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Unlawfully killed - the VC hero who died on the front line in


Afghanistan. He was the bravest of soldiers and the best of men.


and the rest of today's top stories now with Janine.


Back in the hands of the NHS - the Stevenage Surgicentre criticise


after patients died and records were lost.


Police offer a �10,000 reward to help catch this great-grandfather's


killers. And the steam train halted Good evening and welcome. There were


emotional scenes today at an inquest for a young soldier from


Northamptonshire posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross for


bravery. Lance Corporal James Ashworth from Corby died in


Afghanistan last June. Grenade he was about to probe detonated when it


was hit by a sniper's bullet. The coroner ruled that he was unlawfully


killed. Said to be destined for great things in the Army,


23-year-old Lance Corporal James Ashworth died in Afghanistan trying


to protect his friends. They turned out in their hundreds


for his funeral in Corby and today his family, including his mother and


brother, came to Kettering for answers. The evidence took them back


to last June. Lance Corporal Webb was in a group flown in to try and


kill or capture a group of enemy snipers. -- Lance Corporal James


Ashworth. Today, the soldiers he was with were present, including a Royal


Marine seen here in a suit. The court heard evidence from a soldier


who spoke the language and off the sniper treatment if he surrendered.


He said that from the man's response he believed him to be high on drugs


and he knew that they would have to fight on. James selflessly


volunteered to through the only grenade left into the doorway. To do


this, he crawled on his stomach with bullets flying around him on a low


wall, watched by a young soldier closest to the camera. That soldier


said he had seen enemy fire nearby and shouted to James Ashworth to


come back. He said he shouted but he didn't move. The coroner reported


that as James was about to throw the grenade, he received a single


gunshot which knocked into the ground and caused it detonate.


Outside court his mother, in tears for much of the inquest, paid


tribute. James Pattinson a doing a job he loved. At times it was a hard


job. -- James passed away doing a job he loved. His commitment served


as an example to us all. He thought of his friends, put others first and


refused to give up. It was one of his family's proudest moments to


collect his posthumous Victoria Cross. Lance Corporal James Ashworth


will always be remembered as one of the very few to receive it.


A privately run hospital which was heavily criticised following the


deaths of three patients has been bought by the NHS for �53 million.


The Lister Surgicentre in Stevenage was run by an arm of the building


company Carillion. But has been dogged by problems from the start.


In April last year, inspectors failed the Surgicentre in four out


of five areas. In August 2012, GPs were told not to refer patients to


the eye department there because of worrying waiting times. In February


this year, the most senior medical examiner in the country criticised


the hospital for the deaths of three patients after routine surgery. And


in June, work began to suspend the company's licence.


Today's announcement is a victory for Michael Mansi. He has been


fighting tirelessly for change at the Surgicentre since his sister


died aged 86. She was admit it for a routine knee operation but died of


bronchial pneumonia. The facility is staffed by NHS doctors and nurses


and treats NHS patients at it was run by a private company owned by


the building firm Carillion. delighted because it's in the care


of the right people. I think they will be having the correct amount of


nursing staff and the cost will not be paramount. The NHS don't have to


make a profit and I feel happy that people who are going to the new


centre, whatever they call it, we'll go in and not come out in a box


because of lack of care. Since it opened, the �50 million facility was


dogged by criticism. Waiting list targets were not being met,


patients' files were lost and three people died following routine


surgery. Soon GPs were advised not to refer patients for eye operations


or joint replacements and a sick procedures were cancelled. Now the


centre has been taken over by the NHS for �53 million. In a statement


how the transfer should proceed. The NHS says its priority is to ensure


patient care is not affected by the change.


The MP for Stevenage has been campaigning for the NHS to take over


the hospital for 18 months. He said he's delighted by the news and


insists it's worth the �53 million of taxpayers' money. Over the last


18 months, we've had three patients who died, 8500 patient records lost


and there have been huge problems and you have covered the story on a


number of occasions. People are very unhappy with the service so we did


have to step in. I'm delighted that we've managed to take control of the


situation. Not every patient has been unhappy with the service at the


Surgicentre. They feel you are pursuing some kind of personal


vendetta against private health care. Well, I think effectively,


Carillion are builders, building roads, schools and hospitals, and


these people are in charge of managing the facility. The NHS staff


are the people providing the information about what's been going


on. We have had a whole litany of disasters and problems. I get


complaints every single day so I understand that some patients have


had a positive experience. I'm delighted for them but I wish every


single patient could have a positive experience. NHS managers are going


to take over - where you going to get them from? The local hospital


trust are going to manage the facility. These type of operations


are undertaken by the hospital until the facility is developed and opened


so it will be people who are in charge of the facility. -- people


who were in charge of the facility some years ago. They presumably have


a job elsewhere so they will be taken from, Willie? Not at all. We


have to say thank you to the doctors because if it wasn't for their


bravery in stopping referring their patients to the facility because it


wasn't safe, we wouldn't have been able to move forward with the


campaign. This has nothing to do with private health versus public


health. I've said a number of times you can't say public schools or


private are bad. At about public safety.


We asked Carillion about the takeover. They wouldn't be


interviewed but in a statement confirmed the deal was going ahead


but that the transfer date hadn't yet been set. The managing director


said patients currently receiving treatment at the Surgicentre should


continue to attend appointments in the usual way, and that a


consultation process has started to explain the impact of the changes to


staff. A �10,000 reward has been offered by


police investigating the murder of a great grandfather from Kempston.


Sharif Demirsay was stabbed to death on the doorstep of his home in May.


Today his granddaughter made an emotional appeal for information


which could help catch her grandfather's killers. Stuart


Ratcliffe reports. Two and a half months on, my family


and I are still very much affected. Not having caught the individuals


responsible, it seems to be getting a lot harder. Sharif Demirsay was


described today as a loving great grandad and a popular friend and


neighbour. On the night of May 14, he opened his door to three men who


began stabbing him before pushing him inside the house and dumping his


body in the doorway of his own bedroom. Sharif was stabbed more


than ten times and while he lay here dying, his murder is made off with a


small amount of cash and some jewellery. -- murderers. Today his


granddaughter spoke about the effect it has had on her and her family.


Its constant reminders. When you have spare time and you're sitting,


you're thinking of everything that's happened. You don't escape it. It's


even harder knowing that these people are out there and they're


living their lives and our lives in some respects have been taken away


from us because we can't rest easy, as these people are still out


there. In June, Beds police released CCTV images of three possible


suspects are approaching the house. Three minutes later, they ran away.


Because of the circumstances of the offence at the type of people we're


dealing with - they're quite young from all accounts - they might have


thought to people. We've got jewellery that has been sold


somewhere, no doubt, and they've had possession of that and the money and


I feel sure someone locally knows who that was and who those people


are. This has been a frustrating enquiry for Bedfordshire police but


the force is hoping the offer of a �10,000 reward will finally


encourage someone to come forward with that much-needed breakthrough.


A Milton Keynes rail company has gone into administration, putting


250 jobs at risk. A total of 500 workers repair and refurbish trains


at Railcare in Wolverton and in Glasgow. The RMT union is calling on


the government to step in to help with what they're calling a a


short-term cash flow crisis. It's been eight years in the


planning and more than a year in the construction - but it will be next


spring before the new Center Parcs in Bedfordshire is open for


business. This week our reporter Emma Baugh went behind the scenes of


the holiday park to see how the development is taking shape.


Week 62 of the �252 million build. It's been eight years is as we heard


it was coming, attracting anger from some over whether the local area


will cope. The company's head insists it will. We've done our


surveys over many years in terms of traffic volumes and traffic flows.


We don't have any concerns about any problems in that respect. We've


built to new roundabouts - one at the top end of the site and one


currently under construction - and that will ease the traffic flows


immensely. So I don't anticipate any real problems. The company says the


real boost to the area is through jobs. Recruitment is ongoing and


training starts next month. When it opens, 1500 people will be working


here - almost 9500 people have already searched the company's jobs


website and its hope when they are employed, 75% of them will come from


the local area. -- it is hoped. There is a massive range of


employment opportunities at company-macro. There is a whole


range. We're not seasonal. This is 355 days a year so those jobs are


all permanent. The village will have more than 600 lodges in its first


phase and another 70 coming later. It's been welcomed by some living


locally. Well if it's going to create more jobs for the region then


that's fine by me. I'm sure a lot of other people think the same. It'll


bring a lot of work into the area and I know my husband has been


looking himself, cos he's recently retired so it's a great idea, I


think. It'll affect everybody with the traffic once it does start. Only


time will tell but I think it's good. It's due to open next spring.


The roads will be tested and the actual number of jobs finally


realised. Environment experts have been called


in to increase oxygen levels in the River Cam in Cambridge, after more


than 300 fish were found dead in the water. The Environment Agency said


the recent hot weather may have caused the problems as warm water


holds less dissolved oxygen. People are being asked not to use the river


between Baits Bite Lock and Upware while the work, which involves


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