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Damon Smith, who's 20 and has Asperger's syndrome,


was caught on CCTV leaving a bag filled with explosives and ball


Ayshea Buksh has been following this story for us


Remind us about what happened? Damon Smith left a rucksack on the Jubilee


line with a bomb inside, made from ball barings and a cheap alarm


clock. He got off at London Bridge. The bomb was timed to go off,


minutes later but did not. The train carried on to Greenwich where the


alarm was raised. The police arrested him at his home with GPs


and weapons and other bombs with instructions from an extremist


Islamist website. On questioning, this is what he said. I realised on


the tube it was going to Stratford. I thought it would be a good time to


leave my bag for a prank. What was said in court? Damon Smith


was found guilty of possession with a substance with an explosive intent


and although he had an interest in Islam he was not motivated by


terrorism. The judge said: I am driven to treat you as a dangerous


offender and the seriousness of what you did cannot be overstated. He


spoke of the recent terrorist attack in Manchester and the background of


fear in which we all live. We heard from his difence how he has an


autistic spectrum disorder and the barrister said he was a vulnerable


man. Earlier, the BBC spoke to Damon Smith's mother about this. Could you


try to be a bit more lenient because of his Asperger's. He has never been


in trouble with the police before or anything like that. He's got a good


character. He is just a vulnerable little boy who needs a bit of help,


not prison. Well, Damon Smith is to serve 15


years at a young offender's institution with an extended period


of five years on licence. The head of the Met's counter-terrorism team


said that while there is no connection with Greenwich and


Manchester, it brings into reality how devastating this could have


been. Thank you.


The Met Police is warning football fans they can expect to see extra


armed officers on patrol at this weekend's FA Cup Final -


and at other events around the capital this


It comes after the terror threat level was raised to critical-


It comes after the terror threat level was raised to critical -


Our reporter Frankie McCamley has more.


With thousands of people heading to the capital this


bank holiday weekend, visiting key tourist attractions


like here in Westminster and heading to some of the biggest sporting


events of the year, security will still remain tight.


Which means extra police officers on the streets who will be


Now the terror threat level does still remain critical,


I've been speaking to one Met police officer who's been telling me


At the events that are taking place at the weekend,


I think people should be prepared to see increased searching of bags,


more security, so arrive earlier, in plenty of time.


Perhaps not as late as you would do normally.


From a policing perspective you will see more officers out


and about across the capital, not at events but at transport hubs


and a range of the crowded and iconic places that we've got


It's my job and everyone that works in the police to keep London


We want people to come and enjoy the range of events


that are taking place across the capital this weekend.


The Met Police will do all it can to ensure that people are safe.


Now, despite that message from the Metropolitan Police,


Chelsea Football Club has decided to cancel its victory parade this


Sunday, saying it doesn't want to divert police resources.


there will be heightened security, it says it does not


It's carrying out what it calls a "proportionate response" and it's


important not to forget that we have had this critical terror level


before back in 2006 and 2007 and during that time an attack


People who have a disfigurement, to their face or body,


have been telling BBC London about the abuse they suffer -


The charity Changing Faces says there's been a rise in cases


Leaving them frightened and humiliated.


Jim Wheble has been talking to one woman about her experience.


Because I had a rare genetic condition, there are times where I


would be walking down the street like this, people may stare, a bit


of a glance. That is not so bad. I can deal with that.


But for Victoria, unfortunately, all too often it does not end there,


bearing the brunt of vile attitudes. I think I'm lucky living in Central


London. Living in such an amazing City it means that on the whole


people value and celebrate divert and difference but then there are


times when people will be really nasty to me and shout abuse at me in


the street. I have had men in cars who shout abuse at me through car


windows. I have walked past people outside of pubs where they have gone


"that woman makes me want to vomit." Even in the last few days you have


had abuse online? That's right. A message on Facebook. This image here


with a character of a moon for a face and a long pointed chin, as you


can see... Some unpleasant words. Unpleasant words not repeatable on


television. For the report, the charity,


Changing Faces spoke to 800 people with facial disfigurement. What


strikes you is the intensity and the prejudice that people face.


media post mocking disfigurement and yet none have ever had


I have a right to live free from abuse. So I made a conscious


decision to say that is what I was going to do to live me life and be


happy and ignore and rise above the abuse.


The Bank Holiday getaway got off to a terrible start for some


holidaymakers at Gatwick airport this morning-


after some were told they'd have to fly without their luggage.


He says he boarded a plane only to be told his bag


Gatwick Airport says the problem with the automated


system has been solved and has apologised for disruption.


It's been another beautiful day in London but it's all about the bank


holiday weekend. Who would want to be anywhere else?


This is Kew Gardens, earlier on. To be aware if you are out in the


sun today, the UV levels are high, so you may well want sun cream on.


For the weekend, we think it will stay warm. The heat will hold on.


Thundery showers at times but lots of sunshine too. A details in a


moment. There is lots of sunshine for the afternoon. There is a


south-easterly wind, so feeling cooler in the east. Temperatures to


28 Celsius or 29 Celsius later on today.


Feeling very warm. A lovely evening to come. Overnight, possibly


uncomfortable for sleeping. It will feel muggy at times. Lows of 16 or


17 Celsius. You may see the showers, they will be with us through the


late morning probably tomorrow. One or two of them could be heavy and


thundery, you may miss them all together. Some places will. Lots of


sunshine tomorrow afternoon. Feeling nice and warm. Temperatures in the


mid-to the high 20s, widely. So another warm day again tomorrow.


Lots more sunshine to come. But it would not be a bank holiday weekend


without a weather warning. This is what we have for Sunday until Monday


from mid-day to mid-day. Starting dry and bright on Sunday,


feeling fresh. Heavy downpours on Saturday and Sunday but clearing on


Monday. It started off so well! That's all


from us. Join us at 6.30 when Riese lot Crieff is here with our evening


programme. Hope you make the most of that sunshine today. Goodbye.


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