29/07/2013 Look East - West


Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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Coming up in the next 30 minutes, they died in a nightclub stampede


nearly two years ago. Tonight, questions as to why the


investigation has taken so long. That and the rest of your top


stories tonight. Out of action, mobile blood donor


units are being taken off the road to save money.


Remember this? One of the biggest collections of classic computers and


games finds a new home in Cambridge. Attributes to the creative genius


behind only. Horses. -- and tributes. -- Only Fools And


Horses. Good evening. It is nearly two years since two girls died as a


result of the nightclub stampede in Northampton. Tonight, questions are


being asked as to why it has taken so long to find out what went wrong.


Reports by the police and the council have finally been


completed. It is now up to the Crown Prosecution Service to decide if


they can press any charges. Two women with bright futures,


killed nearly two years ago. 22-year-old Nabila Nanfuka, studying


at Northampton University, and 19-year-old, Laurene-Danielle


Jackson, a student from London. They both died as a result of a crush of


people on this nightclub stairwell. CCTV cameras captured the aftermath.


It is thought that 1500 people were in the club within the capacity.


Many were left in shock and looked for someone to blame. There were so


many policemen outside and they did not coming until they heard screams.


It is disgraceful. They could have avoided this. At the time, officers


said the first they heard of the event was a report from a patrol car


of a large group of students. One partygoer inside remembers being


stamped on and then woke up in hospital. People were tramping on


me. I was shouting them, telling them to get off me. And remember


being forcefully pushed down, and my head went towards the exit. They


stepped on my body, but I cannot remember the pain. All along, and


major challenge has been tracing students who had travelled from


across the country. In the report, the police have been investigating


when it was announced to the crowd that buses to take them home had


arrived. And whether that led everyone to surge forward. And at


what time the fire alarm went off. This week, the borough council will


submit their evidence. They admit gathering the best information has


taken longer than they would have liked.


tragedy. The CPS will now decide whether


criminal charges should be brought. The blood transfusion service in


sister today that blood supplies Wilmot be affected in our region


despite much of their mobile service being scrapped. NHS blood and


transport is withdrawing three quarters of its allotment deal plans


to save money. -- it is bloodmobile vans.


One of the bloodmobile is in Peterborough today. It is often used


by people at work or find this an ideal location. -- bloodmobile two.


But now Christensen decision to scrap three quarters of these


vehicles. -- there is a decision. think it is convenient. I think it


in carriages people to give blood. If people do not give blood, there


will be less people surviving surgery. Unless there is some


breakthrough where they can make synthetic blood, everybody is going


to have to do give mandatorily. There are seven vans in the East but


five of them are being taken off the road. Managers say they want to


concentrate resources and permanent centres in Cambridge and Essex, as


well as using temporary sites. you look at how we currently collect


blood, we collect 75 units with four staff, but we could collect 45 units


with two more staff. The cost savings are significant. It allows


us to collect more blood more effectively. Managers say saved


money will go back into front-line services. This will bring cost per


unit -- the cost per unit of blood down. Keith has donated over 150


pints of blood. He is so annoyed he has written to his MP. People who


use them feel it is a more personal service. At the big sessions, you're


just being processed as if you were in the queue at Tesco's. Blood will


still be collected, but it could make some people think twice before


making donations in the future. Finding affordable housing is a


problem facing thousands of families across this region. Latest figures


show that we have our own North-South divide. Areas like


Cambridge, Harlow and Milton Keynes are off-limits. Buying and renting


is just too expensive for low income families. Just about affordable


Arlington, Bedford and Northampton. For lower rent, families need to go


to Fenland, Corby and Kettering. It means that many people are being


placed out of the area they grew up. -- priced out of the area.


Stress in Cambridgeshire, where finding affordable housing is never


easy. -- Streatham. But now our special project is open to change


that. Here, they plan to build 50 new homes with full priced ones


paying for affordable housing. It is described as ground-breaking.


Normally, we work for developers and their motivation is profit. What


we're doing here is entirely different. My client is the village,


so rather than looking for as many houses as possible on the site,


we're thinking more about how the development integrates with the


village. The homes in Streatham are being created by locally formed


community land trust, the first in Cambridgeshire to allow people to


work where they live. We have carers who work in the health service and


cannot afford to compete with the property prices. So they are


travelling 20 or 30 miles a day to look after people in our community.


We do not think that is right. This is what we're to address. A visit to


a local estate agent highlights what a problem it is to find affordable


housing in the ten or 12 miles around here. There are only seven


properties and if you want a two bedroom property, it will cost you


up to �800,000 a month in Streatham. It is quite expensive. Both rental


and purchased properties. But that is a choice you have to make if you


want to live in these areas. It is a popular village because it is close


to Cambridge. There is no luck finding a house. If there was more


affordable housing, it would be great. Houses could be built here by


this time next year when more community land projects are expected


to start across the region. Two years after the murder of a


pensioner in Wellingborough, police are appealing again for help to find


his killer. Karoly Wagner was attacked in his home but his body


was not found for three days. His attacker you today -- used a hatchet


type weapon which has never been found. The back door keys and the


murder weapon are still outstanding. There is still a pair of training


shoes that we are keen to find. The family have put up a �10,000 award


and no one has come forward to claim it will provide information. The


family cannot find closure until they manage your -- matter is


resolved. Management at a privately run hospital in Huntington have


applied for a �3.5 million government loan. When the company


took over Hinchingbrooke Hospital, it already had a debt of nearly �40


million. The firm says the new loan, if approved, will be used to


renovate the hospital buildings. Train services have started running


on a new multi-million pound rail flyover at Hitchin. The new link


will constantly for trains from London to Cambridge, Peterborough


and Kings Lynn. Until now, trains have had to cross three other lines


to switch onto the right track. Commuters travelling between King's


Cross and Cambridge. The majority of trains run on time but at peak


periods, there are problems at Hitchin where trains on the East


Coast Main line had to cross three other tracks, causing other services


to queue. There has been an increase of 35% in the last few years. More


and more trains are standing. And you are looking at around 30,000


minutes a year in delay. solution is a new �47 million


flyover. It passes over the other tracks below. The track is two


kilometres in length and took 18 months to build. Now the first rains


have started to use it. It is fantastic. You are on the mainline


and then you go off on to the equivalent of a bypass, a flyover,


and then it joins further up on the mainline, and off to Cambridge and


Kings Lynn. I've experienced delays the time so I find the train is


either incredibly fast or you can lose an hour quite easily. -- I


experienced delays all the time. cost is extremely high. What are


they going to save journey time supposed to cost? -- save injury had


time. The flyover is used by only three trains a day but by December,


300 drivers will have been trained on the new route will stop a man who


was given an artificial heart at Papworth Hospital in Cambridgeshire


has finally received a real one. Matthew Green set a new record for


surviving without a human heart. He was fitted with a portable pump two


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