25/09/2012 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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On Look East tonight: At first it appeared to be a tragic accident


but now detectives are treating the death of this driver as


manslaughter. This is a very serious crime that has caused the


loss of life of this woman. She started her journey up unaware she


had damaged a tired. Because her her life.


Also tonight: Taking the law into their own hands.


The householders mounting their own security patrols to protect their


property. You are looking out for your area and your wives and


children and your family and friends. We are here to protect our


town and area. Powering up. Buses go electric in a


country-first in Milton Keynes. Raising the curtain on a year of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 434 seconds


celebrations for the region's Hello, good evening. Services for


the elderly and vulnerable in Northampton are putting increasing


pressure on budgets at a time when extra savings are needed. An


independent audit report commissioned by the council has


concluded that the savings are unsustainable. So far the council


has already taken �150 million out of its budget by finding savings


and expects to have to find another �27 million of savings from next


year's budget. In total, another �120 million needs to be found over


the next four years. However, the chief executive of the council


insists services for the vulnerable remain a top priority.


What you have to do is look for initiative solutions. We have been


making sure we have people who need help. We are asking for people who


can help themselves, how can they play a greater role in society? How


can they help the council provide services in a different way?


One of the agencies used by the council to provide services is Age


UK Northamptonshire. Last year, their funding from the council was


nearly �700,000, but this year that funding was cut to just under


�440,000. That compares to more than �1 million five years ago.


They say they are having to help more people with less funding.


If we remove the services that we provide to older people, we will


find those people landing up in hospital beds and in nursing homes,


which will be financial madness. The details of the auditors' report


will be discussed by county councillors tomorrow, but it is not


until the Autumn Spending Review that the council will know just how


much of a saving it needs to make. A planning inspector has today


heard the arguments for and against a free school which opened without


planning approval. 200 pupils began at Bedford Free School two weeks


ago, despite the site being rejected on traffic grounds. The


inspector will decide what happens next.


A school at under scrutiny. The children do not put a step wrong


but, at least not when they come into school. I walk or cycle.


it difficult to get to the school? No. We all know that parents will


be parking beside it soon. Do you think it will cause trouble? More


than likely, yes. What school doesn't? A in June, the council


first rejected their plans, saying it would cause too much disruption.


In August, are a fresh application was made but that was rejected. The


school said it would appeal. Two weeks ago, Bedford Free School


opened with nearly 200 pupils. Taking the wider community, the


borough, this will only cause great congestion and further the time and


the delays to get through town and in to town in the mornings and at


the end of the afternoon. Now it is out of the hands of politicians and


with inspectors, we are confident when they announced the decision,


it will go minor quake. Accounts will have threatened to take


enforcement action next week which will close -- forced the school at


into temporary accommodation on the other side of the road. They have


worked hard to get us in the school. Now there is a big argument.


planning inspector says the decision will be made of one issue


of how one issue alone, the impact on traffic. He watched the road


outside this morning and will make an official visit later today. His


decision is not expected for a few weeks.


Police divers have been searching a river in Cambridge in connection


with the death of 76-year-old Llwelyn Thomas. Divers have been in


the river at Grassy Corner in Fen Ditton today. Mr Thomas was found


dead at his home in Chittering in December. Two men who were arrested


are on bail. Bedfordshire Police say they


believe a medieval jug stolen from a Luton museum in May has been


recovered. Two people have been arrested. The Wenlok jug was taken


from a high-security cabinet at the Stockwood Discovery Centre in Luton.


A bus route in Milton Keynes will be the first in the country to use


a state-of-the-art self-charging electric bus. It's a five year


trial which aims to reduce emissions and noise.$$NEWLINE


It looks like a regular bus but the technology is cutting edge. It is


possible to charge this bus on its route. Milton Keynes has been


chosen as the place to trial it. Eight of these buses will be


driving on the street and today many factors, designers, the bus


company and the council met to seal the five year deal. We were one of


the first places in the country to start installing electric charging


posts for ordinary cars, electric cars. This particular project moves


that forward. The standard customer who uses the route will not know,


apart from a quite a journey to work. They will see a new work bus


and a quieter bars. Each bus will save around 500 tons of Co2 being


pumped into the atmosphere each year. It will also save on fuel. In


just one year, the buses will be on the road so keep your eyes peeled


because you will not be able to hear them. Football, it is a big


night for MK Dons in the capital one cup. Karl Robinson's side


entertain Premier League side Sunderland in the third-round tie.


Dons, who will be looking to reach the last 16 of the competition,


knocked out Championship side Blackpool in the last round. Full


commentary on BBC Three Counties Radio.


A giant statue of Olympic medal winner Louis Smith beside the East


Coast railway line could soon become a reality. A farmer has


offered a piece of land beside the line in Cambridgeshireto allow an


artist to put up the larger-than- life sculpture of the gymnast. He


wants it to be the region's answer to the Angel of the North.


Three years ago, Look East saw this artist set out plans for a giant


legacy to two Olympic medallist Louis Smith. He needed to win a


major competition to secure half a million pounds to realise his


ambition. But he lost. He almost gave up hope. Until now. It was an


Olympian task to get it done. I was beginning to think we will never


see this. Now, through Stephen's intervention, I am now in a


position to say it is a possibility we can make this. If he has been


busy redesigning the images of the sculpture, taking inspiration from


Louis Smith's silver medal winner at the Olympics. Instead of using


steel for part of the construction, it will all be made from timber.


Were it is a natural -- Wood is a natural thing from around here.


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