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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Tonight: A woman has been killed in a vintage car rally. The day before


she died she spoke to reporters about the race. I wanted to compete


and beat them but sadly they are beating me. Discharged from hospital


and dead within 24 hours - now the mother of this toddler plans to take


legal action. Taking off - lines for easyJet to


double its flights from Stansted prove boost to the airports new


owners. And behind the scenes of the region


's trauma unit - the staff at Addenbrooke's working round the


Good evening. The Northamptonshire woman has been killed in a vintage


car rally in Siberia. Emma Wilkinson was taking part in the Peking to


Paris race described as the longest and toughest challenge anyone can


drive in a classic car. She had been taking turns to drive with her


partner Peter Davies. It was the first time she had taken part in the


rally and she had previously told reporters she was doing it for the


fun of it. She was a fun loving mother with a surge of adventure and


it was during one of those advances that Emma Wilkinson lost her life.


Three weeks into the Germans rally she was killed in a head-on


collision on a Siberian highway. Just a day earlier she spoke to


reporters about her progress. wanted to compete and beat them but


sadly they are beating me. Emma Wilkinson lived in Brigg stock near


Kettering. She was joined on the rally by her partner. News of her


death has saddened the community. Emma and her partner Peter Davies


left the village last month for the race. Rally director Philip Young


described as a fun, by the unpopular. He went to # want to say


that both she and Peter proved themselves to be capable, competent


and resourceful. She was great fun to have around. A very attractive,


the vicious driver who enjoyed driving, enjoyed the company of


others and we all miss her very much. MR's partner was not seriously


hurt in the crash. Russian police are now investigating reports the


driver of the other car fell asleep at the wheel. The foreign office


says they are helping the family through this difficult time while


friends and neighbours struggle to come to terms with such devastating


news. A woman from Harlow who was attacked


in her sleep and left locked in a room by her violent partner has


spoken today about her abuse. It comes on the day a report has called


for a review into the way Essex Police deals with the most high risk


victims of domestic violence. Maria, Jeanette, Christine - all


murdered by their ex-partners after police failings. The links to


identify the risk they faced, feelings to manage those risks.


police are the last line of defence and they seem to be failing us


nationally, so that is why working with the refuge is so important. It


is about time we protected vulnerable women and children and


even men. The report says the way offices deal with domestic violence


is of significant concern. Although the initial response that the police


make to a call from a victim is the right response, what then happens is


there with lots of people that get involved in providing care and


protection for the victim and those people do not talk to one another.


One Vic Tim says the way she was treated by officers was diabolical.


After years of rapes, beatings and abuse, she called police but did not


told them she had been hit in the face and they did not ask about her


injuries. They told him I had been ringing the helpline and the things


I was saying they don't fault to him. He looked to me in a room for


two days the next day. He played music over and over again. He was


screaming in my face. There was a bucket in the room to go to toilet.


The report says Essex Police have taken important steps to improve


their work but much more needs to be done. 12 recommendations are for


Essex Police to do. The others are what they can do in partnership with


other agencies. You are saying other agencies also have to answer for


this. All agencies have to answer. Stephen Kaplan acknowledges the need


for improvements. He stresses officers will listen to victims and


help them. A couple from Beds accused of making


fake devices to detect explosives were back in court as lawyers make


their last arguments in their defence. Samuel and Joan Tree are


charged with making them in order to commit a fraud.


The prosecution says they are con artists who knew that offer six


device was a useless sham. The defence says they are honest but


misguided people who genuinely believed the handset worked. Samuel


and Joan Tree manufactured the devices here at their home. They


were sold to overseas authorities for thousands. The couple have


maintained the equipment could detect minute drugs and explosives.


But when the device was dismantled, it contained no functioning parts


and later tests proved he did not work. Today the jury at the Old


Bailey was told one of the handsets had been given to a policeman to


test. Graham Brodie QC said this was something a con artist would not do.


Giving a device to a police officer Joan Tree. He described her as a


homely grandmother. He said the fences or fraud are committed out of


greed but this does not tally with the defendant. Her life is not one


of riches and excess. The cop or along with a third defendant accused


of fraud. Tomorrow the judge will begin summing up then the jury will


retire to consider its verdict. A mother from Northamptonshire is


planning to take legal action against a hospital after the death


of her daughter. Bricklin Harold died soon after being discharged


from Northampton and. Leanne Harrold says the hospital failed her child


and had called her a paranoid mother. Leanne Harrold and her


daughter Tia are having to adjust to life without Brooklyn.


She died just a month ago. Bricklin was a fighter. After being born with


a serious heart problems she spent most of her life in and out of


hospital. In May her mother took her to Northampton General. The hospital


wrongly suspected Brooklyn of having gastroenteritis but her mother was


not convinced. I said blood tests need doing because she has to have


them every time she is admitted because she is prone to infections.


But those tests were not done. Despite having a high temperature


and no improvement she was discharged. The next morning it


became clear she was getting worse and I was later she died of


septicaemia. Now the family say they want answers. Whether they kept her


in a few days or what, they could have done the care they needed to do


for her. She might still have had that little bit of a life chance


that she would have pulled through. Northampton General Hospital say


they offered their sincere condolences to the family. A full


investigation into the circumstances is now underway and when results are


known they will discuss those with the family.


Detectives investigating the death of a woman whose car tyres had been


slashed say they have had seven or eight calls about the incident. The


death of Joanna Smith featured on the BBC's Crimewatch Roadshow. The


newlywed was on her way to work when she was involved in a fatal crash.


It was later discovered that her tyre had been vandalised overnight


along with several other cars parked nearby. It is an added punishment


and pain because we have to go through life that somebody cause


Joanna's death and have not been caught. Someone has -- has to have


the courage to come forward. It has robbed me of my wife.


The new managing director of first Capital Connect has announced plans


for a better rail service. David Statham says the company will


deliver cleaner trains, better passenger information and a more


reliable timetable. He will also look to help network rail to improve


power supplies and signalling. Hundreds of thousands of


caterpillars have turned an avenue of cherry trees a ghostly white.


Fine webs have been spun around the trees by ermine moth caterpillars.


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