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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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ex-footballer Paul Gascoigne for a drunken assault in Stevenage. The


storm over the dinner lady sacked for serving pork to a Muslim child -


the parents speak out. Helping the wounded in war - the


centre helping soldiers adjust to life outside the army.


The youngest ever competitor The former England footballer Paul


Gascoigne has been fined more than �1,200 following an incident at the


railway station in Stevenage last month. At court today, he admitted


assaulting a railway guard and being drunk and disorderly. It is the


latest in a series of high-profile setbacks for the troubled sportsman.


Another Paul Gascoigne story that has made it big in the media. He


arrived through a swarm of cameras. No comment outside, but inside he


spoke twice, pleading guilty to assault and drunken behaviour.


Gascoigne wants to publicly apologise for his actions that


evening. He now wishes to be left alone to carry on with his recovery.


He was travelling from Newcastle to King's Cross, but got up here at


Stevenage. We had been drinking, had trouble standing and he was


stumbling towards the track. A security guard dry to help them to


wheelchair, but the court was told that Paul Gascoigne became abusive,


and grabbed him around the collar, pulling his shirt tightly. Charges


that Paul Gascoigne also assaulted as former wife here were turned


in the World Cup semifinal. Off the pitch, drink, drug and mental health


problems. In 1998 his marriage to Sheryl broke down after reports of


domestic violence. In December 2005 he was sacked as Kettering town


manager after over 39 days. More than once he has been arrested for


drink-driving. This year, this event in Northampton, film sobbing and


slowing his words, soon afterwards heading to America for specialist


treatment. I remember him way back, when he was playing for England.


needs support. If you stop stinking, he could get back to his former


self. It -- he just needs support. We obviously has his problems, and I


just wanted to make sure he was OK. His solicitor said that he had been


under stress and in pain after I had operation and this has been his


first drink for a long time. Paul Gascoigne is �1200 in fines and


costs and he says he will redouble his efforts to sort out his problems


with drink. As you may have seen on the Six


O'clock News, a mild who died after a row over a disabled car parking


space in Biggleswade has tonight been named. He was Brian Holmes, who


was 64 and came from Sandy. He had just been given the all clear from


cancer. Stuart Ratcliffe reports. Today, Brian Holmes was described as


a family mild he adored his family. The details of what happened here


were not clear, but it appears that Brian Holmes and 65-year-old mild


work involved in a dispute beside this disabled bay. Mr Holmes was


pushed to the ground. He was rushed to hospital where he later died.


Very sad for his family. A simple argument over a parking space.


in my flat and I could hear the helicopter. I looked out the window


and a sidelined in the fields. Obviously, it took off. When I came


here it was full of the police. Normally quite friendly right here.


I can't understand something like that happening in their over a


parking space. Someone died over a parking space, it is just weird


round this area because you don't hear that kind of thing round here.


The family of Brian Holmes said that there are devastated by the loss in


such shocking circumstances. A lost his wife -- a Gloucester husband,


best friend and care are all in one go. This week Mr Holmes was given


the all clear following cancer treatment. Better please say a 65


your old mild was arrested on Saturday afternoon under suspicion


of manslaughter. They said that on Saturday this car park was full of


shoppers and they are urging those shoppers to come forward to help


them piece together how and why this happened.


The Muslim parents at the centre of a school dinner row said today they


were being hounded and vilified because of their beliefs. We


reported last week that their daughter had been served pork at


school by mistake, leading to the dinner lady being sacked. Today, the


girl's parents said they had been frightened by the reaction.


It was late last week when the article had the headlines, first in


the sun and around the world. This dinner lady was sacked that dishes


served pork timbres and pupils in a Cambridge school canteen. This


couple were thrust into the Spotlight after they complained, but


they didn't expect such a backlash. The question weather those sort of


headlines would have taken place if it would have been be served to a


Hindu, pork served to a Christian, it was very disappointing. A very


understatement. How did you feel when you saw the article? Terrified,


because they did know who to trust, where I can go for help. I was


literally shaking in my house, my own home. I was driven out of my


house because I felt so fearful that I packed my bags and they took my


children away from Cambridge. you felt since? I have just been


traumatised by it. I have been reading the papers every day, seeing


the comments that have been put up. It is just horrible. I am a British


citizen, was born in this country, done everything that everybody else


does in this country. I would never get anybody fired over something


like this! I haven't been able to sleep, haven't we been -- been able


to eat, to concentrate. My family don't even know me. Alison had been


a school dinner lady for 11 years when she was dismissed. She said to


made an honest mistake and was made a scapegoat. There should be a


system where they have some sort of colour-coordinated scheme. The


clinical a restaurant, so every child knows where they go, what they


can in candidate. We have had a few comments like this, and we have had


some supportive comments, but this is a reflection of what you have had


to go through. This runs as a Muslim child should attend as limbs cool if


it is not to their liking. What do you think you're in a comment like


that is? It is very upsetting. I want my children to be around all


different people, all different colours and faiths. We are all


equal, we are all humans. It is important for everyone to understand


each other. I don't think Muslims should just day with one community


and be separated. I think that is ridiculous. They have received an


apology from the School of how they had been treated by the national


media. They also contacted the press complaints commission. They said


they didn't expect anyone to bend over backwards for their beliefs,


they just wanted to be respected. Two passengers who sparked a


terrorist alert at Stansted Airport appeared in court today and tonight


the charges against them. In May, Tayyab Subhani and Mohammed


Safdar were on board an aircraft travelling from Pakistan to


Manchester when it was diverted, prompting a full emergency


operation. Police boarded the Pakistan


International airlines aircraft after it was diverted to Stansted


Airport. It had been flying from Lahore to Manchester, but was


stopped after the reports of threats made on board. Essex police carried)


to test on the plane and later arrested two mild -- two men. The


two defendants, 30-year-old Tayyab Subhani and 42-year-old Mohammed


Safdar, stood side-by-side in the dock. The indictment was read to


them, join the charging them with endangering the safety of an


aircraft by threatening that the group and the passengers of the


flights would be killed is anti aircraft by threatening that the


group and the passengers of the flights would be killed is


anti-aircraft blow asked that they plead guilty or, in the blue, had


his bail renewed. His co-accused is expected to be released tomorrow


after a �50,000 security was processed. He needs to report daily


to the police and surrender his passport. The trial is to be set for


Monday, the 11th of November and is expected to last six weeks.


Corby is to keep its ambulance station after a U-turn by the East


Midlands Ambulance Service. The controversial plan was to create two


new hubs in Kettering and Northampton and a series of


community stations shared with other emergency services. But, that would


have meant closing these six existing ambulance stations


throughout Northamptonshire. Now it seems the station in Corby will


survive. Emma Baugh reports. It is one of the biggest shake-ups


in the history of the service, closing and build stations across


Europe and the jerks and sending crews out from larger hubs. Corby


was one of those facing closure, but today the time learned it had been


saved. Any services, especially things like ambulances, it has to be


a good thing to have your own station. It is still needed. I have


a child who has epilepsy and about the ambulance service in Corby, it


could be really serious. It is not the same everywhere. Rushed and


others are due to close. Campaigners here say they have concerns over


waiting times. It is vital that villagers, outlining areas, have


some sort of immediate ambulance response. It is not just about this


area, it is about Daventry, and the other areas that need to make sure


that there need to make sure that their needs are being mapped.


trust maintains to improve patient care, giving staff more time to help


they are needed. Today's news comes days after the chief executive of


the trust. It says its plans would carry on. No one from the trust was


available to be interviewed today, but they said that while Corby would


stay open, other closures would still continue because it was a


decision made by the board of the trust and would not be affected by a


change in senior management. There is no set timetable for the


changes, but they could start within months.


A mosque in Peterborough has joined up with a Christian charity to start


operating a food bank from its premises. The City's Islamic Centre


says it's the first in the UK to work with the Trussell Trust. It has


been spearheading the rapid growth of emergency food distribution


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