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we are back with the late news at 10:15pm.


Now on BBC One its time for the news where you are.


Welcome to BBC London News, I'm Alice Bhandhukravi.


Four hospitals in London have been the subject


of a cyber attack which has compromised computer systems run


The Trust says the security breach did not put patient data at risk,


and that it is carrying out an investigation.


There have been increasing cyber attacks around the world


on hospitals and yesterday, several London


Barts hospital trust told its staff yesterday not to open any


attachments from unknown senders, after it was the subject


And the reassuring news is they say at the moment,


there's no indication that someone from outside the hospital has seen


any of the patient details and they are investigating.


Barts, which runs four hospitals, the Royal London,


Saint Bartholomew's, Whipps Cross and Newham,


did take some of its drives off-line yesterday but no treatment seems


If this had been a more aggressive attack, the worry is it could have


disrupted the way the hospital is run causing cancelled


appointments or operations, as well as losing data.


Although this didn't happen in this case,


there is concern from some experts the NHS isn't as prepared as it


could be to fend off the sorts of attacks.


could be to fend off these sorts of attacks.


It seems that potentially one problem in this incident has been


that they are running Windows XP, which is a really old operating


system and has been out of support since 2014.


So that means any exploits discovered in Windows XP,


they aren't patched, it isn't kept updated.


So it means it is particularly vulnerable.


Barts is getting its system back to normal and says it's looking


The warning here for large organisations is to be prepared to


A ten year-old boy from north London has been described as a hero


by police officers after helping to convict two violent robbers


Didier Levenfiche had just arrived home from school


Not only did her son's actions scare off her attackers


outside her home in north London, but by memorising their faces,


the ten-year-old's presence of mind led to their conviction.


He got the idea of how to behave from the big screen.


It just happened, I didn't think about it.


And daddy had told you, in an emergency, only


in an emergency, that's what you had to do.


Don't press the panic alarm unless something bad is happening.


He said to the police that he'd never forget their eyes


CCTV shows the men, who had a long history of crime,


attacking Didier's mum and the family dog in June


last year, attempting to steal her jewellery.


The police said his detailed description led to the arrest


and conviction and Westminster officers named him


You want to feel brave, and you think you feel brave


at that moment in time, but you don't really feel anything,


They need to be tracked down and stopped, otherwise


they are going to do it to more people.


Didier's not sure what he wants to do when he grows up,


but he's not ruling out being a detective.


Here's a look at the weather now with Kate Kinsella.


It's been a pretty cold day on the whole and for some,


We have seen one or two snow showers and snow flurries,


in Watford for example, but also some bursts of rain as well


and the problem with the rain or anything that's fallen today,


overnight that could freeze and the Met Office has issued


a yellow weather warning for further snow and for ice.


The snow risk is fairly limited, we are not likely to see too


much in the way of that, most places are staying dry.


But anything that fell today is going to freeze


and there's some very slippery, dangerous conditions


More cloud moving in tomorrow morning.


That in turn for a time could turn a little bit wintry,


The maximum temperature, a touch more mild tomorrow at eight Celsius.


It's still going to be quite chilly for the next few days,


but we lose the wind to a certain extent, but it is still


That's it from us, we're back tomorrow evening


From everybody here, enjoy the rest of Saturday.


Getting the detail of this cold snap is proving to be challenging and


will continue to be so over the next 24 hours. Ice around across eastern


parts after the earlier showers then rain pushing in from Northern


Ireland across Scotland and a period of snow across eastern Scotland


temporarily. It will extend into northern Wales and England too. A


chilly night across the East, much milder. Tomorrow, everything nudges


further east which gives us an issue because a period of


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