12/02/2017 London News

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The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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Stay with us on BBC One - it's time for the news where you are.


Good evening and welcome to BBC London News, with me, Ben Bland.


The mayor is calling on the government to spend more


than ?0.5 billion on compensating people who are prepared to give


Sadiq Khan says his proposals for a diesel scrappage scheme


would reduce air pollution, but his opponents disagree.


Our political editor Tim Donovan reports.


Much air pollution may be invisible, but it's killing 10,000 people


Diesel vehicles should be scrapped, says the mayor, and the Government


Unless they step in and take action against polluting diesel vehicles,


I'm afraid they will be held to be in breach again of the law.


It's in the Government's interest - not just because of the law,


but because they can help address the poor quality air in London -


to step in and have a national diesel scrappage scheme.


Now the mayor wants ?3500 offered for each van


or minibus and ?2000 in credit for the 130,000 private vehicles.


What I would like to see is allowing people to move not


just from a diesel car, but hopefully to electric cars


and things like that, because you have to have...


If you're going to get rid of one car, you have


to have an environmentally friendly alternative.


There are some who point to Paris for lessons,


where the Champs-Elysees is closed to traffic once a month,


and sections of the right and left bank of the Seine are now


permanently given over to walkers and cyclists.


Using a system of stickers on high polluting days,


some vehicles are not allowed on the road.


And in 2020, the mayor here says all diesel cars will be banned


In London, they're saying it's not quite what it's cracked up to be.


If we pursue the programme we're going through,


by 2020 we will have reduced the air pollution in London by at least


half, and that's the date at which they are talking


about doing a diesel ban in quite a small area of Paris.


So, you know, the programme we have got is a very practical one


From this October in London, drivers of the most polluting


vehicles will have to pay a daily toxicity charge of ?10 to come


Sutton United fans braved the cold this morning and queued up


from the early hours to get tickets for one the biggest games


In just over a week they play Arsenal, in the fifth


round of the FA Cup, and amongst the fans, hopes


are running high for a Cup upset, as Jim Wheble's been finding out.


It was all about this today in Sutton.


It meant an early start, time to contemplate the big game.


We're going to have a bacon roll, cup of tea.


I do hope Arsenal bring out their full team.


I had heard a rumour that this flicker of confidence was in part


It's our reserve goalkeeper, Wayne - roly-poly goalie.


The roly-poly goalie is around here somewhere.


I've got a feeling we will have to catch up with him.


The queue for tickets was getting longer and longer and longer.


And it was this goal, in the fourth round against Leeds,


which has made the game against Premier League giants


They call it the magic of the FA Cup.


Realistically, I think you're the one getting carried away.


I've got my feet firmly on the ground.


We're just delighted to be in the fifth round.


We've seen you on the sauce bottles and T-shirts.


Do you think you're going to step in to the goal on the big day?


Do you think you might be called upon?


It would be good, but we will be leaving the heat


on Arsenal at the moment, with the chilli sauce.


Now, let's have a look at the weather.


It's going to be a dry and largely sunny day,


And that wind means it'll still feel pretty cold,


with a top temperature of eight degrees Celsius.


Claudia-Liza Armah will be with you during BBC Breakfast,


but until then have a lovely evening.


I'm sure most of us are glad to see the back of this weekend. It's been


cold, bleak and at times wintry. It provided some beautiful weather


Watchers photos, like Sheffield earlier today. I suspect some of the


lying snow will be blown around by strong winds starting to develop.


The odd spot of drizzle into the far north-east. The wind strengthening


here. Already signs of something a little bit miles, temperatures


climbing up. However it's not going to feel that warm straightaway.


Because of the strength of the wind. The wind however will break up the


cloud, so some sunshine into central and Southern areas. The cloud is


thickening all the time. The odd bit of drizzle. Some sunny spells and


highs of around 80 degrees. Similar story