flesh wounds,


they were all very deep, penetrating injuries


And they all needed an operation, they all needed something to repair


London's Ambulance Service sent 80 medics to the scene,


eventually taking 48 patients to hospitals across the capital.


There were lots and lots of patients and quite confusing information


Lots of members of the police and the public did some quite heroic


things to try and save the lives of people who had been


14 patients remain at Kings College Hospital,


The predominant injuries we're treating are stab


wounds to the head, neck, torso and abdomen.


We have also got a number of patients who suffered blunt force


trauma as well from probably being hit by a vehicle.


And how do you deal with the relatives when they come in?


That's something that's been more difficult than normal,


a huge range of nationalities and couples and I think that's


something that's been quite different for us,


a series of couples walking along the bridge had been knocked down.


Some people have pushed their loved one out of the way of the van


who are now injured and so we've had to cope with the feelings


of people who aren't injured but were also part of the events.


As well as looking after the person who is injured from the event.


Unfortunately I've dealt with a number of incidents like this


before so while I wouldn't say it's become a normality, I have a way


of coping with it and I'll sit back and reflect on what went one


and reflect on the excellent care that the team here has delivered.


I look round and I can see a bunch of world-class people saving lives


To think I was temporarily leading the team is incredibly humbling.


I'll leave you with Elizabeth for a check on the weather.


Hopefully it's drier. Not exactly, it will be quite


unsettled for the rest of the week. A soggy end to the day and there


will be more rain tonight. The general theme for the week is wet


and windy at times, feeling more like October than June for much of


the week. Particularly windy tomorrow with strong gusts of wind,


but also some sunshine and drier weather. Wednesday and Thursday are


looking like the dry days. Overnight, the rain will clear


towards the north-east, gradually turning lighter and more patchy into


tomorrow morning. Still some rain to clear through the morning rush hour


tomorrow so expect further outbreaks of rain, most liked and patchy. The


wind will pick up in the afternoon, up to 40 mph, perhaps enough to take


down some branches in places. It will feel quite cool where we get


blustery showers. Wednesday is looking drier. Some good spells of


sunshine. It will still be quite breezy. On Thursday, the rain is


back and that will sweep in from the West. We are likely to see rain for


the second half of the day on Thursday. Friday is looking like our


second dry day. Quite a bit of cloud, but spells of sunshine and


temperatures will be creeping up. As we look ahead to the weekend, more


rain, particularly on Saturday. Sunday is a big improvement and


rain, particularly on Saturday. Sunday is a big improvement and it


will feel the touch warmer. Good evening. It wasn't flaming June


today with all of that rain and wind. Really gusty winds and it will


get windier. Of us tomorrow. Lots of grey skies across the UK. By the


time we get to Wednesday, the weather is going to briefly improve.




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