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Good evening and welcome to BBC London News.


Friends and family of the murdered teenager Quamari Barnes have made


an emotional appeal today for parents across London to take


action - to try to stop any more young lives being lost.


They'd gathered outside the 15-year-old's


school in Kensal Rise - where he was stabbed on Monday.


Laying flowers, lighting candles, and with balloons, they came


The 15-year-old schoolboy fatally stabbed as he made his way home


Hundreds attended the memorial held in Kensal Green outside


They paid tribute to a much loved son, grandson, friend and cousin.


He touched a lot of people, all different age groups.


He was a good boy and he was humble and he loved


It's just so sad for anybody to lose their child like that.


You send your children to school and you expect them to come home.


But you don't expect them to be coming home in a body bag.


The mood was one of sadness and disbelief.


However, there was also a positive message, a call for action,


for a more united community and for an end to


Community's missing, that's what I find.


And we need to build back our community again,


We've got to do our part as parents, as community leaders,


Hands up, who is going to make the change?


A change Quamari Barnes's family hope will become his legacy.


A man is being hunted by police after a number of young women -


including a 13 year-old girl - reported they'd been


sexually assaulted on buses in south-east London.


The six attacks happened in Lewisham and Southwark -


Police say there could be more victims yet to to come forward.


A statue of Princess Diana will be built in central London


by her sons Prince Harry and the Duke of Cambridge.


It will stand in the public gardens of Kensington Palace -


And where people left thousands of tributes when she died in 1997.


The Princes said - 20 years after her death -


the time was right to recognise their mother's positive


People living under City Airport's flightpath -


in south and east London - say new air traffic control


technology is making their lives a misery.


The airport says it was required by law to introduce


the new navigation system - and that it's aimed at reducing


the amount of time planes are flying above residents' homes.


But those living beneath the flight path say the noise


At a distance of 16 miles from Heathrow, aircraft noise


dominates the local environment, registering over 60 decibels.


This video made by campaigners shows just how noisy living under


Last year, London City Airport introduced new air traffic


It forced aircraft to follow concentrated routes in order to burn


less fuel while flying over the capital.


But, in trying to reduce carbon emissions, noise pollution over


parts of south and east London intensified.


The airport have made these changes because concentrated flight paths,


they argue, possibly correctly, do enable them to fly planes more


Now, we're not against that, but we do say that residents'


concerns have to be taken into consideration as well.


One area affected by the increase was Leytonstone.


Author Saci Lloyd has lived in the area for over 12 years.


So, we're on the edge of Epping Forest.


And the sound is very, very noticeable.


On some days, there's an aircraft flying over every 50 seconds.


I have friends installing triple glazing.


I know quite a number of people are considering moving out of the area.


Well, City Airport has said that its aircraft now use a more


accurate form of navigation, and a new arrival system should mean


that claims spend less time flying over residential areas such as this.


The Civil Aviation Authority says it will carry out a review assessing


whether the impact and benefits of the airspace change


And, with a further expansion of the airport planned


and thousands more flights, just how and where they will


fly is likely to be in many residents' minds.


Let's get the weather now, here's Wendy Hurrell.


It ended up a somewhat soggy Sunday, in stark contrast to first


This is the mill pond that's known as the River Thames reflecting


the clear skies at Rotherhithe, but there will be mostly cloudy


skies reflected as we go through the west of the week,


We still have to clear some of this heavy and persistent rain,


but it will shift out to the east as we go through the night,


leaving behind a fair amount of misty, murky low cloud,


but that will keep the temperature up too, between 5 and 7 degrees.


There won't be much that shifts that cloud throughout the afternoon.


It really will be quite a grey day, with some drizzle


We should get into double figures tomorrow,


and indeed, for much of this week, but under a lot of cloudy skies,


with spells of rain from time to time.


We'll be back later though at 1020pm.


Till then - have a very good evening.


There was some sunny and cheerful weather across the UK today.


Scotland and the far north of England, but


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