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Latest news for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northants.

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the programme tonight: Here to save lives that some private ambulance


workers brought in to cover for the East of England Amublance Service


are sleeping in tents. They say it is the only way to make ends meet on


their allowances. The educational skills gap being blamed for stifling


economic growth in our cities. Taking the pressure off A&E.


Corby's official centre gets its opening. And her daughter was killed


by a driver with their eyesight. Now Jackie McCord backs new campaign


were drivers eyesight is tested every two-year is.


Hello and welcome. It has emerged that some ambulance crews in this


region are sleeping intense to save money. The workers are employed by a


private ambulance company to cover shifts. Staff say the �35 a day


loans is not enough. For some the only way to make ends meet is to


camp. Nestled in a shaded spot at this


campsite is a tent which is home to a man who works on the medical


front-line. The ambulance worker who owns this tent has left it behind


for a week because he has gone back home to the Midlands. Holiday-makers


around here admit they were surprised to discover paramedics


sleeping in tents. We were very shocked to see it was ambulance


people staying in the tents. We saw one comeback late one evening, make


himself a cup of tea and go straight to bed. The East of England


ambulance service ambulance trust has several contracts. A worker says


it is hard for them to find cheap accommodation and for meals on a


daily allowance of �35. It does not surprise me. Highfield to see how


you can travel from another trust area and have an hotel room or a B&B


on those rates. An Internet search shows that the cheapest hotel room


that could be found was... The ambulance staff have been using this


site since early July. It can be a lot of fun but it is not great day


in, day out. You may want to unwind after a tough shift. The agency


should look carefully at how much support it is giving its staff.


East of England Amublance Service say the provide a loans is above


Service staff are paid �10 50 an hour and they cost is behind the


decision to camp. Is this a practice the government is


aware of? I asked by health Minister Doctor Dan Poulter early -- earlier


this evening. It is not a practice I am aware of and one that I find


concerning. First from a staff welfare point of view. And the fact


it is difficult to provide high quality patient care if you have not


had a good night's sleep. I do not think a tent is a good place for our


health care member of staff to spend the night. Whose fault is this? Is


it the private company or East of England Amublance Service?


Ultimately the contracts are given by the ambulance trust and this is


something they will have to look at seriously. A couple of months ago we


had the marsh report which was a damning report into management and


suggested among other things they need to invest more in the front


line and employ more front-line paramedics because too much money


was being spent in the back office. This reinforces this message. In the


meantime they need to look seriously at some of the contracts were coming


-- giving out, both from the welfare of these staff and patients. Is the


government pushing the ambulance trust down this route to get cheaper


cover? Not at all. The NHS is getting more money through the life


of this Parliament. A report highlighted there has been gross


mismanagement in East of England Amublance Service. Many senior


managers have moved on but a challenge is making sure the money


they ambulance service receives is spent on investing in the front line


and more ambulances and an more front-line paramedics. We have some


fantastic paramedics in the East of England, they need to be backed up


by better management. We assess East of England Amublance Service for a


statement, but it did not refer to the issue of staff sleeping in


tents. It is hoped a new health centre for


Corby will help reduce waiting times at A&E in the area. The town does


not have its own hospital which means patients need emergency care


-- need emergency care have had to travel to Kettering general, a


hospital regularly criticised for missing its A&E targets. The message


is if you do not need an ambulance to take you to hospital, if you do


not need nine a name, then you should consider the urgent care


centre. Because we can deliver that level of care. The benefit of the


centre is it is designed to reduce the pressure on Kettering general.


1000 fewer people went to Kettering last month because they were treated


here. My son has used that centre and said it is very good, very


efficient and quick. I think it is marvellous because Kettering A&E as


horrific. You would not cause they are unless you were dying! Has the


centre being good for you? Yes, it is a lovely place. It is one of the


fastest-growing towns in the country, does it need a hospital of


its own? What the surgeon -- health centre provides is high-quality


care, keeping people out of hospital and safe in their own homes which is


where people should be and most people want to be. They need to know


the gas safe -- the RCA. There is scope to grow the centre and it is


hoped once funding becomes available, other services may be


added. We would like to see in Corby and expansion of services. We would


like to see an expansion of more day case procedures. The good keys --


news is that the centre has met all its waiting time targets. It is


through the coming winter when the real impact and work of the Centre


will really be known. Pupils results could be holding back


businesses in Peterborough and Northampton according to a study by


the independent research group centre facilities. It says smaller


businesses make up 99% of all firms in the UK. But they can only succeed


if they can find employees with the right skills. Many see exam results


as key. But in Peterborough and Northampton fewer than 50% of


students achieved five or more GCSEs at grade C or above. It places them


in the bottom ten towns and cities in the UK.


For more than 30 years they have been servicing the motor community


in Peterborough. When it comes to finding workers, it has not always


been easy. We have recently tried to recruit for a technician, we were


specific about the skills we wanted. We had a lot of applicants and none


of them are the skills we were asking for. But it is not just


Peterborough. In Northamptonshire, despite the council working to raise


standards and for assisting technical colleges, it is still an


issue that business leaders want to address. It is disappointing that it


has not done so well. I am convinced it is on an up hill trajectory and


we in the business world will want to do all we can that -- to make


sure young people can achieve all that they can achieve. This job


centre highlights the challenges. can only do hands-on jobs like


gardening. They have got work that they want us to do, but it is


whether we are capable of doing that work. It has been difficult to get a


job. I have had difficulties getting a job in the past. Luckily my dad


got me a job. The city insist they are doing all they can. We spoke to


the council about the report and easy a record 1400 businesses were


set up in the city last year. They say that UCSC grades are improving


and that soon that and new skills centre will be set up in the city.


For this Peterborough company, they favour finding apprentices to train


them in the way of working. In Cambridge, the education picture


is very different. It is in the top ten places for exam results with


more than 60% of pupils getting five or more high grade GCSEs. The number


of small businesses developing here is also high. The Centre for cities


report found in areas with a highly skilled workforce were more


entrepreneurial. Today a workshop -- road show in Cambridge was trying to


an courage more people to start up their own business.


This bus is rolled into town to encourage people to set up their own


business. Upstairs, others are getting free expert tips on how to


get moving. I am starting up a new business and web design and we have,


long to get some advice on marketing and finding customers. It has been


really helpful. Alison Taylor got her business off the ground last


year. After a steep learning curve it is going well and she has simple


advice. Write a business plan, go to the bank and talk to them about it.


Talk to anyone you would think you would want an opinion on your idea.


She has benefited from the Cambridgeshire market. Do the


aspirational targets you make it easier here? I think it is by


networking. It is the idea that there is the fragility out there. If


people are around peers, and interesting things, it will work.


is hoped the networking done here will prove to provide another drive


for Dion and yours here. The Royal Train could leave its home


in Wolverton in Milton Keynes after more than 150 years. Railcare who


currently look after it, went into administration last week. Network


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