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"You don't just kill a son, you kill a whole family."


The words of Ricky Hayden's father -


in a machete attack outside his home in Romford.


The 27-year-old confronted a group of teenagers he suspected of trying


Today, one of them was given a 14-year jail sentence


They came to court hoping for justice, wearing orange,


Ricky Hayden was a security guard, and gave close personal


He was at his family home in Romford last September when there


Ricky, his brother and his dad ran out onto this street.


They thought that Ricky's brother's scooter was about to be stolen.


The men that they confronted, Tommy Roome and Tarrell Hinds,


Rick, who had run out into the road in just his boxer shorts,


He was stabbed, and died later in hospital.


They don't just kill the person, they kill the family.


Hinds was acquitted, Roome was found guilty of manslaughter.


At the end of the day, it is a good, good result,


so that's one more person off the streets that we have not got


My son, he died for nothing, just to stop someone


stealing a motorbike, and it's wrong.


We've lost a son, a perfect son, he was perfect


I don't want anyone to go through that.


We're just going to fight for knife crime now.


We need to get these kids off the streets with these knives.


Away from the court, his family and friends met to remember.


Data picked up from the mobile phones used by commuters


on the Tube could be used to help tackle overcrowding.


It follows a four-week trial over the summer.


Wi-fi has become something Londoners use on the Tube everyday.


But now TfL has found a way for us and the wi-fi to work for them, too.


Transport for London used to be able to tell where you were going simply


by looking at where you tapped in and out with your Oyster card.


But now, thanks to wi-fi, it can tell not just where you're going,


Over the summer, Transport for London tracked the phones of two


As people went on their journeys, they created a personal map,


and for a system that's so fixed, the way we use it is


For example, almost a third of everybody going from Waterloo


to King's Cross took the Bakerloo line to Oxford Circus


and then changed onto the Victoria line.


But people used no fewer than 18 different routes just


TfL say it shows pinch points they didn't know


We'd love to be able to give this information to customers


who are at a Tube station, to be able to say, take


this particular path, because it's less busy.


Or to be able to provide information if there's


a disruption on the network, to explain what's happening


But how do people feel about TfL knowing our every move?


Sounds quite scary, I've only just moved to London so I'm getting


If it speeds up the system and creates a more efficient


TfL say the data was double scrambled to keep it all anonymous.


But who knows, one day, checking your e-mails could not just


keep you connected but could keep us all moving, too.


It's a first - driverless buses in the capital.


And for the next fortnight, Londoners will be able


to take a ride one, around the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.


Our transport correspondent Tom Edwards explains.


This is an autonomous bus, driven by computer, on trial


on a 12-minute loop around the Olympic Park.


Travelling at 2mph, there is a staff member on board.


You can see now, we're moving incredibly smoothly,


And the technology is there, it's brilliant.


You think computers are better drivers generally than human beings?


From this 5-10 minute journey, then yeah, probably, I'd say!


London is seeing a number of trials of driverless vehicles -


And the Government is trying to make it easier to attract investment


It's all part of a revolution I think that's going to change


the lives of people across the world.


We're going to see vehicles that can provide better transport options


for people with disabilities, provide better public transport


links at odd times of the day, when a vehicle like this can fill


a link which wouldn't otherwise be there.


So, I think we're on the brink of starting a transport revolution.


It uses cameras and lasers to scan the road, but what if someone


Some think autonomous vehicles will reduce


Others fear it will mean fewer jobs for drivers.


These have already been tested in other cities.


It needs to be developed over time, and that's why trials like this


We'll be trialling this alongside pedestrians


We've had other, smaller-scale trials and we're using all that data


These are still early days in this emerging industry.


This bus, which is free to catch, will be running


That's it from me, I'll leave you now with Stav,


Thank you. It looks like the showers will be continuing to ease away


during the night. Lengthy clear spells developing and turning fairly


fresh as well. Into tomorrow, it's a day of sunshine and showers and


feeling again on the cool side. Starting off with one or two showers


around as well as some sunny spells and the showers will be getting


going in the afternoon. The showers die away during Saturday night as


average of high pressure builds in. Before that point, it will be quite


a fresh start in the Home Counties, with some good spells of sunshine


later on. Then the rain will arrive. It remains unsettled into next week


as well. Quite windy on Monday. Hello. There are signs that by this


time next week, our weather will be trying to settle down. Until then,


it is low pressure after low pressure. This one will be coming in


on Sunday, with rain spreading south-east across the UK. Around our


first area of low pressure, the wind will continue to blow in plenty of


showers to western parts of the UK overnight. Watch out for the


northern lights in Scotland - quite a show last night and it could be


again tonight. And maybe in parts of north-east England as well. In the


west it looks 30 wet in the morning in the north-west tomorrow. Some


showers in Scotland but then becoming widespread across England


and Wales in the


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