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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Hello and welcome to Look East. This girl was told she had swine


flu. Hours later she died from meningitis. Today the Ambulance


Service apologised. One of our chief constables is warning that


extremists could become police commissioners if people don't turn


out to vote. Experts are trying to find out how a 30 foot whale became


stranded on a beach in Suffolk. She witnessed the child lying hit in


the road, only to discover it was her own daughter. And how this


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 603 seconds


could set alarm bells would -- Good evening. A campaign's been


launched for a new crossing on a road where a 13-year-old girl was


knocked down. Olivia Bower's mother witnessed the accident, but didn't


realise it was her own daughter. Olivia who is thought to have been


on the phone at the time is now out of her coma, but is still in


intensive care. Imagine how you would feel if you saw the aftermath


of a road crash only to learn later that it was your child involved.


That is what happened to Margaret Bowers after her teenage daughter


Bolivia was hit by Acar on this road and she made her way to school.


Margaret had been on a bus which was passing the scene. I saw a pile


of clothes on the floor which I now know were her. At the time, I


thought she has got a cold like that. And then by the time we had


gone back to the next bus stop, I get a phone call from the police to


say who it was. She was at my house at the time. -- they were up my


house at the time. I realised it was something quite serious. Olivia


Bowers has severe injuries and has just come out of a coma. There is a


campaign now to reduce the speed limit and to introduce a crossing.


It is dangerous. Someone stepped off the path, before you see it, it


is too late to slow down and stop. Two mac's classmates have recorded


an grip and get-well messages. -- two mac. We wanted to get better.


We hope she will be better the older school soon. -- to go to


Seoul soon. Mental health workers in Cambridgeshire could have done


more to prevent a bipolar mother killing her baby. That's the


conclusion of an independent investigation. Six-week-old Faith


died in 2009. Her mother Julia Lovemore had pushed pages of the


bible into the child's mouth before smothering her. The report said the


Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust failed to assess


the extent of risk. Controversial plans to build more than 600 homes


on part of a flood plain in Northampton could be given the go-


ahead tonight. Parts of the town were badly flooded in 1998, and


many residents say the development called Pineham will make


surrounding villages more likely to flood again. Our reporter Jozef


Hall is in Northampton now where a planning meeting is taking place.


Jozef, what have the developers had to say? The developers say they've


worked with the environment agency on the scheme. I spoke to Prologis


and the builders before they went into the meeting. They said it was


important to understand where they are again talking about this side.


It is currently a big empty field. And it is bordered by a lake. I


absolutely perfect for building new homes. They say that is backed up


by the Environment Agency. They have approved the plans twice. They


are saying it is not a flood risk and we should be building there.


Not only new homes would be there but big wide-open spaces, plus of


course, job opportunities and a new school. All of Cambridgeshire's


black bin waste is being thrown into landfill because the machine


that turns rubbish into biodegradable matter at the


Waterbeach waste plant has broken. 4,500 tonnes have been dumped in


the last ten days costing nearly �300,000 in landfill tax. Black


been rubbish, some recyclable. Thousands of tons of Grosseteste


here. For now, it is all destined for landfill. When this machine is


working it processes 450 tonnes of black been rubbish every day. We


filmed it when you in 2009. The waste is turned to let air in added


use organic content but now the arm that supports the wheel has broken.


There has been a failure of the support structure. We are not sure


of the cause. We have experts on site today. They have been going


over it with a fine-tooth comb. We expect the report some time at the


end of October. The council says the plant has saved �300 in land


filling costs since it opened -- 300 million. It will be out of rock


-- action until at least the end of October. The council says any


additional costs to the taxpayer will be kept to a minimum. I think


the taxpayer will foot the bill. I just think that if somebody


provides a service then they should be providing the service and if


they cannot do that, they should be paying for the alternative. If they


can fix it or buy a new one, it may be cheaper. The does not know why


the machine broke and the councils say roadside collection corrections


will not be affected. A sofa company in Northampton has released


CCTV images of a burglary. But thanks to one of their employees


the thieves didn't get the result they'd hoped for. Police have


released CCTV pictures of the moment a worker at a sofa company


thwarted burglars. The men had loaded several sofas into their van


but thanks to the swift actions of the employee they didn't get the


result they'd hoped for. I'm hoping that they have actually found the


guys involved. They think he did recognise them. To a brand new


sofas are loaded into a van. The store manager pulls the sofas back


out of it after they left the doors open. If you put a Benny Hill theme


tune to the actual footage itself, there are two guys complete idiots,


knowing they were probably on- camera, and then they just needed


some blue and red pants under Kate coming to the rescue her. Football


and Darren Ferguson wants his players to show the same desire


they showed at Hull, when they face Barnsley in the Championship


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