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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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has been charged with murdering three men who were found dead in


ditches in Cambridgeshire. The body of Kevin Lee was discovered on the


30th March. Four days later, the bodies Lucasz Slaboszewski and John


Chapman were found at Thorney Dyke. Three men, all starts to death,


their bodies found abandoned in water filled ditch is in


Cambridgeshire. One woman has been charged with their murders. The


Crown Prosecution Service made the official announcement at its office


in Chelmsford. We have today advised Cambridgeshire police there is


sufficient evidence and it is in the public interest to charge Joanna


Dennehy over the deaths of three men whose bodies were found in ditches


in Cambridgeshire. Joanna Dennehy has this morning been charged with


the murders of Kevin Lee, John Chapman and Lucasz Slaboszewski,


which took place in March 2013. Kevin Lee, a builder who was 48, was


the first to be discovered. A few days later the men were found -- two


men were stabbed in Hereford and later found dead at Thorney Dyke.


The CPS says Joanna Dennehy was charged this morning and has been


charged with the attempted murder already of the two men in Hereford.


Three men have also been charged in connection with the murders of the


three men, and with the police investigation ongoing there could be


further arrests. The man accused of murdering cyclist


Delaney Brown has pleaded guilty to manslaughter today. The 19-year-old


was struck by a stolen BMW, which mounted the kerb in Luton. Until


now, Kyle Beckford had denied being in the car, but today he admitted


that he was the driver. Beckford denies murder. The case


continues. Armed police have carried out a


number of raids in Luton following a shooting at the weekend. There have


now been eight shootings in the town since January. Community groups say


urgent action is needed to tackle the growing problem of gangs and


guns in Luton. Neil Bradford reports. As armed police carried out


raids across Luton this morning, they were also dealing with the


eighth shooting this year. The shot was fired during an attempted


robbery at this shop and no one was hurt. It comes 36 hours after shots


were fired from a motorcycle on this road, taking the number of crimes


involving a gun in Luton to 15 this year. Every time we talk, they think


it is just a noise we are making, but we are trying to get people to


understand what we are saying. There is a gang problem and it needs to be


sorted out. The police insist it is a small number of criminals and they


are bringing hard to bring this to an end. There are maybe 20 or 30


criminals, we have executed search warrants, 17 people have been


arrested, and we are taking this extremely seriously. We need the


public to come forward and to have confidence. Police have stepped up


controls near the area since Sunday's shooting but that in itself


will not bring results. They say they need the help of the community.


Senior councillors in Cambridgeshire are discussing how the council


should be run after last week's local elections. The Conservatives


lost their overall majority, with UKIP being the big winners, gaining


ten seats. And talks have been further complicated because the


leader of the council was one of the victims.


Cambridgeshire county council is effectively without a leader and in


limbo after the elections left no party in overall control. The


biggest winners worth UKIP and he says he wants to form a coalition of


minor parties. We are here to help make Cambridgeshire a better place


to live, and the people of Cambridgeshire have said they don't


want the Conservatives to have absolute control and there are a


number of options that brings with it. Labour says the idea of a


coalition is out of the question. The councillor said any coalition


between themselves and UKIP would be impossible. We have fewer


councillors, but because the council is in position of no overall


control, we believe and hope it may be possible to get some of our


policies through. The Tories hold the most seats so it is likely the


next move will come from them. will be invited, and then we will


have to decide what to do. A father and son from Bedfordshire


have been jailed for a total of 13 years for using vulnerable homeless


men as slaves in an exploitation case that made the family millions.


But at a re-trial at Luton Crown Court, the jury was discharged after


they failed to reach verdicts on 24 counts of enforced labour and


servitude involving four members of the same traveller family.


When Beds police raided the Greenacres travellers site two years


ago, they came face-to-face with victims including these men who had


been living in squalor and put to work laying paving blocks for no


pay. Some of them had been held for years. Today Tommie Connor's senior


and his son Patrick were jailed for eight years and five years


respectively. The judge said he was satisfied, based on the evidence he


had heard, that hundreds of workers had been recruited from the streets


and exploited, but he said a small number have been so degraded they


have been unable to run away like the rest. Police surveillance videos


showed some of the exploitation as workers toiled for hours under the


watchful eyes of their bosses, but the jury failed to reach verdicts of


other counts of servitude against them. A number of my clients have


been exonerated after two lengthy and arduous trials. In the latter


the jury were unable to reach any decisions. The decision of this jury


who could not accept the Crown 's case comes as a relief to my clients


who wish to return to their families and businesses. At the first trial


last year, two members of the family were jailed as the same judge


described them as violent, cold, hard exploiters.


Northampton Town Chairman David Cardoza says Aidy Boothroyd is the


best manager he has worked with. Boothroyd has led Cobblers to


Wembley for the League Two play-off final against Bradford. Northampton


have waited a long time to play at Wembley, 16 years, but their moment


has arrived. The chairman can take it off his list. This is the icing


on the cake. I wanted to play United, we did that, and I wanted to


be part of taking the town to Wembley and I am so I am feeling


good about myself. Wembley will be even better if they can beat


Bradford. Over 20,000 fans will travel, it is the best way to get


promotion and more lucrative. delighted we are doing it this way


financially but it is a strange way of it happening. Northampton are


quids in because they recruited Aidy Boothroyd who has turned things


around in one year. Are you delighted? Yes, he is the


full package. Promotion will be worth several hundred thousand


pounds, a place in league one with an eastern feel.


Former Godolphin trainer Mahmood Al Zarooni is to appeal against the


length of his eight-year ban for doping racehorses. The Dubai-born


trainer, recruited by Sheikh Mohammed's Newmarket-based operation


in March 2010, has admitted giving banned anabolic steroids to 15


horses. Al Zarooni was banned following a disciplinary hearing. A


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