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Good evening from BBC London News. for the news where you are.


The Mayor has described the decision to cut the number of affordable


homes at the Battersea Power Station development as "shameful


The multi-billion pound project will have More than 4,200


The multi-billion pound project will have more than 4,200


Fifteen per cent were meant to be affordable.


The developer insists it's down to rising cost.


Marc Ashdown has the story and his report contains


Since it closed in 1983, rows over its future have been


as dominant as its place on London's skyline.


What to do about the problem is large and complex


What to do about the problem as large and complex


as Battersea Power Station has occupied planners and headline


I have been covering stories on Battersea Power Station


for about the past 20 years since writing for a local


Back then in the mid-1990s, the plan was for a theme park here.


When that was derailed it was eventually sold


They put forward multiple plans, including one for a restaurant


When that failed it was sold to an Irish consortium,


but then the financial crash hit and the whole lot


They launched the project in Malaysia and while the then mayor


was firmly on board his successor has criticised Wandsworth,


the local council, for allowing the amount of affordable housing


Me being generous, the council have been hoodwinked,


Londoners will not unreasonably be asking questions why is this council


bending over backwards to reduce the amount of the affordable homes


and giving in to the request of developers making a huge profit?


Wandsworth point out it has delivered the second-highest number


of affordable homes in London and this project will deliver


a new tube stop and 25,000 jobs in the area.


The developer says it will deliver for the community.


The policy is about homes and also about jobs,


so we are 50% commercial and 50% residential.


20,000 new jobs across the site and 2 billion


Actually now what we have is an agreement that it


If we perform fantastically well, we provide more than that.


All this cannot come soon enough say some with so many people


The impact this has on the housing crisis really should


Rents are going up, homelessness is going up,


This is all because we do not have enough homes and we do not have


enough genuinely affordable homes and developers wriggling out


of their obligations, reducing them, makes things a lot worse.


There is no doubt this development will breathe life


finally into this area, but how much it will truly benefit


Murder detectives are investigating after a 13-year-old boy died


from an allergic reaction at his school in Greenford.


A fellow pupil has been arrested and released on bail.


Katharine Carpenter is here, what more do we know?


This all took place nearly two weeks ago on the 28th of June when police


were called to the William Perkins Church of England high school in


Greenford. They found a 13-year-old boy who was suffering a severe


allergic reaction. We do not know at this stage what he was allergic to.


He was taken to hospital in a life-threatening condition where he


died yesterday with his parents by his side. We do know the boy's name


but we have decided not to broadcast it in accordance with his parents'


wishes. His school has spoken out today, his headteacher talking of


He was really well integrated into his peer group.


The students have first of all sent a lot of good wishes to him


in hospital and subsequently have spent time in the chapel


It has been a very sad time for the school.


What can you tell us about the police investigation? It was not


just the Ambulance Service that was called that morning, the police were


also summoned. It had become clear that some sort of incident had taken


place which caused the boy to come into contact with this particular


allergen. We do not know any more, but we know a fellow pupil, a


13-year-old, was arrested and questioned by police and he has now


been released on police bail. To give you a sense of the seriousness


of this incident, this was being dealt with by Ealing Borough and is


now being dealt with by the homicide and major crime command. The schools


say they did have a care plan in place for this boy and they are


reviewing their own procedures. Traders say they have lost


everything in a massive fire that broke out last night in Camden


Market. Although no-one was hurt it took 70


firefighters to control the blaze. It's the second major fire to hit


the market in a decade. Millions come here every year


to shop in the market. For some hours it looked


like it might be lost. Firefighters managed


to contain the blaze and thankfully no one was hurt,


but dozens of London traders had Yvonne had just been taken to see


the shell of her jewellery store My friend called me at 12


o'clock and I was sleeping I thought it was an emergency call


and I took the phone up and I called her back and she said


Camden Market is on fire. Everything has gone, it has


all gone, everything, definitely. It was the central market hall where


it is thought the fire started, another decades-old guitar store


was also lost. The owners have still got their shop


nearby but ?10,000 worth of stock Coming here and seeing all the glass


just smashed in and black and the roof completely gone I feel


really emotional, quite shocked Ten fire engines were


on the scene in minutes. 70 firefighters fought to stop


the spread to nearby An investigation into how the fire


started is under way. It was a well-developed


fire when we got here. Fire crews worked very hard


to contain within that area of the property and we managed


to save the rest of the property. It is the second time in recent


years the North London market has In February 2008 a fire put many


waterside traders out The issue we had there is it took


weeks for traders to be relocated to a new position to trade


and for a lot of market if you lose one week's trade,


you are done. Traders were confident this


tight-knit community will pull together to support


those worst affected. Most of all, many were just


grateful knowing it could He has devoted much of his life to


looking after the 2500 acres of Richmond Park. Now the gamekeeper


who has been there for three decades is retiring. After 30 years John


Bartram is saying goodbye to the workplace he has loved. The best job


in the world. It is a job everybody wanted. John Bartram has spent most


of his life as gamekeeper in Richmond Park, all 2500 acres of it,


and no one knows the place better. We are looking for Stags. Every day


he has checked on the 600 animals and every year search for newborns


in the bracken. I have done it sometimes and the baby things I am


the mother and I have walked away and he is running behind me. But as


well as life, he has had to deal with a fair bit of death. While we


were filming another call came in. A dead deer. If you find the sight of


dead animals upsetting, you may like to look away, but for John this is


part of the job. It could have been hit by a car. That is what you are


here for. There have been times when it has been hit by a car and is


still alive but in serious trouble and it needs dealing with and you


might have to shoot it. As gamekeeper John was also tasked with


the annual cull where for three months of the year selected animals


are shot to keep the population to 600. You are going for the worst


animal every time, so you are looking for one you think in a


natural world a pack of wolves would take it out. Until the policy


changed, John would prepare venison meat from the cult for Buckingham


Palace and, politicians. They would all get a free haunch. No one gets a


free haunch now. Toni Blair stopped it, and the Labour Party. Not even


the Queen? No. Some things may have changed, but in many ways Richmond


Park is still the place it was when first established in 1637. Now it is


saying farewell to a gamekeeper who gave it the best years of his life.


I'll say goodnight now and let's get a check


This is not a weather watcher picture, this is a forecast of what


is to come. Rain is on its way. It was a bit of a different beast today


because some of you saw some pretty sharp showers and thunderstorms


rolling across the top end of our patch. Many of you will stay dry


overnight, 12-15 should just about cover it. Not as steamy as last


week. It looks as though tomorrow it is rain from the word go? It is not


the case, it is light and patchy and many of you could get through the


morning into the afternoon before you see anything like a meaningful


drop of rain. How does that leave Wimbledon? Not too bad to start


with. There is a chance of a shower, but later on, deeper in the day, it


will start raining and it will be a wet night right across the piece.


There is no escaping from this. You could see an inch of rain. On


Wednesday the rain clears away and we are left with a decent sort of


day as a ridge of high pressure comes in from the Atlantic. That


gives us a pretty decent end to the week, 22 or 23 degrees. If you have


got a plan week, 22 or 23 degrees. If you have


got a plan for the weekend, there are not any great fireworks and the


weather should not get in the way. It has been a Monday characterised


by sunny spells and scattered showers and a bit of heat as well.


In the South resource 27 degrees today. Tomorrow it will be much


fresher with rain. We have some showers today and this was


Lincolnshire early on. Not a typical July afternoon. Most of the showers


were in eastern England, some of them heavy with thunder. In the last


few hours we have seen 25 millimetres of rain with isolated


and potent showers on the Kent coast. They will fade away. In the


west we see cloud and patchy outbreaks of rain overnight. Not




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