29/08/2012 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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In Look East tonight: Getting set for the first sell-out


Paralympics in history. Hello and welcome to the programme.


Also tonight: England expects. Alistair Cook,


from Essex, becomes England's test captain.


A final push as campaigners step up the fight to save two care homes


from closure. And remembering when there really


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 612 seconds


was a lion on the loose in East Good evening.


Campaigners fighting to save Peterborough's two last local-


authority-run care homes have been meeting with the city's council


leaders to discuss their future. Greenwood House and Welland House


homes are earmarked for closure but the plan is out for consultation.


Arriving at the meeting this morning after a protest outside the


town hall over a month ago. Their relatives and staff at showed anger


at possible closures. Updated people are cared for at Greenwood


House and Welland House in residential, day and respite care.


Campaigners are looking at ways to keep them council run.


A campaigners have said that this house at Green what is not fit for


purpose because the rooms are not big enough and are not on sweet.


Campaigners say they may not be level to save it but are calling


for a new home to cater for both residents.


The council say they cannot speak publicly about the closure but have


the interests of residence at heart. What we have here our staff that


stay with the residents. For many residents the staff are all the


family they have. If you go to private homes you see a massive


turnover of staff and often you do not see the same place twice in a


week. The council denies that staff


cannot speak out but says no decision has been made about the


closures. Absolutely not. This is what


consultations are about. The staff may come forward with another


solution now we have not thought about. We will listen to them and


takes seriously whatever they come forward with.


Now campaigners may call for I referendum in the city on the


future of the homes. A man has been charged with


attempted rape after an incident in Newmarket early on Monday morning.


A woman reported being attacked in an alleyway off the High Street.


27-year-old Jakir Hussain will appear before magistrates in Bury


St Edmunds today. None of the CCTV cameras in


Cambridge were working properly over the bank holiday weekend after


torrential rain left the control room flooded. The city as 139


cameras. The council apologised but businesses said they felt


vulnerable. The system was not fixed until Monday.


Children with severe burns are taking part in a summer camp at


Grafham Water in Cambridgeshire. Grafham Water in Cambridgeshire.


Around 50 young people are doing watersports. It is the camp's 16th


year. Out on the water, plenty of


It is a time for new experiences and building understand it.


Many of these children feel isolated and do not have many


friends. At the end of the visits they grow in confidence and self-


esteem and have a big circle of friends.


11 under-fives go to hospital with burns every day. Hot water and fire


are two of the most common causes. But the survivors, the camp is a


chance to share what they had been through.


I first came here when I was seven. I did not have much confidence


after my birth. It has developed my confidence over the years.


Eight gives younger children a chance to interact with other


people who have the same problems and disabilities. They understand


more and open up more. This camp is not all about the


water. For some it takes adventure to new heights.


And we have made really good friends here. We any siege and was


here but we get on so well. It is really important because


everyone knows who you are and how you got burnt.


The can be is in its 16th year. Many here say they will definitely


be back next year. A children's water park in


Peterborough which was closed for five weeks is to reopen tomorrow.


Bretton Water Park was closed after a number of children fell ill


following a visit. Further tests carried out at the site over the


In football, three of our teams were in action in the Capital One


Cup last night. There was victory for MK Dons but defeats for both


Peterborough and Stevenage in the second round of the competition.


It was a valiant effort by Stevenage. 0-0 at half-time with


this good attempt at a free-kick. After the break Southampton showed


their Premier League glass, netting four goals in a few minutes. The


referee ruled this was a deliberate back-pass, much to the dismay of


the hosts. Baste often a hotly disputed free-kick. The hosts


restored some pride in injury time but the final score was 4-1.


Peterborough also up against a Premier League team, newly-promoted


Reading. They went ahead but the home team's soon into -- soon


equalised with a frantic period of scoring. Reading level the match to


2-2. Moments later it was a third goal for Reading to give them the


victory. At MK Dons midfielder Luke Chadwick


scored just after half-time. He tapped in another after Daniel


Powell's shot was spilled by the goalkeeper. It was a lease they


never looked like throwing away even when Championship side


Blackburn scored with a few minutes remaining.


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