18/07/2013 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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A call for more money for A&E at Kettering.


Safety talks after the drowning of two men at Bawsey Pits Nick King 's


Lynn. Not meeting the challenge, Northants's police force is


criticised. And keeping it local, how this is being used to help local


communities. Good evening. The campaign to get


more funding for Kettering General Hospital was taken to Westminster


today. The MPs for Corby Kettering and Wellingborough met with the


Health Minister Dan Poulter today. The hospital has never been far from


the headlines in the last 12 months. It became something of a political


football during last year's Corby by election when the soon-to-be MP Andy


Sawford suggested that a hospital review could mean downgrading key


services. In October Kettering hospital had been heavily criticised


by the Health Watchdog, Monitor which raised concerns about its


management and finances. But of most concern was the hospital's continued


failure to meet Accident and Emergency waiting times. Signs like


this have become all-too-familiar at Kettering General Hospital, as it is


a neat apartment struggles to keep up with demand. The growth in the


town has outstripped the facility here, particularly in any


department. We have seen 100% increase in attendances here just in


the last 20 years. It was built for a population that would come to


hospital, maybe 40,000 people we are now seeing in excess of 80,000


people. Since the report, the hospital has been looking at how to


relieve Russia on a knee. One of those ideas is the launch of the new


ambulatory care centre. If you have a chronic condition, your GP can


refer you here instead of sending you to a knee. We have seen a


gradual increase in the number of patients. In the first four weeks,


we saw around 168 patients. That would have otherwise gone by A&E.


One of the other problems is patients get stuck in a knee is that


aren't always any available about that spreads. But last month, this


new paediatric unit opened. benefits are twofold. Whilst


normally, a child would go to a knee and be treated there, what we can


now do is stream live -- green line those patients. -- child would go to


A&E. The hospital says it's turnaround programme is starting to


work. Since October, the department has missed its waiting time targets,


but in the last few weeks of July, those targets have been hit. But


despite these state-of-the-art facilities, the hospital says the


A&E department will always be simply too small, which is why local MPs


met the health minister to lobby for more investment, and the meeting


appeared to go well. We will come back together with hospital and


commissioning groups in two months time. Will be going back to the


Department of Health to put together a strong business case supported by


the doctors, GPs, MPs, to say, let's get some funding because it really


needs it. And with cross-party support, there is growing optimism


at Kettering will eventually get the A&E department that the town so


obviously needs. An independent inquiry is to be held into the


decision to suspend key Children's Services at Bedford Hospital.


Anxious parents were among those who attended an emergency public meeting


today. Hospital managers say they are working hard to restore services


but admitted it could be a difficult process. They came in their dozens


in search of answers. Concerned parents unsure of how the crisis in


Children's Services will affect them. Among them, this woman and a


rose. She listened carefully, but nothing she heard offered much in


the way of reassurance. I've got two children and I'm expecting my third.


We are concerned about where we will go. I have used a knee in the past


and now I'm not sure what I'm then to do. -- A&E. There the crisis at


Bedford Hospital began when junior doctors raise concerns about patient


safety. They felt children were being put at risk because of a lack


of senior staff to support them. They have now been removed from the


hospital, which has led to the temporary closure of some services.


On Sunday, and balances will no longer take emergency patients to


Bedford and from midnight on the 31st of July, the hospital's A&E


department will only treat adults. The mayor called today's emergency


meeting. I will not accept that this would happen. We need a full A&E in


Bedford. It is wrong people have to travel 34 miles to get those


services. -- 25 miles. hospital's chief executive has


promised a full independent enquiry into what went wrong and said his


team is committed to bringing Children's Services back to this


hospital. But by his own admission, that might be easier said than done.


My prime concern is the safety of the children. That has driven this


and we have had to make some hard decisions. It may well reflect on


whether we can retain staff that we have all weather we can recruit the


best staff -- or whether we can recruit. The staff here fear


children services Main net -- may never return to the hospital.


men have been arrested on suspicion of supplying class A drugs,


following the death of a couple at Jesus Green in Cambridge. The pair


named locally as Kim Reid and Jimmy Sinclair were due to get married.


They died on Tuesday despite attempts by paramedics to revive


them. The men arrested were both suspected drug dealers. One has been


released on police bail The Government has brought forward


improvement work on a part of the A14 in Northamptonshire. A


businessman accused of a quadruple murder in Northampton has appeared


in court today. It's alleged Anxiang Du murdered four members of the Ding


family at their home in Northampton back in April 2011.Our reporter Jo


Black was in court. A university lecturer met his wife and their two


daughters were all found stabbed to death in their own home in Wootton


in Northampton. Detectives think they were killed on the day of the


Royal wedding. Fast forward to today in the dock at Northampton Crown


Court, Anxiang Du speaking through Mandarin interpreter, spoke only to


confirm his name. Those of you who have in following this case will


know he was extradited back to the UK from Morocco where he was


discovered by detectives. There was no leave from Anxiang Du today, that


will come from -- in October. owners of a former sand quarry where


two people drowned have been in safety talks this afternoon. The


bodies of a 41-year-old man from King Lynn and a 16-year-old boy from


Ely were pulled from Bawsey Pits near King's Lynn on Tuesday.


Norfolk's Fire service's dive unit is releasing these photos. You can


see just the weight of it is going to cause problems. Most of the weeds


had been removed before the photos were taken. He had to use a knife to


cut himself free. As soon as you get into the weed, you have got no


visibility and you are really restricted in movement. The


entanglement is everywhere. If you are a swimmer who's panicking, it


happens very rapidly, it spirals out of control. The quarry owners have


closed the access gates but today people continued to swim despite two


drownings at two different lakes at the same pits on the same day. It is


good the 16-year-old with the same distance away from the shoreline is


the swimmers were when he got into difficulty in the weeds. The signs


already running swimming, the owners held a meeting with police this


afternoon to see if safety could be improved. Today they spoke for the


first time since the tragedy. saddened and sympathies and thoughts


go out to the two families and their friends who were involved in all. We


have no powers to stop people going into our water. Lots of people have


lots of views that may need to start understanding and see if we can,


with a better solution. This footage was filmed in Norfolk Broads. This


tranquil on the surface, treacherous underneath. -- it is. Divers checks,


checking that you have got your knife, and where you have what it on


the body. We find in the Broads, there is a lot of fishing wire.


Yellow macro this man hopes that if one life is saved through today's


message, it will be worth it. Today, flowers have been laid in


memory of the 16-year-old and the other boy. The government has


brought forward work on the interchange. The Sportsman 's tissue


Robinson has missed to talk to the football league to discuss Coventry


City's moved to play at Northants all National Hunt's Sixfields


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