10/05/2013 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Hello. Our top story: One of Europe's leading chemical companies


is fined up to one of the worst cases of river pollution in our


region. This was one of the biggest incidents we have had in this


region. It had quite a big impact on the ecology and the aquatic life


in the river. That story and the A judge hits out as an interpreter


of players to turn up for this man's court hearing. And the


Canaries face up to their day of destiny, knowing the cost of


A leading chemical company was ordered to pay �92,000 in fines and


costs today following a major pollution incident in our region.


It happened when vandals broke into the Safapac site outside


Peterborough last summer and opened the taps. 5,000 litres of chemicals


were released on to the floor, down a storm drain and out into the


River Nene. Two days later, the chemicals had reached Wisbech and


The Wash. In King's Lynn, it meant a 24-hour ban for Shellfish


fishermen, while the water was checked for contamination. Dead and


distressed fish. Plant and animal life bleached white after a


devastating release of chemicals from here. An insecticide,


pesticide, detergent. Around 5000 litres poured from taps by vandals.


The company MD's still pleaded guilty. Outside court, no comment.


The judge said there is a heavy burden on firms not to cause


pollution. It is their responsibility to ensure premises


are not vulnerable to vandals, especially when there have been


previous incidents. On 18th June last year, workers saw that hangs


have been empty. The next year the chemicals had plain as far as the


speech. -- flown. Fishing stopped for the next two days. It cost the


industry �200,000. Recreational fishing in came the chair and


commercial fishing in Norfolk where bears badly affected. -- in


Cambridgeshire. It was devastating news. Particularly bad for the life


of the River Neva. I cannot see it coming back. It needs restocking


heavily to restore the confidence of the local fishermen and the


confidence of people coming back to Peter Barrar. It has affected the


fishing industry drastically. -- Peter Barrett. -- Peterborough.


was the worst case of contaminated waterways this region has ever seen.


A fine for this man's company and a warning to others. Mansir Tang is


from the Environment Agency. Hundreds of fish were seen on the


day dead. Thousands of fish were seen struggling and in distress. It


affected 50 kilometres of the river. It had a sick and begin to impact


on the ecology and life of a river. How should these chemicals have


been stored? they should be safe, secure of and in a locked area.


They should not have any access to outside bodies. In this case,


vandalism. The company has said in all of this there was no risk to


human health and a pub there was no need to stop fishing in the Wash. -


- and they felt. The decision was taken by another partner


organisation as a precautionary measure. The Environment Agency


provided information to the palm of organisation and they acted


accordingly. -- ate part that organisation. The incident was


reported. They co-operated fully. The company itself was a victim of


crime. Vandals attacked their premises. We do not like to see


companies in this position. They need to make sure promises are safe


and secure and not accessible to any acts of vandalism. Although the


company has come forward and Dermot it can, they could have done much


more before this incident occurred. -- done all it can. What are the


long-term effects? There was a fungus side, an insecticide and the


disinfectant. This has killed a lot of the insect life, which the fish


feed upon. They are affected by a drop in insect population. We do


not know how long these chemicals may persist within the environment.


The need to take a precaution reproach in this matter. -- we need.


A High Court judge hit out today after an interpreter failed to turn


up for a plea hearing in the case of a man accused of a quadruple


murder. Mr Justice Flaux said it was a complete disgrace that the


interpreter failed to turn up for the hearing of Chinese businessman


Anxiang Du. Jo Black was in court. To use a little bit of legal jargon,


today was a plea and case management hearing. He walked into


the court and was asked his name. He nodded. The case can go no


further. The judge said a Mandarin speaking interpreter was not coming


because the people who provided the service and it was not worth their


while. The judge was really unhappy about at and ordered one to turn up


at 2pm. The company said they could get one there for to 30 pm but the


judge said that was not good enough and it was an absolute disgrace. --


2:30pm. Has there been a response from capita? They said the original


interpreter was not able to attend so they booked a replacement. They


communicated this to be caught up in good time. They could not get


back until 2:30pm. At no time did they refuse to attend court on the


grounds of cost. The judge now wants a written explanation about


this and the plea and case management hearing has been


adjourned until July. Peterborough City Council is having to borrow


�86 million to keep up with an unprecedented demand for new school


places. Over the next five years, it will have to cope with 8,000 new


pupils. The news comes just a day after we revealed that the city


hospital's maternity services have It is clear Kneen Park academy has


seen better days. The school is showing its age. It should have


been rebuilt under the building schools for the future programme,


which the coalition axed at a stroke in 2010. We have one of the


two that got cancelled at the end of the chain. The school and the


community - I understand how long we have been waiting. It was a


massive frustration. Here, a new building is due to open in


September and existing buildings had been refurbished since the


school became an academy. They said they have got a lot of new


utilities for science, especially. I am really looking forward to that.


The arts department will be a big studio with massive windows.


new technology can help it you learn and achieve better grades.


The council has had to pick up the tab for the developments. We have


just been offered 22 million over the next couple of years. That is


very helpful. I need 108 million over the next five years.


Peterborough City Council is having to borrow it. It is as simple as


that. There is a cost to that. If you borrow 1 million, you need to


find money out of the rates to do it. It is very much focused on


those areas that need the most resources. What we have done in


Peterborough in particular is, the new figures coming through a much


more accurate about the growth in population. Peterborough will get


the funding it deserves. It's boring to build schools looks set


to continue. -- its borrowing. In the next five years, another 8000


are needed. A task force has been set up in Luton to investigate why


the number of babies who die there is so high. These the latest


figures. Across the whole of England, out of every 1,000


children born alive, 4.4 will die before they reach their first


birthday. In Luton, that figure is higher. Five children in every


1,000 die under the age of one. The difference may seem small at just


0.6%. But it has worried the council and the NHS. What they want


to do is to look at what are the issues around infant mortality in


Luton, what can we be doing to try and tackle areas? Are we doing the


right things in the council - working with partners in the Luton


and Dunstable Hospital and the Luton clinical commissioning group


in order to try to tackle those things? What the council wants to


do is to identify all the issues and do we have the right actions


and services in place? Is there more we can be done to tackle this


issue. -- be doing. So, what could be causing this infant mortality?


Research has shown that there are a number of contributing factors,


including smoking, poverty, obesity and genetics. And it is this last


point that Dr Nasreen Ali from the University of Bedfordshire says is


particularly relevant to areas with a large Asian population, where


marriages between cousins are traditional. It is something the


task force wants to address. We are hoping to do this more formally


with Luton Borough Council. This is to find or what our local community


in Luton feels about cousin marriage - how much they understand


about the link between cousin marriage and genetic risk and what


sort of interventions they would like putting into place to support


them. Is it a case of the existing interventions being improved or is


there something else that we can do to support the community to make


informed decisions? A Peterborough woman has appeared in court charged


with the murders of three men, whose bodies were found in ditches


in the city. The body of Kevin Lee was discovered on 30th March. Four


days later, the bodies Lukas Slaboeski and John Chapman were


found at Thorney Dyke. 30-year-old Joanna Dennehey appeared at


Cambridge Crown court via video- link. She has been remanded in


custody. The loss of hundreds of jobs at a Tesco distribution centre


in Harlow has been raised in the House of Commons today. The town's


MP, Robert Halfon, secured a debate over the rights of workers. Many


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